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Today’s News, 11/11/2020

Vermont a ‘brutally violent’ place for teen prostitute, survivor says in video


Last year, H568, a bill to study legalization of prostitution passed the Vermont House but was not taken up by the Vermont Senate. It is expected that its supporters will introduce similar legislation in the 2021 session. 

The following is an excerpt from a New Englanders Against Sexual Exploitation video entitled “The Oldest Oppression.” It is the first-person account of Tricia Grant, a woman who was trafficked in sexual exploitation in Vermont.

“When I was being trafficked in Vermont, I was a minor. I was 15 years old, and every time when I was in my home in Maine, and I knew that we were going to be brought to Vermont, I became frightened because it was the one place where I knew it would be brought that I never knew if I was gonna end up coming home or not.

“The people who purchased me – none of them cared about me, none of them cared about who I was, or how old I was, or if I wanted to be there. They had an agenda which sometimes can be brutally violent. MORE….

Recount for Mitzi Johnson House seat set for Friday, Nov. 20


The recount for the Grand Isle – West Milton district in the Vermont House of Representatives will be held Friday, November 20 at the North Hero Town Hall, sources say. 

Last Tuesday the Republican uncle-nephew team of Leland and Michael Morgan won both seats in the two-seat district, unseating House Speaker and Democrat Mitzi Johnson. 20 votes separate Johnson from second place finisher Michael Morgan, according to this screenshot of voting totals posted today Vermont Secretary of State’s website. MORE….

Veterans’ home residents isolated by pandemic – you can help


Today, as Vermonters observe Veterans’ Day, the residents of the Vermont Veterans Home (VVH) in Bennington have only limited contact with loved ones due to the pandemic and staffing demands. But concerned Vermonters can take action to reduce their sense of isolation in the approaching holiday season.

The Vermont Veterans’ Home was established in Bennington in 1884. It is governed by a Board of Trustees appointed by the Governor. 12% of its funding – about $3 million – comes directly from the Legislature’s General Fund. Medicaid, Medicare, private and VA insurance comprise most of the rest of its funding. VVH offers a complete range of specialized care services for its residents. 

“Many of our Veterans and Members are fortunate enough to have rooms where family and friends can just walk up to the window and visit whenever they want, unfortunately not all of our Veterans and Members have this ability,” CEO Melissa Jackson wrote online Nov. 5. “Recently we have been experiencing an increase in family members showing up at the facility requesting a window visit for a loved one that does not have a room that can be accessed by the family member, usually because their room window opens into one of the many courtyards that are enclosed by four facility walls.

“The incredible staff at VVH has been working very hard to try to accommodate these visits but the volume has increased to a point where we can no longer sustain these visits,” Jackson said. “The increase in volume is causing staff to have to be redirected from hands on care to moving a Veteran or Member to an area where they can have a window visit.”  MORE

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