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11/2 Edition: school snow days? / Charles Murray / In-person voting tips / Biden ‘character’

As snow falls, some ask – do schools still need ‘snow days’?


The first major fall snowstorm blanketed Vermont this morning. Some Vermonters asked: do schools with institutionalized, widespread remote learning still need ‘snow days’?

For example, the State of Vermont’s Chief Information Officer John Quinn, a father of young children, tweeted on his personal account this morning: “There shouldn’t be a traditional snow day anymore. I mean, after all, if we can flip to a remote school environment on a few hours notice, then we don’t need to call off school for snow.”[…]

If Biden elected, remember 2017 attack on Charles Murray at Middlebury College


COMMENTARY By Guy Page Last Wednesday, Marxist and two-party system opponent Angela Davis was an honored featured speaker at Middlebury College. Hundreds attended via zoom. In February, another large, peaceful, approving crowd gathered at the Addison County private liberal arts college to hear anti-Founder, anti-Constitution 1619 Project editor and socialist Nikole Hannah-Jones bash Vermont and America as historically violent and racist. […]

Condos reminds voters of safe, effective voting options


Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos has issued a message to Vermont voters reminding them of their safe voting options for the November 3 General Election: “vote your ballot!”

…Voters can bring their ballot or vote early at the Town Clerk’s office any day they are open before Election Day, during normal business hours. Many Town Clerk offices have secure ballot drop boxes that ballots can be deposited in. A listing of ballot drop box locations can be found at the Secretary of State’s website.

Ballot drop off and in-person voting is also available at the polls on Election Day until the polls close at 7 pm. Voters dropping off their ballot on Election Day need to bring it to the polling place, not to the Town Clerk’s office or drop box.

Media, Democratic party push fraudulent Biden “character”

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By Mark Shepard Do you know the real value of your vote? Comparing the stark contrast between the energy and foreign policies of President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, puts a lot of perspective on how American elections impact the lives of people near and far.

It’s helped me decide to cast my vote for the brash New Yorker, something I didn’t do in 2016, when Trump was all rhetoric. Now, in 2020, Trump has a record, and our vote is worth considering how both candidates’ policies impact real lives.

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