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Raising awareness about how sexual grooming works

The author addresses the Hartford Selectboard about sexual grooming of children.

by Aaron Warner

It’s been said you can judge a society by how it treats its prisoners. Of late the American prison system has become nearly as bipolar as its political system. Republican states remain relatively staunch on holding fast to existing criminal codes. States run by Democrats, they would like you to believe, are the most benevolent toward prisoners due to simply letting them out early or not even putting criminals in to begin with. 

Is this, in fact, benevolence? Famously blue California recently released thousands of pedophiles less than one year after their lawful incarceration, with over 200 of them living around the state capitol. If this says anything about our country it is that we have lost touch with what even prisoners consider the most offensive of human acts – the grooming and sexual exploitation of our most vulnerable citizens, children. 

Sex trafficking of minors, a once nearly verboten topic of discussion in polite society, is now one of the most talked about. Thanks in part to whistle blowers like Tara Rodas and movies like the Sound of Freedom the American public is waking up to the stark reality all around us. Human trafficking is an estimated $150 billion a year industry. To put that in perspective that is more than the GDP of Ukraine and twice that of Serbia. There are currently so many millions being trafficked it stands at more human slaves than any other time in history, including when slavery was legal worldwide. 

Tara Rodas recently shared her testimony with Judicial Watch where she described first-hand experiences with children being trafficked thanks to current federal policies. After voicing her concerns to her supervisor she was told “We don’t get sued by traffickers. We only get sued if we keep children too long. Understood?” This sort of callous enforcing of policy begs the question – if America is opposed to exploiting children why is that the policy? 

Included in her testimony is this appalling statistic – since the Biden Administration took office there have been nearly five million border crossings of which the locations of some 85,000 children are currently unknown to federal authorities. Never mind the many hundreds of “gotaways” who represent known criminals who have successfully crossed into the United States also unaccounted. 

These numbers give some idea of the scope of the problem. However the child exploitation industry does not thrive thanks to brazen criminality. The lesser known practice of grooming is becoming equally commonplace in our towns, schools, libraries and media thanks to a concerted effort by many who have worked hard to blur the lines between acceptable and unacceptable interactions with children. 

Thankfully a panel of 18 experts set out to develop a Scientific Grooming Model (SGM) intended to help adults, teens and children to know the five stages of grooming and what to look for, specifically clusters of behaviors, frequent use of certain behaviors and the most severe which includes sexual content and education. Of note groomers are not typically the unkempt men we see in police mug shots. They are “charming/nice/likeable” often with “insider status/good reputation/pillars of the community”. 

Understanding Stage One is to know how they Select Victims. Among the characteristics they look for are: 

  • Minor lacks confidence/has low self-esteem.
  • Minor is lonely/isolated.
  • Minor is troubled.
  • Minor feels unwanted/unloved.
  • Minor is not close to parents/parents are not resources for them.
  • Minor lives with a single mother/needs “father figure.”
  • Minor has a lack of supervision.

In Stage Two they seek to gain access via such places as school, youth groups, scouts, and sports. After which they work on isolating the child or children. 

Stage Three focuses on Trust Development. Aside from being charming and gaining power, trust and access via seeking positions like teachers or scout leaders we find they often:

  • Engages in childlike activities (e.g., stories, games, sports, music).
  • Gives minor rewards/privileges (e.g., gifts, toys, treats, money, trips).

The anti-ideological grooming organization Gays Against Groomers exposes Transgender manipulation of kids in schools and Drag Queen Story Hours as types of ideological grooming. Per the SGM, Gays Against Groomers and concerned parents are not operating on opinion but science. These scientific models are reliable, repeatable, testable and provable. To use the parlance of our times, “follow the science” if you want to stop the sexual grooming of America’s children. 

Given the magnitude of the problem, what can you do? For starters you should familiarize yourself with the model. Secondly you should listen to the entire testimony from Mrs. Rodas who asks everyone to contact their representatives and speak up about the wanton trafficking in our towns. Her warning is they will be coming to your town soon, if they aren’t there already. 

Finally you can equip yourself with enough information and courage to share this info, namely the model, with your town boards (as I did here in Hartford last Tuesday[go to minute 6 of this link]), especially the school board. They should act to make sure these things are not taking place in our schools. If they don’t then you need to talk to the voters of your town to vote them out.  

There is virtually nothing as reprehensible as the sexual grooming and exploitation of children. This is something the prisoners living in America have made clear.

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  1. Montpelier is full of groomers, they work in a fancy office building with a gold roof. They are easy to find.

  2. This “conspiracy theory” is the reason Ukraine is being given our money and weapons (also to protect the biolabs). This “conspiracy theory” is the reason Hollywood giants, media tycoons, and government officials are rushing to their Twitter accounts to gaslight people into believing all of these facts are “disinformation.” This “conspiracy theory” has funded the “invisible enemy” (also the biolabs) for decades. All the “normalizing” of immoral, unethical, and criminal conduct against children using lawfare and bureaucrat projection is the sinister, evil plan of the elites and the officials under their money thumbs. The mental illness is real and the war is real.

  3. So question, why are we teaching our children about sexual lust?

    Why aren’t we teaching our children about love?
    Even a base person knows that sex and love are not the same. Yet we are filling the minds and hearts of our children in lust, in elementary school no less! We need to change our direction, this very wide path we are currently being driven down is leading us to the wrong place. It is not the land of milk and honey, surely.

    • Do you mean to tell me that Vermont schools shouldn’t be handing out condoms to 11-year-old children? Do you mean to tell me that enabling & encouraging little schoolchildren to be sexually active might actually increase amoral & irresponsible behavior? Do you mean to tell me that instead, adult role models (which obviously exempts all of the Dimocrats in the state legislature) ought to be responsibly teaching the differentiation and even potential danger of random sexual activity vs. love between two committed grown-ups?

      Well, OK then.

  4. Hey Melissa , we’re supposed to just keep eating our round up filled crackers, our chemical waste vegetable oils, become a test animal for big Pharma with their drugs for anxiety, vaccines for nothing and porn for free. You weren’t supposed to notice all the lies. Go back to sleep! Lol….love your posts