Dem Speaker Mitzi Johnson, Prog leader Chesnut-Tangerman ousted from House by surging GOP

by Guy Page

November 4, 2020 – After narrow Election Day wins, the Vermont Republican House Caucus now stands at 46, with two independents considered likely to vote with them on many issues. 48 is still short of the 51 needed to support a governor’s veto, but much closer than this year’s caucus that couldn’t sustain the veto of the Global Warming Solutions Act. 

That’s Vermont Daily’s unofficial tally, as presented in an updated a Vermont Secretary of State spreadsheet containing results from all Vermont statewide, legislative, and county high bailiff races.

Grand Isle Republicans Leland and Michael Morgan tossed incumbent and House Speaker Mitzi Johnson out of office.

John Klar supporter and Republican Sally Achey bested Progressive caucus leader Robin Chesnut-Tangerman in the multi-town Rutland-Bennington district.

GOP challenger Samantha Lefebvre narrowly defeated Democrat incumbent Carl Demrow and a Democratic challenger to take the #2 seat in the Orange-1 district behind incumbent Republican Rodney Graham. 

Black Lives Matter flag opponent Art Peterson was the leading vote-getter in Rutland 2. Incumbent Republican Tom Burditt was re-elected. Incumbent Democrat Dave Potter was odd-man out. 

All four of the above GOP pickups were closely contested and recounts are considered likely. Other GOP pickups include Paul Martin in Franklin County, Joe Parsons in Newbury, and Samantha Lefebvre in Orange-1.

Most Republican incumbents won re-election. Bob Bancroft (Westford) appears to be the only defeated incumbent, losing to Democrat Alyssa Black.

The numbers of the Senate are little-changed. Incumbents including Gov. Phil Scott ruled in the statewide races. Democrat Molly Gray beat Republican Scott Milne for lieutenant governor. Three “police oversight” high bailiff candidates won their counties. And Donald Trump couldn’t move the needle above his 30% showing in 2016. 

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  1. What can be said, but the people have spoken (voted!!) There needed to be change and change has been made. The platform that the candidates ran on should speak volumes, not perfect but the need for less bureaucracy to come. Congratulations on the victories that were worked hard for.

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