Video: former Burlington City Councilor deprives man of free speech at government meeting

By Guy Page
The following is a transcript of the not-quite-two minute testimony Todd LaCroix delivered at the Monday, August 14 Burlington City Council meeting. As reported by Kolby LaMarche in his “Burning Sky” column today, his speech was stopped when former city councilor Rachel Siegel grabbed the microphone from him.  

Like all members of the public, LaCroix was allotted two minutes. Siegel interrupted his speech about half-way through his second minute. No protest of her action was heard from the Council, the crowd, or anyone except LaCroix himself. The exchange can be seen beginning near the one hour, 10 minute mark on Town Meeting TV.

Edited lightly for readability, LaCroix said:

“There is so much hypocrisy going around in America. I can’t even stand it. There’s hypocrisy every which way we look. I see so much selective outrage every which way from people like you and people like you 

I see people being hypocrites. How many times have you called somebody an anti-semite because they called you out for being corrupt? Now you’re experiencing something similar. Black people and everybody in America do the same thing.  (audience objections heard)

They do! I’m married to a black woman and my divorce was a nightmare in this America because I had to deal with black Supremacy and white supremacy. You see how vehement it gets when you even want to talk about the problems. 

Right! Nobody wants to call out the facts that all of the people almost in the last few years that have threatened me…  (Siegel grabs microphone, appeals to city council)….“They want to shut me up! I can’t even get through my statement because I’m getting assaulted for calling people out for the same hypocrisies. [Call for recess. Paul heard to say ‘yeah’]. 

“I don’t see the police officer stopping her from assaulting me because the police are also assaulting me and I don’t see any black people caring about my assaults. I’ve been told that for years. I started Occupy Wall Street. Black Lives Matter in the last five years… I got treated like I [expletive]. I married a black woman and my children are half black and this is a disgrace what we’ve become in this country. The division. The hypocrisy.”

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  1. When liberal arguments fail, fall back on the race card, worked for Sharpton, Bass and Obama.

  2. So when are we going there in droves to help this guy? Why is he the only voice?
    Voting isn’t going to reverse the insanity.

    • Your right, there needs to be a few marches on this kind of behavior and it needs to come from the people because the government won’t stop what they started by allowing it to happen again and again!

  3. Wow, a citizen signed up to speak (his opinion, his FREE speech, HIS 1st amendment) gets physically interrupted and cut off before HIS two minutes is up. At the same time 3 different people (primarily ONE) are allowed to take the floor COMPLETELY OUT OF ORDER for a full SIX minutes! This is what you call mob rules and it demonstrates the ABSOLUTE danger of the term that every deluded useful idiot is throwing around so freely today: democracy! WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY, WE ARE A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!!! Those individuals should have been escorted out and not allowed to return, instead they get a time-out and probably a snack afterwards.

    • They’re also very possibly plants. Just the way Lt. Governor “Ponytail” hauls them along on his “book tour” courtesy of his membership in the extremist, race-baiting organization “Rights & Democracy Vermont” (LOOK THEM UP ONLINE!) headquartered in Burlington. He drags leftwing African-Americans on his tour who stand as if random members of every community he enters and they each essentially demand adherence & allegiance to his fantastical notion that Conservatives & GOP Party members are “censoring” books.
      This, when it is in fact leftist Democrat Party officials and their bureaucrat BFF’s in D.C. doing all the censoring – silencing pro-life groups, spying on Catholics, arresting 2nd Amendment rights groups, etc.
      Yeah David Suckerman….you are a real gem, yet no one is afraid of your goons!

  4. The Nazis are coming!
    The Nazis are coming!
    No, they are already here.

  5. Yes, POS Siegel, showing what’s happens within Burlington’s City
    hall meeting when you speak and they don’t like it, the Chair should
    have had Siegel escorted out………… it’s all on tape !!

  6. They have had so much success with censor ship and total press control in VERMONT they are actively doing it in person, if they could use a physical muzzle,they would. Next time the next speaker or a speaker should yield their time to this gentleman. He has the right to speak gibberish for two minutes, which they would have let him do, but truth must be silenced.

  7. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”
    ― C.S. Lewis,

    What progressive liberal, Rachel Siegel, apparently fails to understand is that the totalitarian despotism she is practicing – in order to facilitate her personal points of view – will one day come back to haunt her. Today, she controlled the microphone. Tomorrow, she will not control it. If she continues to whittle away at constitutional due process, ‘for our own good’, one day for certain, her constitutional rights will be taken from her ‘for her own good’ too. That is the nature of totalitarian despotism, no matter who practices it. ‘What goes around comes around.’

    “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process [s]he does not become a monster. For when staring long into the abyss, the abyss stares long back into you.” – Nietzsche

    • Mr. Eshelman, often these people who stifle dissent and freedom think like some Jews who collaborated with the Nazis. They expect to be like that “single carload of Jews” left in the entire city of Berlin. That they themselves will somehow survive.

  8. Actually Jesus Christ is the only way. That is the only way to receive the fruit of love, joy and peace. The reason we don’t have love, joy and peace is because we are following the wrong leaders, when we put Biden, trump, np, marxism, republic above God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit we get consistent results every time, hell on earth. He wanted on earth as in heaven, part of that daily prayer we banned in schools.

  9. This is going on across the state, it’s just a stage. They don’t care what you think, they are only doing this so you think you have input. Most of the time they have already made the decision, they give a crazy idea, one that doesn’t work and then their idea. They are hoping you just pick their idea. When you come up with any other idea or thought you are kindly ignored, or if you speak up they take your microphone! Lol. They are so pathetic, it’s what happens when we raise a brood of narcissists, and path people, people full of pride! I’m right, I’m right! These psychopaths and sociopaths are on different scales of the spectrum. Some are pretty extreme, Hitler comes to mind, Nebuchadnezzar is another one, pharaoh another one, klaus swab and others right in there with them. Siegel is just a trainee working her way up the spectrum.

    • And how about those men elected to the Vermont legislature wearing dresses and sportin’ a 5 o’clock shadow all while proclaiming their womanhood? Add to them the men they invite to provide the opening “remarks” – still termed a PRAYER within the US Congress – to this lunatic asylum we call our government dressed like crazed clowns blathering about glitter….

      Yes Neil, call them by their rightful names as these people were once accurately described or diagnosed as mentally ill, just as they remain today. In dire need of mental heath assistance, the Marxists in charge posing as public servants of a free state – demand us to kowtow to their brilliance.

  10. The editor chose to highlight this quote: “Black people and everybody in America do the same thing.” Just wondering, if we are talking about everybody in America, wouldn’t that include Black people? Or no?

  11. Wasn’t BPD Chief Murad in attendance? Councilors? Attorneys?

    Not one had courage to stabs up for 1st amendments rights in the setting reserved for them.