Levine: “No talk of mandatory vaccine”

by Guy Page

With release of a Covid-9 vaccine expected within two weeks, Health Commissioner Mark Levine said “there’s no talk of mandatory vaccination” in national advisory councils overseeing vaccination release.

Health Commissioner Mark Levine

At an August press conference, Levine said opinion of mandatory vaccination would depend in part on whether the vaccine would be both safe and effective. Now, vaccines appear “so far” to promise both: a rate of effectiveness of as high as 95%, and minimal side effects, limited to one-day low-grade fevers and discomfort at the injection site, he said at today’s press conference. 

The initial release in December will bring about 25,000 doses to Vermont, to be distributed among high-priority recipients, including senior care facilities and health care providers. 

Serious discussion of mandatory vaccination are more likely to occur next year, if vaccines have been given to willing participants but the total number of immune Vermonters  still hasn’t risen to the 70% required for “herd immunity” to take effect, In Vermont, relatively low numbers of herd immunity would need to be compensated with higher rates of vaccination, Levine said. 

According to a recent survey, 50-60% of health care workers would voluntarily receive vaccination, Levine revealed. Acknowledging that figure is below 70%, “I think it will grow” as people become more trusting of specific vaccines, he said.

A Nov. 17 Gallup poll claims 58% of Americans would be willing to get the vaccine, with highest numbers among seniors and Democrats. A previous poll set the number at 50%.

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  1. You need 164 people vaccinated by these before it prevents 1 instance of illness. The vaccine hasn’t been shown to prevent death.

    • Vaccine efficacy: Prevents 1 case of covid with 167 vaccinations – Prevents 0 deaths
      Vitamin C: Prevents 7 percent of deaths in government studies 2020
      Vitamin D: Prevents up to 31 percent of covid cases in government studies 2020
      Numbers don’t matter to authority figures – They want false security and / or dollars in their pocket and /or precedent of illegal power

  2. I am 67 years old with Diabetes & a Heart Attack over 10 years ago & currently with Atrial Fibrillation. Me & my family have been following all the recommended guidelines for COVID-19. We stayed home for Thanksgiving & are planning the same for Christmas. No one outside our immediate household came to our house nor will they until it is declared safe to do so. I have been questioning my Doctor about getting the Flu Vaccine primarily because I would not like to have the Flu plus maybe COVID19 at the same time. Several Years ago I used to get the Flu Vaccine regularly. However, there came a point where I had different reactions from the Flu Vaccine three years in a row. The First year, for a day I had a big lump of Flehm in my throat for a whole day due to the Flu Shot. The second year I had muscle aches & pains for over two weeks due to the Flu Shot. The third year I contracted a severe fever several hours after I received the Flu shot which caused me to go lay down with all my shirts removed on my tiled bathroom floor for over 30 minutes to try & dissipate the excess heat. Then with my Doctors Advice we decided to discontinue the Flu Vaccine in the future. Very recently I checked with my doctor if I should now restart my Flu shots considering the rise of COVID-19. He told me no Flu Shot since I had the previous reactions. I do not know yet what he might say to me about a potential COVID-19 shot.

    I would like to be able to get the Flu Vaccine & to potentially get the COVID-19 vaccine when it is ready but I am not sure that this would be advisable in my particular case to receive either the Flu or COVID-19 vaccine at all. I will be having some more serious discussions with my doctor about this. I believe there are many others in similar situations.

    So Please do not potentially make COVID-19 shots mandatory at all. Perhaps strongly advise people to have an appropriate serious discussion with their doctors about their own personal medical situation & whether it might be advisable for them to get either or both the Flu Shot and the COVID-19 shot. But do not make it mandatory. On Freedom of America Individuals type concerns I do not believe that you can make any shot mandatory. Medical decisions are always personal and between the Doctor & Patient & never subject to some government laws or government agency requirements..

  3. absolutely should be a dr. patient decision for those who have had reactions to vaccines!