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White supremacist separatists at Montpelier clean-up unknown to law enforcement, city councilor

PINE Volunteers on State Street, Montpelier (above, and below left) and on Main Street. PINE photos

By Michael Bielawski
A group calling itself ‘PINE’ or the ‘People’s Initiative in New England’ emerged in Montpelier during the flood cleanup. PINE identifies itself as white supremacists who want New England to secede from the United States.

The elusive group appears to not have any publicly identifiable members and describes itself as a patriotic organization aligned with several common conservative causes coupled with white supremacist-related causes.

They have a social media profile on Gab, and its members’ faces are blurred out in all of their photos or they are seen wearing masks. Not far down its main page is a post about their apparent cleanup efforts in Montpelier, with photos showing men working with Montpelier Alive and others to carry damaged appliances and debris amid the cleanup.

Despite their extremist views, the group has seemingly no formal interactions with local law enforcement. In a phone conversation on Monday that VDC had with Marc Poulin, Sheriff for the Washington County’s Sheriff’s Department, he said “This is the first I’ve ever heard of them” when asked about them.

In an email interaction with the Montpelier Police Department also on Monday morning, the response was similar.

“The Montpelier Police Department did not have any known involvements with the group,” wrote Eric Nordenson, their Chief of Police.

Also on Monday a Montpelier city counselor who neglected to go on the record similarly said to VDC, “I don’t know anything about it” when asked of the group.

The organization itself has not responded to requests for comment.

The group does post a comment addressing their elusive nature. On Gab they posted “Due to the hostility surrounding the political climate today, some of our volunteers have decided to utilize face coverings to protect their families and livelihoods from potential attacks by Antifa Terrorists and other groups.”

PINE may be a relatively new organization. Its earliest post is from April 20, and it’s an apparent introduction to the group.

It states, “The People’s Initiative of New England is a grassroots effort founded to advocate for and advance the interests of New Englanders. By focusing on these six states, we are able to maximize our impact where it matters most – our home.”

“New England will be formally recognized as a White Homeland and a sovereign state. ….Institutions of the US Federal Government will no longer be recognized.”

It continues with some comments regarding race.

“New England is the Whitest region in North America, and it is here that our unique Pan-European identity was originally established,” the group states. “The conquered territories that make up present-day New England were paid for in generations of sweat and blood by our forefathers, and we intend to be worthy of that sacrifice. If someone is not of European descent, they are not a New Englander.”

The group says they advocate for popular conservative causes such as to “break up and exclude media conglomerates and corporate monopolies” and they are for “policies that are Pro-Family both economically and socially.”

Mixed in with those are more statements indicating that they identify as white supremacists. For example, they want to “end all Non-White migration to New England” and “English will be designated the sole official language.”

The group is facing skepticism from social media commentators who suspect that the organization could be run by the feds in an attempt to demonize conservatives. A post by @thehozer99 simply states “Feds!” Another disputes that notion, @MalteseFalcon posted “Hopefully the retards will stop calling people like you feds.”

Other commenters seem to support the group. Gab user @Nomad01603 wrote “Keep up the amazing work!! New England doesn’t need to look like California or NY….. Keep NE White.” 

The author is a reporter for Vermont Daily Chronicle

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  1. Never heard of ’em, but I have two observations. First, any masked group walking around anywhere for whatever reason is potential trouble. Be polite, ask them to remove their masks, but if they don’t, have enough people with you to take at least some masks off forcefully. Once a couple of them have been identified, do a deep dive on their personal lives. Post what you find for all to see,

    Second, don’t go into shock when you learn that none of them are locals. And don’t be surprised if at least some of them are Feds.

    • Forcibly removed their masks? So, you’re advocating for violence and assault? My guess is that’s exactly what they want. Especially if they really are feds.

    • What right do you have to ask somebody who is on public property, someone who is not creating a disturbance or in the commission of a crime, in fact is doing a public service, dirty/moldy clean-up work, to remove his or her mask? Then to try to forcibly remove a facial covering — getting your hands on someone else’s face — that is, to assault him or her –? Tell you what, if some obnoxious stranger gets his hands on my face while I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m going to react Very Badly, as anyone in that situation would have a right to. Want to neutralize the impact of the good works of a supposed White-supremacist group? Show up with a group of people who definitely AREN’T White-supremacists and outwork the other group.

      • We never know when Antifa may be at work. Even here in these Comments.
        Forcibly removing masks will make matters worse.

    • That kind of violence will only make matters worse.
      That being said, it’s not unlikely that there are Antifa among them.

  2. Question: what are the chances that this “organization” is made up of one sick dude in his basement and 3 FBI “informants”? We’ve been told for 3 years by the Biden admin that white supremacy is the biggest law enforcement issue in this country but the number of identifiable incidents of white supremacist criminality hasn’t seemed to keep up with that narrative. By no means should actual white supremacy be minimized (it is horrible and against all American values we hold dear) and where threats exist they should be taken seriously. But be on the lookout for convenient stories that fit the administration’s narrative.

  3. It’s too bad that Patriots need to be known as White Supremacists. Although I don’t agree 100% with what they stand for I have to admit I do share some of their values. As far as the masks our health department told people to wear masks when cleaning up the area.

  4. These are not true Patriots. This is another secular group that has slithered its way into Vermont. Evil is everywhere. Do not associate this with anything but know what it really is…another BLM like group looking to get a piece of Vermont!

  5. I love a good conspiracy theory, but Vermont conservatives don’t need help looking bad, it’s like the one success they’ve had lately.

  6. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Any able-bodied individuals willing to shovel muck and drag appliances move to the front of the line.

  7. Can’t be identified nobody knows who they are but we are to take the threat serious? Nobody knows how many? nobody knows which one of them are helping people in the flood? Seems to be missing some pieces for sure!

    We can alway tell when Antifa is in town though! But we aren’t afraid of them, we don’t arrest them……interesting times. If you wear all black and love mae
    Marxism, chaos and burning buildings you’re good with us? How strange the world has become.

  8. Cointelpro Feds. And some poor autistic guy they can set up for a media trial. Though at least, so far, they seem to be less violent and criminal than Antifa.

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