Month: November 2020

VT lawyer groups reject First Amendment resolution – now citizens must lead

A few days ago, I asked my colleagues in Caledonia County Bar to urge the Vermont Bar Association to take up the resolution. The response? I was verbally assaulted and publicly shamed. Lawyers said that the resolution was “right wing lunacy”, called my defense of the First Amendment “crazy rantings”, and said my proposal was “raw politics”. Several lawyers told me to stop sending messages—they were busy. One lawyer told me to go home and lie down.

Covid-19 vaccine protest banner removed from I-89 overpass

A banner raised Sunday morning to protest liability exemption for the Covid-19 vaccine was removed by state workers this afternoon, Jennifer Stella of Health Choice Vermont said. The removal of the banner raised by Health Choice Vermont may be in conflict with a Scott administration policy allowing messaging on state highway property, enacted in June in response to complaints from Black Lives Matter protesters.

Franklin County school district won’t comply with Thanksgiving order

“The Governor’s order, and the subsequent guidance from the Agency of Education, potentially thrust our young children into adult conversations and decisions, which is not appropriate,” Georgia Elementary School principals Julie Conrad and Steve Emery wrote in a Nov. 25 letter to parents. “It also potentially sets up situations where being dishonest could take precedence over our working together to meet every student and family’s individual needs, and that is not a practice that is in keeping with the character we encourage in our students and each other.”