An Open Letter to AOC

By Guy Page

Shakespeare wrote, ‘Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.’ Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Ortez is uneasy.  Recently she tweeted, “is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future?”

Never in the history of American presidential transition has a would-be ascendant so bluntly threatened free speech. She’s warning me – she’s warning you:  

Video version of this open letter to AOC

“You get in line now. For four years we have shamed you on Facebook and doxxed at work. Lately our friends in Big Tech have blacked out your Facebook page. Our friend Jake Tapper at CNN warned you that backing this president might cost you your job. Now we in the Resistance feel so secure in our triumph that we accuse you of being complicit in the fallen regime. 

AOC, I’ll make it easy for you. If you’re making a naughty list, add my name. I’m honored. 

Because in my childhood home, I learned to never threaten or bully. 

In fourth grade, I learned about my sacred right to free speech and the never-ending fight to protect it. 

And in my church, AOC, I learned the truth will set you free. I learned that if I speak the truth in love, what can man (or woman) do to me? So shame me or dox me or add my name to your loathsome list, But I will speak out for the Constitution and the people who support it. Because if I don’t, I might as well step through the prison door of fear and swing those bars shut behind me.

You SHOULD feel uneasy, AOC. There was once another group of Americans threatened by authoritarians like you. They stood up – at Concord, at Lexington, at Bunker Hill. In Philadelphia their names appeared on the Declaration of Independence. Today, a peaceful, irresistible army of Freedom is being mustered. Sign me up. 

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  1. No one speaks for me, Not AOC, not B. S. Bernie, not Donald J. Trump, not even Guy Page. (sorry Guy) I am well equipped to do that for myself. Any time that someone assumes that they are speaking for me, they will find out, one way or another, quickly, and unambiguously just where they stand with me, I will set them straight. The day that they try to take away my ability to speak for myself, I will join with the millions that will rise and defend their (our) right to speak our mind and not suffer consequences for doing so. If people like Rep. Cortez find this right threatening, they should research the history of other countries, and cultures that have been so threatened by people expecting their God given right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness (of which freedom of speech is a cornerstone) and see how the leaders of these “movements” have fared. You do not have to have E.S.P. to predict that doxxing, payback, whatever will not end well for them, just research the history.

  2. Ocasio writes her version of English Language in a tortured manner – as above!

    Oh, I wasn’t supposed to notice!

  3. Thank you — well put. This whole good-sense-contrary-universe we’ve been hitting them with has just got them enraged. They really want us eliminated don’t they? This must be what it’s like to be a company of heretics. Good Lord, I hope I don’t float! Bernie’s phantasy world is blooming. What’s coming? Trials? …Re-Education camps? …stake burnings? …guillotines? Will the Green Pimpernel be able to rescue us?

    • Curtis, I’ve been wondering what the modern version of the re-education camp would look like. For starters these ‘justice sensitivity’ training sessions (which don’t take me wrong I’m sure do have some real value) could be a template for the Real Thing. But who knows

  4. Where were all of you when Trump was calling the press the enemy of the people, when he mocked a reporter with a disability, when he paid off porn stars, when he never went to church except for a photo op, when he mocked evangelicals behind their backs? You turn a blind eye to Trump’s behavior. You excuse it by saying he speaks his mind. No – he threatens reporters like Katy Tur. And doesn’t have the guts to admit he lost. When will you?

  5. Count me in on exposing the city fraud corruptions in so many places. The President’s resolve and strength that this election will not be stolen from the American people has allowed me to hope we can maintain our country. Lets all stand behind this effort or forever write off democracy her. We know how they work— attacks with name calling, marches with violence, media cheating by omission and lies. Let the people (us) counter this with the law! Thanks Guy for all your efforts–I am the “hat lady” you returned it to from the gop wave at the Fairgrounds . thea knight