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Vermont law enforcement donates body armor to Ukraine

Vermont law enforcement agencies are teaming up to donate used and expired body-armor vests to military units in Ukraine. 

Members of the public also may donate any body-armor vests they have, provided the vests have a rating of level III or more, to their nearest Vermont State Police barracks. Donations will be accepted from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the 10 barracks statewide until March 23.

After that, the vests will be collected throughout the state and packaged for shipment to Ukraine. A list of all Vermont State Police barracks can be found online here.

“As I’ve said, the bravery and resolve of the Ukrainian people is heroic and inspiring. This body armor drive is something we can do to help them protect themselves in their fight for freedom,” said Governor Phil Scott. “I appreciate the Vermont National Guard bringing this opportunity to our attention, and the efforts of the Vermont State Police, local law enforcement agencies and any members of the public who can contribute to this effort.”

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  1. Never surrender your protection, your ammo, your weapons, your supplies. They want you weak and unable to defend and protect yourself. The set up is being disguised as humanitarian aid. There is nothing humanitarian about our installed regimes.

  2. Do they really think that shipping these vests to Ukraine will get there before these people are annihilated? It takes weeks even with clear shipping to get something there normally. This seems more like a bid asking folks to relinquish their personal protective gear. Ridiculous

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