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Bearing the cross, man speaks out on voter disappointment, division, forgiveness

Tuesday morning, January 19 2021, Marcus Szczecinski of Starksboro hefted an eight-foot-tall cross and spoke and prayed on the steps of the Vermont State House about love, forgiveness, unity and repentance. A knot of well-armed state police stood in the background. A small group of supporters listened as Marcus, a Church at Prison ministry volunteer and lay preacher, prayed and delivered a humble, timely message of relevance to Christians and non-Christians alike.

Vermont Trump rallyers took Covid precautions, weren’t in riot

Were our people part of the storming of the Capitol Building? The short answer is “No”. To my knowledge, none of our party took part in “storming” the barricades or entering the building. Still, most of us were supportive of gathering at the Capitol Building at that critical time. It seemed important for our representatives in Congress to see the crowd that had gathered from all over the country to support our President.

St. Albans pastor reflects on 37 years at Church of the Rock

Ludlam was the spiritual leader of the Church of the Rock from 1983 until March when he retired. His journey encompassed every aspect of church and community life. The high points of joy within the church’s sanctuary with weddings and birth and the low and sad points of funerals and death. Ludlum took it all on in stride and became a pillar of the church and Franklin County community over the span of 37 years.

Native of homeless haven, drug-decrim Portland, Oregon warns fellow Vermonters of what’s coming

Despite the obvious gentrification of the Portland, Oregon neighborhoods where I grew up, ten years ago there were no tent cities scattered along the city-scapes. Now there are too many to count. Trash and garbage were rarely an eye sore along the shoulders of the inner-city freeways. Today it appears as though little to no money is in the budget for keeping the roads clean.