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Drag devotional at Vermont State House

Justin Marsh of Cambridge reads “Just Add Glitter” in today’s devotional at the Vermont State House.

by Guy Page

The founder of Drag Story Hour in Vermont gave the devotional for the Vermont House of Representatives Wednesday morning. 

Justin Marsh of Cambridge, whose stage name is Emoji Nightmare,  read a non-controversial children’s book called “Just Add Glitter.”

Marsh’s reading is the first Drag Story Hour State House devotional known to this observer. It can be viewed on the legislative website. The daily devotional is typically a brief reading, song, or sermonette, sometimes but not always given by clergy. It is scheduled by the staff of the House Clerk.

Marsh added a few Vermont references to the text by Massachusetts author Angela diTerlizzi.

One State House insider suggested, tongue-in-cheek, it was Vermont’s response to another state’s law banning transgender adults from working with minors. “Just thumbing their nose at Montana,” he laughed.

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  1. The more I read on Vermont daily, the more I am convinced that I made the right move in 2019 by leaving the state.

  2. You suppose Donald Trump would be welcome to speak at a “Devotional” at the State House ? Well of course he would, right up until he wasn’t !

    • Why would anyone invite a serial liar and grifter who tried to overturn the results of an free and fair election and who has just been found liable for sexual assault by a jury to give a devotional?

      • Your energy might be better expended asking why there are two systems of justice in this country. One that lets the Biden crime family operate unimpeded and unindicted, and one that is just waiting for Trump to jaywalk so charges can be brought. You may want to switch off CNN and check news outlets that actually report on what Congress is doing.

      • Mark… realize that many of the “serial lies” the idiots you listen to were his claim of “Russian collusion hoax” which has been proven to be true., along with the fact that the 2020 election was proven to be rigged. As far as serial liars, have you listened to the hair sniffing pedophile and rapist you likely voted for? Oh yeah, I. Forgot to add TRAITOR as they just detailed his extensive criminal operation of influence peddling with foreign actors, including our biggest enemy, the Chicoms. Nothing Trump has ever done can come close to the crimes of that dirt bag, who I hope to see hanged for his treason.

      • Wow. What does it feel like to be led by the ring in your nose? Try just a skeetch of self-reflection and independent thought one day. Oh, and as a woman, I can assure you beyond a reasonable doubt – that NO male can EVER be one. But ya’ll keep on trying, K?

      • Mark, his conviction is very shaky and can be overturned. Not liking someone is not proper grounds for convicting them of a crime based on no evidence but the testimony of someone who spoke out decades after the incident supposedly occurred.
        The election involved too many mail-in ballots to be guaranteed “fair”. As for the “serial liar” that cliche’ is itself based on lies. No one can produce evidence, other than argument by assertion.

      • The real cereal liers out there are corporate media and their endless propaganda campaigns designed to control the uninformed masses. I am sure you are familiar with some of their most effective propaganda slogans like “Threat to our democracy”. America isn’t a democracy. America is a constitutional republic, with a democratic process. What this propaganda really means is a threat to the progressive one party rule, unchallenged authority. Here is another example, “The New Norm.” This statement was made thousands of times by the media and beaurocrats, was socializing the public to the idea that the government was not going to give up its emergency powers over the nation. And last but not least, “A free and fair election.” If it was so free and fair then why does the media have to pound this messaging into society. Turn off the news and National Progressive Radio (NPR). I listen to neither.

      • He’s also a Trump hater. Why else would he run to the Washington Compost for a moment to bash the ex-president. You keep a constant supply of the liberal Koolade on hand because liberal cannot have individual thoughts. You are losing and Trump will return to correct the destruction of America by the Obama/Biden crime syndicates and their donors. ABC, NBC and CBS did not report on the evidence of the Biden LLC shell game fake businesses in which the Biden family netted $10 million dollars in laundered cash from foreign countries while Joe was VP. Four bank documents on this and there are 8 more to investigate.

      • Did you read his piece? I’d rather hear your “individual thoughts” on Thiessen’s analysis of Trump’s electability rather than name calling and whataboutism. Really, you can do better.

  3. If these legislators like that so much how come they’re not all dressed like that?

    They support it so much or do they only do it in the bedroom?

  4. Seems about par for the locale. The blending in is remarkable.

    This is the new norm leading you to the abyss. Buckle up, it may be a bumpy ride.

  5. Justin Marsh is one of the people working for Vermont Natural Resources Council. He is one of the many VNRC employees who PUSHED S.5 THe unaffordable Heat act. What a slap in the face to all Vermonter families. Not cool.

  6. This “devotional” given on the House Floor actually mocks the point and purpose of the term devotional. It is supposed to be a brief time of Scripture reading and prayer to ask for the Lord’s help and guidance for the proceedings for that day’s session. Our legislature has not been acknowledging that purpose for quite awhile.

    • The devotional is not “supposed to be a brief time of Scripture reading and prayer to ask for the Lord’s help.” Per the House Clerk’s guidelines: [a] devotional is an inclusive homily, life lesson, song, poem, prayer, reading, or musical piece appropriate to the setting[.] … The devotional helps to set the tone and allows a few moments for reflection and contemplation.
      The legislature represents all Vermonters – atheist, agnostics, and followers of religions that are not Christianity. Practice the religion you want, but recognize that others have different and other values and stop trying to silence everyone else. I thought Justin did a great job.

      • Mark, the only thing that Justin, the biological MALE, with his clinically insane behaviors, is “devoted” to is making a mockery of both womanhood and science. By the way, how did you happen to arrive on the planet? Because you certainly weren’t conceived, carried, and birthed by someone with a three-piece set. No one ever has been. It is a biological impossibility.

      • Mark, Can you explain how a drag queen, reading a story about GLITTER!! allows members a few moments of reflection and contemplation?? This is a STATE HOUSE, not a State Mental Facility, (although with all the dems it might as well be one).

      • Like it or not, the United States was founded and formed with Judeo-Christian values. The original and first book of law is the Bible. Many versions of which passed through time, but the basis remains the same. The founders clearly established our FOUNDATION. Society and our government was not as derelict and indignant as it is today, but that FOUNDATION was meant to hold, not crumble. Even the Muslim faithful would condemn the “act” performed at the State House. Actually, in some Muslim countries, Justin would be likely be put to death.

  7. Vermont passed away on Wednesday, May 10, 2023 in the chamber of the House of Representatives surrounded by members of their family, after many years fighting a crippling illness that infected them with multiple economic, cultural and social tumors.

    An obituary for Vermont may be found at many online sources including,,,, and

    At Vermont’s request no services will be held, however their cremains will be spread in the median of Interstate 89 between the Winooski and Burlington exits, in a private family service officiated by a representative of the National Marijuana Foundation.

    Contributions are encouraged to be given to any of Vermont several school districts of institutions of higher education currently engaged in work to re-imagine and rework the definitions or a man and woman, or to report news in pursuit of truth.

  8. Where is the Church? Silent, complicit, compromised, possessed? Shame on the Church! God will not be mocked. Woe onto them. If Justin Marsh wore blackface with his outfit would they applaud and cheer with the same enthusiasm? If Justin wagged his privates in their face, I’m sure they’d cheer even louder. Maybe the next devotional they can perform a human sacrifice and erect a statute of Baal on the front lawn. Demoralization and desecration of all things once held in high regard and respected – formally known as human decency. All things evil, morally, and ethically bankrupt welcomed here.

    • Yeah, where is the Church?! Church leaders used to be leaders in their communities. Now, they’re overly concerned about tax-exempt status and losing what’s left of attendees.

  9. Regardless of who schedules the event formerly known as the “devotional”, it had to have had the blessing of Speaker Jill. Now that we have turned what used to be a solemn plea for guidance into a burlesque show, will they host other similarly sexualized performers into the house chamber? May I suggest a stripper/pole dancer, a person dressed in full masochistic garb and a swinging couple who will share some short stories of how they share their bedroom with strangers they met at a bar? A satan worshiper might add a nice touch. If the people who want to promote this sick lifestyle would at least try do it in a more tasteful manner, that would help but no one wants people in such a position of power to be deliberately shoving in our faces like a wet, dirty sock. Utterly shameful people we elect…and yes, WE elected them.

  10. Pretty much sums up the state of Vermont under the Dems super majority, reap what you sow.

    • For leading you down into the bowels of Hell? OK, kid.

    • I think the same thing all the time. All the men and even women who gave their lives or limbs for this?? Fathers, grandfathers, siblings, spouses – all being made a mockery of. May God have mercy on humanity, despite the clear fact that so many don’t deserve one iota of such.

  11. I have yet to see a drag queen reading Dostoevsky. Always children’s books. It’s like they want to expose their adult sexuality in front of children or something.

    You might even call it grooming.

  12. Arthur Peterson got chastised for calling him a “thing” incase any of you listen/read his posts on FB. He even stayed out of the chamber until IT stopped speaking. Jill Krowinski’s time is now ticking, along with the other members who AGREED on having this type of “devotional”. It’s evil and repugnant!!

    • Good to know about Art Peterson! At least someone at the bloated dome has some common decency. We all need to stand against this type of “devotional,” and it’s coming to a school and/or library close to you soon!

  13. No wonder our youth are messed up. Some of our adults are perpetuating mental illness as we can see. Kids don’t know who or what they are, and parents are afraid to say anything because the system has their children locked in. We need to gather, speak up and act before its too late… and maybe it already is but its never to late to push back.

  14. This behavior is a textbook example of the disruption in social behavioral norms that occur when a population becomes over-stressed.

    Edward T. Hall, The Hidden Dimension

    “The results of these experiments are sufficiently startling to warrant a detailed description. Alone, they tell us a great deal about how organisms behave under different conditions of crowding, and they throw new light on how the social behavior that accompanies crowding can have significant physiological consequences.

    …pansexuality and sadism were endemic. Rearing the young became almost totally disorganized. Social behavior of the males deteriorated, …social hierarchies were unstable, and territorial taboos were disregarded unless backed by force… Autopsies of the females whose pregnancies were blocked showed that the corpus luteum, which holds the fertilized egg to the wall of the uterus, had failed to develop.”

    Read Hall’s studies. The behavior reported in this article, ‘drag-devotional-at-vermont-state-house’, is apparently, an indication of nature’s way of coping with over-crowded conditions. The end result is disconcerting, to say the least.

  15. An accurate representation of what the legislature in Sodom and Gomorrah must have been like. Drag queen-ism is not a religion. Since when does a person get to do a devotional as part of a sexual agenda? Why was a children’s book being read to a group of adults? Are these drag queens totally divorced from reality? Are they mentally ill? Are the people who allowed this to happen in a LEGISLATURE mentally ill as well? Are there no standards? No boundaries for what is appropriate and what is not? What will we see next? A person dressed in “furry” costume peeing in a litter box in front of his legislative colleagues while he barks a devotional? Don’t laugh. There are already furries and litter boxes for children who identify as animals in some of our public schools.