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Dennis Prager on Bernie Sanders: “He’s a gigantic fool”

But Vermont senator isn’t stupid, conservative talk show host explains during Burlington visit

Dennis Prager chats with his wife following his keynote address yesterday at the Restoring Our Faith Summit. Page photo

by Guy Page

Iconic conservative national talk show host, author and theologian Dennis Prager doesn’t mince words.

During his visit to Burlington as the keynote speaker at the Restoring Our Faith Summit yesterday at the DoubleTree conference center, the California resident was asking during a break what he thinks of first when he thinks of Vermont.

“Bernie Sanders,” he said in response to a Vermont Daily Chronicle question. His answer elicited the obvious follow-up: “What do you think about Bernie Sanders?”

“I think he’s a gigantic fool,” Prager said.

Prager, who is also a well-published Jewish theologian (just finished his commentary on the Book of Deuteronomy), clarified that he doesn’t think Bernie’s a fool in the sense that he’s stupid or acts like a court jester. In fact he’s probably pretty smart, he added.

But Bernie, Prager said, is a fool because lacks understanding. “Sanders got hold of one idea when he was young, and has learned nothing since,” he said. The Old Testament prophet Jeremiah said: “For my people are foolish, they have not known me; they are foolish children, and they have no understanding; they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.”

Or, as Prager quoted Proverbs 9:10 during his keynote speech, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”

One thing Prager clearly understands is that the ‘Good American’ who went along with pandemic response government restrictions on religious practice compares unfavorably to the ‘Good German’ who did and said nothing about the Holocaust.

“As a Jew, who is a member of the U.S. Holocaust Museum Board, and has written a major book on anti-semitism, I have rethought my view of Germans,” he told the audience. “The Good American went along, and there was no Gestapo to send him to Dachau.” See video below…..

Vermont Daily Chronicle videotaped several other participants (see below) and plans to publish more about them in the coming days.

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  1. He was also featured in “2000 mules”

    Thanks Guy for the briefing and dedicated journalism.


  2. I couldn’t agree with Dennis Prager more on his thoughts on Bernie. He has been and continues to devastate Vermonters with his foolishness. Timely that “The Bern” just responded to an email I sent him regarding the recent vote by the non governmental alphabet organization, the CDC. I’m sure the response I got is just a general form letter sent to anyone asking Bernie about the ‘rona but in any case its very interesting. Maybe Bernie hasn’t heard that in the state of his birth, New York, the Supreme court there just ordered that workers who refused the jabby jab must be reinstated to their jobs WITH back pay….. Not only that, but the head of the CDC has been jabbed 5 times, yet she recently had the ‘rona….And Bernie still seems to believe its a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. I would laugh if it wasn’t so sick…and sad. You’ll see in parts of the letter I post here at the bottom, that Bernie ignores all that, he wants expanded jabs, more money poured into “fighting” it and more treatments. What? NO mention of those already available, successfully used medications? Nah, no one would make money on that. He is, right along with other evil doers, pushing stuff like remdesivir, a drug that has side effects a mile long. Guess that’s OK with “the Bern”. He goes on and on about using “federal funds” –that would be our money, yours and mine, and never ONCE mentions protecting our youngest and most vulnerable Americans, our children and grandchildren from these terrible EUA untested (except for the experiment conducted the past 2 years on the general population) harmful jabs. How about the above average rates of death in all age groups recently? How about young, seemingly healthy athletes dropping dead on their playing fields? No. Money is clearly more important to a fool like Bernie and the others. The Reckoning is coming. Oh, and btw, I had a family member in the ER 8 days after a jab—-dx’ed with Pericarditis. Imagine that.

    From Bernie Sanders
    “Let me begin by saying our work combatting this pandemic is far from over. Since the pandemic began, the U.S. alone has confirmed over 82 million positive cases and one million deaths. There continue to be case surges in communities across the country, and new variants of COVID-19 appear regularly. We cannot let our guard down; we must continue to build on our progress to eliminate this global pandemic.

    To my mind, widespread vaccination, testing, and treatment options are the critical tools in working to end this pandemic. As you know, the Federal government invested billions of dollars to speed the development and manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted full approval or Emergency Use Authorization to vaccines manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. We must continue to support publicly-funded medical research and the work of our public health agencies to adapt and improve these vaccines and find new ways to prevent and treat COVID-19.

    However, Congress is stalling on passing additional funding for COVID-19 testing, treatment, and vaccines. Without these additional resources, critical efforts on testing, vaccines, new treatments, and preventative treatments for the immunocompromised, as well as the purchasing of monoclonal antibody treatments, will be hampered. This will no doubt undermine efforts to ensure equitable access to these resources. The Senate must act to pass this critically important funding.

    As a nation, we cannot stand by while this pandemic continues to ravage the global population, holding back our economic recovery and exacerbating the financial situation of millions of people in poverty around the world. Less than 10 percent of people living in low-income countries have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, endangering their lives and increasing the potential for new variants. This is unacceptable. We must continue pushing for widespread vaccination worldwide, which is why I joined my colleagues in writing to the Biden Administration last November to push for a waiver on intellectual property rules at the World Trade Organization and boost production of COVID-19 vaccines for the developing world. I also wrote to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in January to urge for robust U.S. leadership in the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ”

    Fascinating Bernie thinks abortion should be a Constitutional right, but is ok with forcing people to take an EUA, proven harmful, jab. Is it my body my choice or not? I won’t listen to that fool.

  3. Sad…is the word I use when remembering Bernie Sanders, whom I knew well long ago…..[He was an employee of mine in 1971 and on my staff, in my own [second] campaign for Congress.] Deluded is another.

    Afraid i cannot say that “he means well”.

    –Dennis Morrisseau, W Pawlet, VT

  4. Bernie…a Marxist career politician who never worked an honest day in life.

    Enjoy those mittens.

  5. I would remind Bern that all this money is way more than “federal” money; it’s OUR TAX dollars……… pharm can make millions/trillions and then make nice contributions to those politicians that vote for it……..PO’d is light for how I feel about it…

    • And after the vote by the CDC to jab our babies, at least one maker of the poison raised their prices on the junk. Its all money money money.

  6. Bernie is a bewildered old man now. He sold out to the DNC – twice. He chose money over his beliefs. Since then, we now see the Progressives are the Regressives, AOC is getting screamed at by her own supporters, they are all clawing and scamming for their political lives. The far-left attempted to overtake the Clinton/Obama cartel – foolish indeed. The infighting on the Left is the comeuppance for their doomed ideology. History proves it time and again. It’s over for them and they know it. Hallelujah!

  7. Bernie’s done very well for himself using the capitalist system to his advantage all the while proclaiming to the rooftops he’s a socialist, ballyhooing the socialist systems of the Scandinavian countries and the former soviet union. He doesn’t ‘mean well’ at all. He’s out to make everyone but the elite equally poor. He is bought and paid for.

  8. Why are there so many progressives now???Vote them out!!!!Bernie’s day has gone by. Let’s do now what’s good for the country, for a change.
    D. LeBlanc