VT electors cast three votes for Biden, Harris

Montpelier, VT – Today Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos announced the official results of the electoral college votes cast for United States President and Vice President by Vermont’s electors. The meeting of the electors was held at 10am in the House Chamber of the Vermont State House.

Elector Kesha Ram

“The voting of Vermont’s electors starts the final chapter of what has truly been a historic election year,” said Secretary Condos. “From the largest effort ever undertaken in Vermont to ensure safe, secure voting options for Vermonters, to the record shattering number of Vermonters who voted in the 2020 Primary and General Elections, we can be very proud of our civic process in the Green Mountain State.”

Vermont has three electors. The results of today’s vote were three votes cast for Joseph Biden for President, and three votes cast for Kamala Harris for Vice President.

Vermont’s electors for 2020 were State Senator-elect Kesha Ram, Terje Anderson and Linda Gravell.

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  1. I hope you still feel you made the right decision in 4 years. I guess time will tell. I think you made a grave mistake.

  2. Vermont election will be marred by widespread fraud involving Dominion vote tally machines.

    Joe Biden will never be our President

  3. Vermont may be a lost cause…. It will take a decade or longer of dystopia to settle in before the citizens of VT fix this. I decided it was time to leave the Progressive groupthink in VT and find a State where my vote matters and where confiscatory policy is not the primary means to loot citizens.

  4. Kesha Ram, Terje Anderson and Linda Gravell otherwise known as “see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.

  5. With all the dirt and corruption surrounding Dominion and thier bs voting machines, that some kid from MIT can hack in 20 minutes using a Blackberry,,,and with Condos, and flip flop pushing mail in ballots,,,,,,I’d say that STINK in montpelier is getting to be pretty sickening. “fair and Just election my ass

  6. It is too bad that Condos, Scott, and company decided to take any suggestion of possible voter fraud as personal attacks on our town clerks and poll workers, instead of actually looking at the facts before deciding. There were plenty of documented irregularities across the state that should have been investigated. If Biden and Harris should actually be sworn in on January 20th, we can look forward to a rough four years ahead. Those who supported this obvious election theft will get what they thought they wanted, but may decide they don’t like it so well after all. God help the rest of us.

  7. Well it started with my neighbor receiving 3 ballots — two to the previous tenants of her condo. She has been there over a year.
    Multiply that by millions and plus all the intended duplicity(fraud) and there goes our free and fair elections. Now Burlington council wants to do away with gas and electric heat! Well that will get me going to consider moving from this unreal state. thea

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