Klar: Brattleboro-led hate group attacks autistic woman artist

The true colors of the hate-cult exposed (Graphic content warning)

by John Klar

A recent exchange of social media posts displays the toxic hatred of so-called social justice warriors. Intolerant, racist, hateful cowards often attack vulnerable people who dare express opinions that differ from their deluded cult. In the case at hand, a young Vermont artist with disabilities bravely spoke her view that there are only two genders. The ensuing attacks are revolting, and show the true face of the hate cult of “social justice warriors.”

John Klar

For those of you in other states or countries, you may be naive as to just how shamelessly evil these attacks can be. In Vermont, bathrooms based on biological gender have been replaced with “unisex” bathrooms that expose women to predatory behaviors. This extends to many Vermont schools, including the Randolph volleyball team incident, in which girls who complained about a biological male who was ogling them while they changed clothes were attacked by Vermont’s lying social justice haters, enabled by a propaganda machine that has replaced journalism in the Green Mountains. Dissent is verboten, and violators will be persecuted!

The case of a young artist targeted for daring to express disagreement with the gender-confused crowd demonstrates their M.O. Since the gender-warping trans-cult that targets children cannot survive the light of reason or facts, they stifle dissent with a hatred never witnessed in the so-called transphobic.

 Holly is a young artist, struggling to make ends meet. She suffers from autism and was first diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 13. Holly created a Facebook page that she uses to share her original work, which is indeed unique and (close to my heart) often depicts old Vermont barns and farm scenes. Here is one of Holly’s lovely paintings:

According to Holly, this began when a man (who describes himself of the vaginal gender) criticized Holly on her Facebook page, stating she will never be an artist. Holly shot back that he will never be a man, any more than she can change her race.

This is not tolerated by the thug crowd. Most of them hide their true identities like the cowards they are. The attack launched against this poor girl is disgusting. They set up special sites and rallied quickly.

According to Holly, the guy-gal, faux-named Honey Marx Rose, posted lies about Holly, rallied other heterophobic haters to attack her, and sought to destroy her business – and her very soul. Claiming her bigender views threatened death to the trans-community, a group of attackers unleashed the bowels of hate on her, calling her every imaginable name. I have omitted the many toxic posts so as not to offend my readers.

Aldous Huxley wrote, “Facts matter, even if ignored.” Daring to claim that there are only two biological genders (an unequivocal scientific fact) is more than ignored — saying so is forbidden, and will elicit vitriolic attacks. Welcome to Vermont, a seedbed of this cancerous hatred parading as Utopian. This is what their planned Utopia looks like – a massive Borg of compliance, devouring any individual thought that deviates from their imposed deviance. Honey Rose reeks of brimstone. 

Like children pulling the legs off of flies, Holly’s attackers provoked her over and over, prompting her angry responses. People with Asperger’s syndrome are particularly vulnerable to this type of provocation, as they do not process information normally. The social justice bullies pounced on that weakness mercilessly. 

I do not defend Holly’s every comment. But she was baited, and she was easy bait – haters need something to hate, and in the absence of real Nazis (aside from in the mirror, into which vampires never look) they seek anyone to scapegoat, bait, and ruthlessly destroy. This is the face of evil, not “justice.” 

I do not defend Nazism, but I do defend the rights of Nazis to hold and express their beliefs. Hate the sin, not the sinner: all hate and bigotry stems from ignorance. Liberal US Supreme Court cases crafted the First Amendment liberties that these wolves in social justice clothing seek to dismantle – for everyone but themselves!

But Holly, perhaps unwisely, struggled to defend herself. As the situation deteriorated, and the group of anonymous thugs gathered for their ideological gang-rape like hyenas on carrion, she grew increasingly distressed. After yet another round of lying attacks which the social justice clan calls “just,” Holly posted a plea on social media: “I’m going to kill myself.”

And they laughed! They damaged her business, ridiculed her art, lied boldly and shamelessly, called her horrible names, and then went in for the kill. This is malice rarely seen in a civilized society: but par for the demonic course for Nazis, Maoists, Stalinists, and other twisted-minded cults. Had they pushed Holly to suicide, hiding like criminals in the shadows, they likely would have had a party and rejoiced at their wonderful triumph.

Aldous Huxley observed: “Facts matter, even if ignored.” There are only two genders, and aberrations thereof that are abnormal. This is not to hate anyone: it is just a well-established scientific fact that cannot be ignored. A pretty dress or a girly name won’t obscure that chest hair, boys! And if you want to see hatred against transgender people, keep compelling others to kowtow to the Naked Emperor fantasy. As drugs promising transformation instead deliver deformation and dismay, more children victimized by this unnatural ideology will rebel. Dare they detransition? – well, they will be attacked, just like Holly, by haters who shamelessly compel others to commit suicide.

We must oppose the hate: they can have their silly, unscientific, insane cult, but they cannot compel membership. Zombie-brained and tormented, desperately demanding that others acknowledge their fantasy world, such people compel where they cannot persuade.

Aldous Huxley warned us of such social justice hucksters:

“The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone. To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior ‘righteous indignation’ — this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats.”

Here in the merciless attacks against Holly can be seen the truth of Huxley’s observation: social justice zealots prowling for anything to destroy, maliciously relishing the process, blind to their own destructive hate – or savoring it. Dostoevsky depicted the same lunatic behavior in his work “The Possessed,” which eerily forecasted the destructive spiral of the Russian Revolution. Always the deluded dream of Utopia – imposed with the black boot, by them, until the worm turns and they perish in their own dark frenzy. Soon the zombies run out of fresh meat and turn on one another. 

These are trying to put her out of business, attacking her personally with lies and slurs, knowing she is mentally compromised, and even after she expresses suicidal ideation! This is what you get when you live in a “liberal” area: not tolerance but hate, not law but criminality, not truth but lies. What these people have done to this girl far outstrips anything she has said, and they justify it like barbarians. This is mental illness, indeed!

Hate is like art – you know it when you see it. 

Americans must not dismiss such childish hijinks as innocuous – evil triumphs when good men do nothing. You, too, will comply, or resist – no middle road is tolerated by the enlightened ones. No conversation or demurral can be permitted. Saying, “there are only two genders,” is all you need to do to be targeted.

Douglas Murray warned of the dangers of social justice ideology gone off the rails, in The Madness of Crowds. As suggested by one comment on these toxic memes, the backlash against transgender and gay people likely to result from this ideological extremism could be horrible. I thus counsel people not to hate the haters, but respond with science and sympathy, that people who deceive themselves that they are enlightened and tolerant might understand just how counterproductive their antics are.

I invite you to examine Holly’s artwork and consider supporting her admirable efforts as a show of solidarity against the woke mobster monsters. “Like” and follow her page, send her a kind message, and use love where they have inflicted hate. This girl needs to know she is not alone, and be encouraged to heal. She has been horribly victimized, and she is neither the first nor the last.

Social Justice Ideology is anti-social and unjust; equity destroys equality; and hate and lies replace civility and logic. The Cult of Hate attacks the marginalized, relishing malice, even against those with a diminished capacity to respond or defend themselves.

Let us all instead embrace the Light….

The author is a Brookfield best-selling author, lawyer, farmer and pastor. Reprinted from the Small Farm Republic website.

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  1. John Klar, thank you for standing up for Holly. DEI and CRT, and all the trans hype, are, as I’m sure you know, Marxist ideology, cleverly and evilly designed to break down social bonds and family life, not to bring social justice. They are put forth by the UN Sustainable Goals Cabal, the central bankers who start and profit from all wars, and the satanist cabal behind all the child trafficking, organ harvesting and adrenochrome production. I have compassion for those who do not yet see how direly they are being misled and also for those they attack of course. Very, very sadly too much of this “social justice” propaganda appeals to the lower instincts of too many human beings who will also sadly no doubt in the not-so-far future be reaping the karma of what they are sowing. I invite them to pick on me instead of a vulnerable young artist. We can all stand in the armor of God.

  2. The trans mafia is ruthless in denying the basics of nature, leads one to believe that a mental disorder precedes their tranformation

    • Mentally disordered is broadly descriptive of ALL leftists and specifically and more definitively influential in the thought patterns of non-binary persons and others who identify as some kind of fantasy character…i.e. a “furry”. It also explains their predatory bullying toward anyone who expresses ideas outside of the leftist worldview. Their mental condition manifests as the paranoia associated with regarding their apparent justification on restricting others’ freedom of expression to prevent anyone from having their feewings hurt. Their suggesting that ideas justify some level of physical attack as embodied in the concept of the microaggression is an example of their truly twisted mental malignancy. The leftist way of thinking is truly an existential threat to democracy and our Constitutional principles of freedom of expression.

      • Rich Lapelle, that is the kind of bigoted analysis that creates the issue in the first place. People disagreeing with you isn’t mental illness.

  3. 1) Someone needs to ask Brattleboro PD to address the “shamers” for harassment.

    2) That’s a struggle session that needs to be dealt with. They’re mentally abusive by design.

    3) I am talking with Holly and hoping to buy a piece from her. Maybe commission her for an original.

  4. The “coexist” crowd is facing a real dilemma of a world outside their own heads that is erupting into chaos and financial ruin. So, the answer may be: Save the World, Destroy Social Media! The end of these times is going to be amazing – but not for everyone – just watch!

  5. What beautiful artwork Holly. Do not let the darkness of others dampen
    your soul or spirit. Would love to own a canvas you have painted.

  6. I am absolutely appalled at the hate that comes from the left – in the name of preventing hate! Holly, I wish I knew how to contact you, but please if you see this know that I’m also on the spectrum, you have real talent and these morons are NOT worth the time it took you to type your replies to them. Like a pack of coyotes or wild dogs, they will tear you up and not think twice about it. Do NOT engage with them any more.

  7. I saw this coming and began, about 3 years ago, to “blow the whistle. My former friend, so I thought, Marina Brown, launched a comparable campaign against me. My transgression was engaging in debates concerning drugging children and destroying Women’ Sports.
    Over the last 4 decades I’ve learned some sobering truths about the Left. Ruthless, dishonest, fanatic, flagrantly hypocritical. Controlled by arrogant leadership. Flawed ideology, bolstered by mobs.