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Scott denies congrats to Biden congrats are premature


Saturday Nov. 7, a short time after the national Associated Press and other press organizations declared Democrat Joseph Biden the winner of the Pennsylvania primary and the likely recipient of 270 electoral votes needed for election, Gov. Phil Scott issued a press release congratulating ‘President-Elect Biden.’”

Not all major media sources agree that Biden will win Pennsylvania. For example, Real Clear Politics says Pennsylvania is still in play. So, of course, does President Donald Trump, who has filed lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s counting ballots received after Election Day.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in a briefing from the “Office of President-Elect.” Biden Facebook photo

At his press conference Tuesday, Vermont Daily asked Gov. Scott if he had spoken too soon: “Governor, not all reliable national media have ‘called’ Pennsylvania for Joe Biden and said he has 270 votes. Given that the national Associated Press that “called” PA for Biden was also extremely critical of the president and wouldn’t cover the Hunter Biden laptop story, do you wonder if maybe you jumped the gun a little in congratulating him as the President-elect?”

“No, I don’t believe so,” Scott answered. “Even a Republican senator from Pennsylvania [Pat Toomey]…. believes the election went to Biden. I don’t believe I jumped the gun on this.” MORE…..

Quarantine required for all non-essential interstate travel


Gov. Phil Scott suspended the Vermont Covid-19 ‘travel map’ today. The State of Vermont has implemented a mandatory 14-day quarantine for any non-essential interstate travel. 

Any Vermonter who travels out-of-state on non-essential business must quarantine for 14 days upon return. All visitors to Vermont on non-essential business must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

The Health Dept. “dashboard” shows 12 people hospitalized for Covid-19, four in the ICU. The first death since July occurred several days ago.

Until it disappeared from the Health Dept. website today, the travel map showed Vermonters where they could, and couldn’t, travel out-of-state without needing to quarantine upon return. But the “third wave” of Covid regionally and nationwide has made virtually every regional county unsafe for travel. MORE

WDEV: fired host Gram would ‘throw himself into’ political opinion


Dave Gram was let go as WDEV morning talk host this past weekend in part because he interjected his political opinions into discussions, both he and station management said. 

“We thought the direction that he was going in wasn’t what we wanted,” WDEV General Manager Steve Cormier said. “We made it clear to him on many occasions….on what he was doing right and what we wanted him to do differently. If you think it’s hurting the company, that’s what you do.” 

Gram confirmed that management had discussed his opinionated comments as an area in need of improvement, he told Seven Days: “I was too critical of the president, and I needed to be quicker about asking questions and getting into and out of breaks,” he said. MORE

As mercury drops, State offers relief to red-tagged property owners


The State of Vermont will work with the 1,625 Vermont property owners with “red-tagged” fuel tanks – those requiring repair or replacement before fuel can be delivered – to ensure they do not suffer as the mercury drops, administration officials said at Gov. Phil Scott’s press conference today. 

Under a 2017 law, fuel dealers are prohibited from delivering heating fuel to homeowners whose fuel tanks have 1) not been inspected (except for fuel oil) or 2) have been inspected and found to need repair or replacement. The heating fuel industry in Vermont is booking into December to do inspections, repairs, and replacements.

Vermont Daily asked Gov. Scott, “1,625 property owners on the ‘red tag’ list need fuel tank replacement or repair before they can receive fuel oil deliveries. What is the status of providing temporary fuel storage tanks or other relief measures to help people living in these buildings stay warm?” 

Agency of Natural Resources Secretary Julie Moore responded, “We do have grant progarms for the cost of replacing their oil storage tanks. We understand there is a backup of contractors.” 

Red-tagged property owners in the queue to have their tanks repaired or replaced should contact ANR to “make arrangments for limited fuel deliveries or alternative structures,” Moore said. She declined to specify if ‘alternative structures’ referred to temporary storage. The State of Vermont won’t let Vermonters be cold for lack of fuel storage, she said. MORE

Free fishing, hunting for recognized tribes begins in January


Free Vermont state recognized tribal citizen hunting and fishing licenses will become available in January, 2021, according to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.

Act 143, approved by the 2020 Legislature, states “a certified citizen of a Native American Indian tribe that has been recognized by the State may receive a free permanent fishing license or, if the person qualifies for a hunting license, a free permanent combination hunting and fishing license upon submission of a current and valid tribal identification card.” MORE

Century of wildlife management celebrated at Dead Creek, famous geese viewing spot


ADDISON – Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department staff gathered with conservation partners at the Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area in Addison on Friday to commemorate a century’s worth of wildlife management area management.   

Dead Creek is a premiere goose-viewing area. Visitors are likely to see huge flocks of geese taking to the air in a split second. MORE

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