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Vermont gained 3,000 people last year

Vermont gained nearly 3,000 new residents in 2022, according to an analysis of Census data by the Vermont Treasurer’s Office, today’s Journal-Opinion reports.

“Vermont’s 2022 net migration of 2,981 people is slightly above average compared to the past decade, but sharply lower than 2021 when Vermont saw a net migration of 14,548 new residents. The combined net migration from the last two years, however, exceeds the net migration from the prior 10 years combined (+17,529 for 2022-21 vs. +16,067 for 2019-10).  

“Most people who moved into Vermont in 2022 came from nearby states in the Northeast, with more than half of new residents arriving from neighboring Massachusetts (4,760 moved to Vermont from Massachusetts, with 2,941 moving to Massachusetts from Vermont, for a net migration of 1,819). The other states with the most net migration into Vermont were New Jersey (+1,349), Virginia (+891), Texas (+712), and Pennsylvania (+626).”

The top five states with the most net migration out of Vermont were:

  • South Carolina (-1,113)
  • Colorado (-1,086)
  • New York (-896)
  • Florida (-702)
  • Utah (-452)

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  1. 712 from “Texas”? Yeah right. They sure these aren’t the Salvadorans and Guatemalans that can be seen now collecting at the Walmart bus stop in Williston? Anyone wonder why women with Mexican names are now turning up dead in rural VT? Imagine how saturated the rest of the states are…. Housing shortage in VT. Awesome. Thanks Joe.

  2. The statistic that might be useful and interesting is: how many of Vermont’s newest “residents” are contributing members of society and how many of them are just warming a bench in Burlington parks, contributing to the discarded syringe count.

  3. Or perhaps coincides with the recently released report stating that abortions in Vermont decreased by a similar number during the same time period ?

  4. Are those the 3,000 out of staters living on hotel vouchers on Vermont tax payer’s dime? Drive thru the parking lots of the Rutland homeless hotels and see how many out of state plates there are!

  5. So how many of those 3k people are of working age, and how many of them are we supporting? It’s not just new residents that are important it’s what kind are they? Or are they retired from Mass and are occupying all the doctors visits?

  6. I’ll try again. What do we have to do to get more people moving back to Mass. than move here from Mass. ?

  7. Did you see who moved to Vermont, and where they are from, now you understand why our political profile is so left-leaning, we already have a state house full of these transplants, so after they screwed up their state with rules and regulations, now they
    come here and bring their nonsense………………….. I was hoping it was 3K homeless !!

    • Some of them are registered to vote in other states as well as VT. They are brought here to take advantage of the generous social welfare system and sway local elections.