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Guy Page

Guy Page is the editor and publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle.

Keelan: My apple pie will now be taxed

The Commission contends that broadening the tax base could reduce the sales tax rate from its present amount of 6% to 3.6%. As a long-time student of taxes, I don’t believe the rate of 3.6% will be around long before it is raised to 4% and higher in the not-too-distant future.

Condos backs “For The People” bill

We are seeing an unprecedented, all-out assault on voting rights in states around the country. According to the Brennan Center, there are 165 bills in 33 states aimed at making it harder for eligible Americans to vote, grounded in baseless and disproven claims of widespread voter fraud. It’s my understanding this number has grown since their data collection, now surpassing 250 bills. This opportunistic gambit is cause for alarm.

Open Letter to Sen. Patrick Leahy on Equality Act – and his response

black mother taking baby sitting near father

Heterosexual marriage must not be denigrated as a “stereotype.” Both human history and modern academic studies show us that heterosexual marriage is not only the most enduring bond between adults, it is by far the most beneficial to children. By any meaningful standard – emotional security, educational and employment achievement, freedom from substance abuse, future family happiness – heterosexual marriage benefits children the most. While government should not discriminate against parents who do not fit this mold, government should unapologetically support the heterosexual family – not denigrate or dismantle it.

Heather Sheppard

Today, as I prepare to write about crossover in the Vermont Legislature and a meteor that flashed across the Vermont sky Sunday night, my heart is with the family of a dear friend, Heather Sheppard, who blazed her own beautiful path until Sunday morning at 11:55 when she crossed over into eternity.