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Lawyer who won Randolph locker room lawsuit to speak at Faith Summit

by Guy Page 

Tyson Langhofer, the Alliance Defending Freedom attorney who successfully represented a Vermont family punished for opposing the presence of a biological male in a girls’ locker room, will speak at the Restoring Our Faith Summit October 10 in South Burlington. 

Last fall, Randolph High School student and girls volleyball team member Blake Allen was disciplined for complaining that a biological male on the team was allowed to watch the girls undress. Her father Travis Allen was fired as a school soccer coach when he too complained. With Langhofer’s help, the Allens filed suit against the school and won a cash settlement. 

Langhofer serves as senior counsel and director of the Center for Academic Freedom with Alliance Defending Freedom. Langhofer represents students and faculty at public high schools and colleges in defending their First Amendment rights. 

For example, in Denton v. Hecht, he successfully defended a Florida State University student after he was removed as student senate president simply for sharing his Catholic views in a private group chat. In Cross v. Loudoun County Public Schools, he successfully defended an elementary school gym teacher after the school suspended him for peacefully sharing his views on a proposed policy at a school board meeting. 

The one-day event will provide in-depth discussions of the social and spiritual trends in the  country and will feature world renowned leaders in culture, religion, philosophy and history. These include Rabbi Meir Soloveichik, Mary Hasson, Delano Squires, Dr. Stephen Nichols,  Mary Eberstadt, Dr. Patrick Fagan, Carrie Sheffield, Rabbi Ari Lamm and others. 

For more information or to register to attend, please visit The event is sponsored by the Vermont Institute for Human Flourishing.

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