As mercury drops, State offers options to red-tagged property owners

The State of Vermont will work with the 1,625 Vermont property owners with “red-tagged” fuel tanks – those requiring repair or replacement before fuel can be delivered – to ensure they do not suffer as the mercury drops, administration officials said at Gov. Phil Scott’s press conference today. 

Under a 2017 law, fuel dealers are prohibited from delivering heating fuel to homeowners whose fuel tanks have 1) not been inspected (except for fuel oil) or 2) have been inspected and found to need repair or replacement. The heating fuel industry in Vermont is booking into December to do inspections, repairs, and replacements.

Vermont Daily asked Gov. Scott, “1,625 property owners on the ‘red tag’ list need fuel tank replacement or repair before they can receive fuel oil deliveries. What is the status of providing temporary fuel storage tanks or other relief measures to help people living in these buildings stay warm?” 

Agency of Natural Resources Secretary Julie Moore responded, “We do have grant progarms for the cost of replacing their oil storage tanks. We understand there is a backup of contractors.” 

Red-tagged property owners in the queue to have their tanks repaired or replaced should contact ANR to “make arrangments for limited fuel deliveries or alternative structures,” Moore said. She declined to specify if ‘alternative structures’ referred to temporary storage. The State of Vermont won’t let Vermonters be cold for lack of fuel storage, she said. 

On Oct. 23, Scott said one option under review by the Department of Environmental Conservation is to provide temporary fuel storage to homeowners with “red tagged” or uninspected non-heating oil tanks, he said.  

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  1. My tank was tagged “for rust” this spring. No appeal! tank in heated absolutely dry cellar, never a leak.
    Never a comment or complaint by the truck drivers
    As my installer replaced the tank, absolutely nothing was found deficient, Zero rust. Never a leak.
    Lots of new specifications ‘bull’ dated long after our perfect installation was created.
    New gadgets that make our burner’s oil supply far more likely to lock out on a cold night.
    Bureaucracy gone wild with their own dictatorial powers

  2. I had to put up with this obnoxious tank inspection on my two tanks that were installed in 2002. Next time my furnace needs something I will call a local handyman without an agenda. And by the way, I was advised by Fred’s Energy that the state of Vermont has its head firmly lodged in a dark place and has delayed fuel assistance until the end of November. This makes in hard on the fuel drivers to get to the rural places. Seems we can always depend on Phil Scott to do nothing.

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