Press Release

Game wardens find two lost young hunters

Vermont game wardens helped recover two hunters lost in Middlesex Notch Saturday evening, November 14, the opening day of Vermont’s sixteen-day rifle deer hunting season. 

The two young brothers from East Montpelier had successfully harvested a buck, a first for the older brother, high on a ridge in the Middlesex Notch WMA.  Darkness fell shortly after the pair had field dressed the deer and they became disoriented.  The older of the two brothers called 911 to ask for assistance.  The dispatcher was able to get latitude and longitude coordinates from the hunter’s cell phone signal.

Three members of the Vermont Warden Service responded to the area.  The wardens navigated their way to the lost hunters at around 8:15 p.m. and found them with their deer, healthy and in good spirits.  The wardens proceeded to assist the hunters in dragging their deer out of the woods.

The two brothers were returned to the parking lot of the WMA and their very thankful waiting parents by around 9:15 p.m. 

“This was a good outcome to what could have been a very long cold night in the woods,” said Lt. Sean Fowler, regional State Game Warden Supervisor.  “The incident serves as a good reminder for all hunters to always carry a compass and GPS.”

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