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UVM named among nation’s most LGBTQ-friendly

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Heading into Vermont Pride Week, University recognized for creating safe and welcoming campus

BURLINGTON — On the eve of Vermont Pride Week (September 2-10), the University of Vermont has been named one of the top colleges and universities for LGBTQ+ students by Campus Pride, an organization for LGBTQ students and allies at colleges and universities nationwide.

Campus Pride’s 2023 Best of the Best LGBTQ-friendly list includes four-year public and private colleges and universities from around the country. UVM is among three institutions in New England, and 30 nationwide, to achieve 5-out-of-5 stars and the highest percentage scores on the Campus Pride Index (CPI), a national benchmarking tool measuring LGBTQ-friendly policies, programs, and practices on college and university campuses.

“Making our campus safe and inclusive is among the most important work we do at this university,” UVM Provost Patty Prelock said. “As our community prepares to celebrate Pride Week, this distinction affirms that many individuals and resources dedicated to this work – including our Prism Center that serves the diverse queer and trans communities on campus – are succeeding in ensuring our success and excellence includes all.”

To earn a five-star ranking, campuses receive a percentage score from 90 to 100 based on their reporting of LGBTQ-friendly features. UVM received the maximum score possible in five categories including campus safety, academic life and institutional commitment.

“It is an honor to again be among the best colleges for queer and trans students,” said Kate Jerman, director of the Prism Center. “Now more than ever, we take this commitment seriously as our recent efforts to implement the use of lived names and pronouns in all campus systems and for all members of our community demonstrates. We will continue working to improve because trans and queer students deserve nothing less from UVM.”

The complete Campus Pride 2023 Best of the Best list can be found below and online at

Vermont celebrates Pride Week beginning on Sept. 2 and culminating with the annual Pride Parade and Festival in downtown Burlington starting at noon on Sunday, Sept. 10.

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  1. There’s a shocker. And there goes UVM’s long-term reputation as a premier medical school ranking within the top 70 med schools in the nation. Now, with total indifference to the generic interpretation of the anti-discrimination ruling to the US Supreme Court’s ruling this year that race cannot be considered a factor in university admissions — Vermont is simply instead now using sexual attraction or preference as a factor to accept candidates into its student body. Medical ethics, be damned. It’s ALL about your personal lifestyle!

    According to VDC, Larner College’s acceptance rate of students shows that nearly ONE QUARTER identifies as “LGBTQWHATEVER” – imagine what bizarro-world that application looks like! How sad for this country. How especially sad for those of us in dire need of quality medical care in ten or so years.

    • Google famous gay scientists, doctors, authors, artists. From Astronauts (Sally Ride) to mathematical genius (Alan Turing) you will find hundreds who would raise the standards at any school. Too many of them have suffered needlessly, driven to suicide like Turing, because of hatred. Homophobia, like racism, like misogyny, is the true evil.

      • SORRY…..You either have reading comprehension issues or refuse to comprehend the DELETERIOUS ramifications of what intentionally selecting candidates for admission to higher institutions of learning will have upon society. This is based, once again, on our most recent U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that essentially using superfluous, prejudicial factors in selecting candidates is DISCRIMINATORY and is in contradiction with our US Constitution & its AMENDMENTS.

        In fact, it is YOU – “Retired Nurse” – who is justifying using blatant discriminatory methods, as opposed to credentials & qualifications, in choosing people for schooling & career paths. It is YOU who seeks to use BIAS in selecting candidates as opposed to a merit-based structure which provided the USA with the best healthcare system in the world.

        You and yours represent the extreme danger to our fundamental way of life & liberty based upon our rights under the Constitution & its interpretation based upon the US Supreme Court’s decisions. All Americans have equal rights under the law. NOT all Americans are “equal” in terms of intellect/talent/ability etc. and no one is “entitled” to be given privileges or admission to college based upon their sexual PROCLIVITIES or any other superfluous reason or agenda.

      • Wow, you sound like a poster child for the United Nations and World Economic Forum. There is no hate against the LGBTQ committee. This is a lie perpetrated by a political agenda that has redefined hate to include people who do ot want their 5 and 10 year olds given hormone blockers and surgical procedures without their consent. We have never lived in a more accepting and supporting time relative to the LGBTQ committee and rights. I have volunteered for this committee and worked for free doing backbreaking work in extreme weather conditions for months on end. Your reference to hatred is ment to demoralize and intimidate people who protect minors from gender affirming care, see the the Human Rights Council document A_HRC_53_37_A. You ripped off their terminology.

  2. I had heard this news quite a while ago. Should not have taken a genius to sniff this out. But, you know the media, most not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    • Lame, sebastianiam – as I’m guessing are each of your ideologies. Walter38w is NOT part of YOUR lamestream media. CNN: Chinese News Network & all the rest are but only propaganda platforms of your DNC.

  3. I have had awesome teachers in school and college that were gay/lesbian, even in Catholic School back in the 70’s. My last gay teacher was a college BIO professor with a PhD, brand new to the Community College I attended in SW Virginia just a few years ago.

    Here’s the funny part: Most of the class flunked halfway thru this BIO class. I ended up creating a study group (as a Summa Cum Laude student) to help bring their scores up. Exactly zero females came to my study group, except for one gal who walked in, grabbed the notes I created from out of my hands, and defiantly walked out with them. She flunked the course. The two transboys in the class would sit and mope together in a corner couch of the floor of the science building on the days of exams. They also flunked the course. They hated the professor, who was completely obviously gay. They even reported him for — get this — being “unfair” to them.

    So, what did this teach me, besides that studying is the key to passing a course? (Not that I didn’t already know that… ) It taught me that filling special people up with hot air and jamming them into a situation to prove something they’re not ready for is not only a bad policy, but it makes these people even more intolerably pathetic to mainstream society. Were they to ever BECOME the mainstream of society, it would spell doom to said society.

    The only winners are the grifters of this nonsense. Sadly, we don’t need winning grifters. We need actual science students dedicated to their studies. If they can’t take the heat, they need to stay out of the kitchen. What excuses should the other failing students have used?

  4. Pro or con anything, I am so happy we can voice our opinions, right or wrong, without fear of being too maliciously chastised. I love America, more when Reagan and Trump were president, but still hanging in there.

  5. When a number of the UVM top brass are members of the WEF and proudly show their globalist inverted rainbow colors, the selling of their souls has to be worth the price they are going to pay here and in the hereafter.

  6. UVM now isn’t that something to be proud of, I don’t care what nonsense you
    want to follow, we are or were a free nation to do what you like, but don’t ask
    me to participate in your foolery………… will wake up one day !!

  7. It’s such a shame that the LGB team joined, or was forced to join the TQ+++ team. Honestly I don’t understand why they would stand for it. Gay, Lesbian and Bi have long been accepted by the masses and are achievers, contributors, parents, friends to the world that not so long ago was “normal”. The new members of the team are not.

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