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De-transitioned Chloe Cole shares story at Dartmouth

Chloe Cole, 2022, photo credit CNA

by Aaron Warner

Despite rain and poor weather both sides of the hotly contested transgender phenomenon were out and loud last night at the Moore Hall Dartmouth’s campus. Attendees were greeted by a throng of some sixty or so protestors yelling, chanting and exhorting one another with the soon to be top 40 hit “Hey, hey, ho-ho (insert grievance here) has got to go!” In this case it was an 18-year-old girl standing all of 5’3” and weighing maybe 120 lbs from California, Chloe Cole.  Cole was joined by an equally unintimidating female, Dr. Carrie Mendoza, visiting from Illinois. 

The Filene Auditorium was livelier than my last visit to see James O’Keefe, then of Project Veritas fame, who came to share stories and his new book American Muckraker. The room was over half full with many standing, talking and smiling until the President of the Dartmouth College Republicans, Chloe Ezzo, introduced the evening’s speakers. 

Miss Ezzo joined the two guests in an interview style presentation where we learned from Chloe Cole the events, emotions and thoughts she experienced from as young as eleven years of age that led her to enter the gender transformation machinery now available at hospitals around the United States. 

Her story begins with her simply observing she didn’t have a womanly figure compared to other girls and adults, especially like one of her favorite celebrities Kim Kardashian. Built more like an endurance runner she mistook her lack of voluptuousness and interest in athletics and boys to mean something wasn’t quite right. Exposed to an online community, thanks to her parents getting her a smart phone per her eleven year-old plea to be with other kids online, she was introduced to a more mature online community that suggested maybe she was meant to be a boy. 

Captured by this thought she began to slowly convince herself, with the help of her remote gamer and fandom communities, that she was both meant to be, and would be, happier as a boy. This led to her writing a letter to her parents letting them know she was now a boy. 

Her parents took this to mean she had a mental illness and needed psychotherapy, which is what they sought for her. However in California, and thanks to the Obama-care provision that enshrined civil rights, the therapist’s state mandated protocol suggests Chloe be “affirmed” per her preferred gender, pronouns, etc. Rather than address any underlying co-morbidities such as depression, social anxiety, or trauma the therapist essentially rubber stamped her transition. When her parents expressed concerns they were given the now standard emotionally blackmailing response “if we don’t she will kill herself”. 

Dr. Mendoza interjects to remind us this is not how medicine is or should be practiced. The combination of patients rights as a mandate to validate their dysphoria followed by emotional manipulation from medical staff to create entry-ism is medically unethical. However hospitals are starved for new revenue streams, hence the rapid building of the trans-medicine machinery that is now a multi-million and soon to be multi-billion dollar industry. 

Chloe continued to dress and act as boy-like as she could and found exploring this change seemed to answer her feelings of not belonging, either socially or in her own body. Her online LGBTQ community acted much like cult would at this stage – love bombing her and offering radical support while isolating her from family. 

She was twelve years old. 

Shortly thereafter she was recommended anti-cancer medicine turned puberty blocker Lupron. Lupron was made famous in Matt Walsh’s “What Is A Woman” documentary when we find one of its common usages has been to chemically castrate pedophiles. Chloe’s assessment was “it sucked”. Rather than offer chemical assistance it entered her into a premature menopause. Hot flashes in central California are a little hotter than most. 

Her transition still new, she was getting pushback from classmates. One boy bullied her to the point of sexual assault. He grabbed her breast. Classmates also treated her with hesitancy, and the combined resistance engendered Chloe to prove them wrong. 

Off the puberty blockers she sought testosterone treatment. Her first endocrinologist said “no way you’re too young”, however a quick referral and a second opinion from a more open minded endocrinologist and she was given a prescription. Testosterone is a powerful hormone that immediately offers a sense of well being, confidence and strength. Add to that Chloe was noticing a change to her jaw, loss of unwanted body fat and added muscle mass and she began to feel euphoria at becoming a young man. Her voice dropped rapidly and was deeper than the rest of her peers. 

However the euphoria soon vanished as she realized she didn’t feel like one of the boys. Boys don’t have intimate conversations like she wanted. Boys don’t like some of the girly things she was still attracted to, and boys were just a bit more aggressive than she was comfortable being. Soon she felt more lonely and isolated than ever, while also suffering the social distance learning thanks to Governor Newsome’s lockdowns. She became depressed and sought comfort in substance abuse. 

Still wanting to find herself in transition and supported by her now faithful online friends she opted for top surgery. Within six months she was under the knife and had her perfectly healthy fifteen year old breasts removed forever. The scars that formed included emotional ones. The physical ones required her treating then daily yet would “heal within a year or so”. Her mom had to take time off work since she couldn’t raise her arms post-op. After two years she was still dressing them. She found she had nerve damage that precludes her ever feeling erogenous sensations in her chest again. 

Chloe’s final straw was learning of the bond a woman has while breast feeding her baby. She was beginning to have the inevitable maternal instincts innate to nearly all women. She began to wear makeup and dresses in secret and found her dysphoria was exactly that. She knew now she had made a mistake and she was in fact a woman all along and that would be her source of satisfaction. 

Thinking she might get support from her trans-family online, she was shocked and hurt they turned on her. They told her to keep quiet. They shamed her for “wasting resources”. They emotionally ostracized her, again like a cult would. 

Eyes wide open now she has embraced her femininity and taken to sharing her story despite threats to her personal safety from a community that prides itself on demanding respect for personal safety. The problem with hypocrisy is it doesn’t know how to hide. Chloe is now embroiled in a lawsuit against Kaiser Permanente and is accepting funding via the Center for American Liberty website. She remains steadfast to speak truth for children, including her nephews and nieces, so they are not likewise misled into walking down this dark road paved with lies and distortions, where her ultimate message is learn to love yourself, imperfections and all.

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  1. When did this event happen? This is a story that Vermont young people need to hear. There are 1000 others like Chloe that are seeking to file a class action law suit against Tavistock in the UK, the largest pediatric gender clinic in the world. Its doors were closed in July ’22 after opening in ’83.

    • I’ve been following Chloe’s story go quite some time, brave and courageous, she’s an advocate for truth and health freedom, it’s unfortunate there was not much notice or awareness about this event in our region.
      I agree the children here need to learn about her story.

  2. We used to call young ladys like her “Tomboys” and it was ok. The Tomboy I live with can go from elbow deep in a carcass of an animal to dressed to the nines in 30 min. The concept of sexulizing young people has got us here. It’s not just TV and but the public education system bears it’s share of the blame

  3. So tragic, and yet uplifting that this one didn’t end in suicide, as many do. This young woman is truly a hero. Everyone needs to hear her story.

  4. No one is really keying in on a powerful force on those afflicted by gender dysphoria-
    It has become an industry. From the Mental Health Counsellor to the Psychiatrist and ending with the Surgeon and Hospital Network, there is money to be made from this-
    Billions every year- with even more at stake when such treatments are considered a “right” and government pays the bills. Profit is a powerful motive for the health care industry. If we failed to learn this from Covid-19, we are a sorry lot indeed.

    • Well stated, Frank. I never thought of it as a money-making enterprise. You should be writing an op-ed for the Chronicle since the Barre Times, Free Press and Digger are behind and for this mutilation/mutation/transitioning of terror.

  5. Of course the bleeding liberal hearts here in the land of make believe will disavow her as either confused or some made up name to dis her that fits the trans cult that’s operating here in Vermont. We already know that expert testimony at legislative committee hearings is ignored and belittled no matter what the issue is.

    We know that we aren’t being represented in anyway unless it fits the agenda of the left. We also know that crazy is now synonymous with Dem/Prog or Marxist agenda bought to the green mountains by out of state grifters, bought and paid for also with out of state dark money. This will eventually crash down on their super majority celebrations in due time. They are only in the middle of their full on attack of anything normal.

    When legislators sign on to eliminating jail time for all crimes, you also know that their time is running out. My heart is broken for this young woman and for the fact that Vermont has gone insane and the people who support these legislators will one day rot in in hell. No one escapes Karma, even the so called elite mush heads currently making a mess out of this once beautiful state.

    • I believe the expression they will use against her is “Uncle Tom.” A badge she should wear with pride, along with the likes of Thomas Sowell and Brandon Straka.

    • Not letting out of state college kids vote would help restore logic and sanity to VT

  6. Child abuse at it’s worse…………how sad to see a young life permanently altered.

  7. I am praying for this brave young woman. I am so impressed with her resolve. I am angry with those who failed her.

  8. Terrence McKenna April 1999:
    “What civilization is, is six billion people trying to make themselves happy by standing on each other’s shoulders and kicking each other’s teeth in. It’s not a pleasant situation. And yet, you can stand back and look at this planet and see that we have the money, the power, the medical understanding, the scientific know-how, the love, and the community to produce a kind of human paradise. But we are led by the least among us: the least intelligent, the least noble, the least visionary. We are led by the least among us, and we do not fight back against the dehumanizing values that are handed down as control icons.”

    “This is something—I mean, I don’t really want to get off on this tear because it’s a lecture in itself, but—culture is not your friend! Culture is for other people’s convenience and the convenience of various institutions, churches, companies, tax collection schemes, what have you. It is not your friend. It insults you. It disempowers you. It uses and abuses you. None of us are well-treated by culture. And yet, we glorify the creative potential of the individual, the rights of the individual, we understand the felt presence of experience is what is most important. But the culture is a perversion. It fetishizes objects, creates consumer mania, it preaches endless forms of false happiness, endless forms of false understanding in the form of squirrelly religions and silly cults. It invites people to diminish themselves and dehumanize themselves by behaving like machines—meme processors of memes passed down from Madison Avenue and Hollywood and what have you.”

  9. This is a strong woman and I applaud her for speaking the truth, as a physician and surgeon this is why I dropped my membership in the Vermont Medical Society of which I was an active member for decades until they promoted this ill-conceived notion, we know being a Tom boy is a normal pediatric behavior and does not mean becoming Tom or undergoing destructive procedures. I can only hope common sense returns. ” Primum non nocere” , hippocradic oath ; ” first do no harm ” .

    Dave Charnock, MD, FACS

  10. Everyone loves money. But the lines must be drawn somewhere and this is where one MUST be drawn. Teenagers have a hard enough time, schools not helping most. A life affecting move like this must not be allowed for a teenager. When we all were at that age, we know we were not really capable to make that decision. And thank GOD our parents would have none of this nonsense. By the way, LUPRON should be banned, I had it for cancer treatment and still ponder if the alternative wasn’t better.

  11. Was there any recordings from this event? Please post them here if you know of one or find any.

  12. I wonder if we’ll ever be able to look back on all of this as a society and see it for what it is- a social contagion hysteria wrapped up in a combination of pedophilic predation, maniacal Frankenstein hubris coupled with absolutely unconscionable greed, ever escalating victimhood cry-bullying from the bottom of the social hierarchy, and, I suspect, ubiquitous, albeit mostly avoidable environmental endocrine disrupters.

    Probably not. At least not publicly. Poor girl.

  13. When the first successful lawsuit verdict against a pharmaceutical company or transitioning doctor gets announced by a jury of common, decent folk in a civil trial, this nonsense will start to be exposed for what it is…child abuse. The courts, both civil and criminal will ultimately be the way to put the damper on this nonsense.