McClaughry: John Kerry talks climate amid Ukraine crisis

By John McClaughry

Former Senator and Presidential candidate John Kerry has long been one of my least favorite people. He is now the high level Biden climate ambassador charged with persuading the world to join in the war against climate change. Let me share with you one of his recent pronouncements.

When interviewed on British Broadcasting’s Arabic radio service. Kerry said .“I’m concerned about Ukraine, because of the people of Ukraine and because of the principles that are at risk … and I hope diplomacy will win. But [there will be massive [greenhouse gas] emissions consequences to the war. But equally importantly, you’re going to lose people’s focus. You’re going to lose certainly big-country attention, because they will be diverted. And I think it could have a damaging impact. … And so I hope President Putin will help us to stay on track with respect to what we need to do for the climate.”

What a useful thought! I hope President Putin is listening.

The Wall Street Journal, hearing this Kerry observation, editorialized on  “the Biden Administration’s obsession with climate, and with punishing fossil-fuel production, which has made the U.S. and Europe vulnerable to Mr. Putin’s energy blackmail. The climate lobby has made Mr. Putin more powerful. Every time Mr. Kerry visits Moscow, the boys in the Kremlin must think it’s Christmas.”

That may be a little harsh, but John Kerry is, in my view, a high-ranking climate nitwit.

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  1. Mr. McClaughry is way to kind to Mr. Kerry. Kerry is a nit-wit gadfly with no useful purpose in serving our country. Send him home.

  2. When John Kerry sells his private jet, his yacht and all of his mansions and gives the proceeds to private charities I will then consider the sincerity of his convictions.

  3. Doesn’t John Kerry have private jets and multiple homes , including a 17 million dollar estate at THE OCEAN???
    NOt too far from the other Climate-cult guy , Barack Obama. ( an estate on THE OCEAN)

    Wasn’t Kerry meeting secretly with Iranian leadership while Donald Trump was President?
    WELL documented from multiple sources.

    Does John Kerry have ANY Science background to BE your Climate-czar?

    I DO hope my reps and senators are reading this.

    • “Does John Kerry have ANY Science background to BE your Climate-czar?” Kerry probably has no more background in climate research than Al Gore, you know, E Gore’s brother. They are both disciples of Chicken Little .

  4. I’m sure the VT progs love him. He has amassed $250 million working in the US government. He’s married to Teresa (Heinz) Kerry heiress to the Heinz Ketchup conglomerate who is worth a mere $750 million. Their home is worth $6 million, plus a multi-million dollar yacht and a private jet. A Federal Aviation Administration registry shows a Gulfstream Aerospace aircraft owned by Flying Squirrel LLC, the name previously reported as the climate czar’s wife Teresa Heinz-Kerry’s private charter jet company. He has made 16 trips in his plane this year. He’s 78 years old and flies around the globe pushing his climate change religion. Upon completion of his $7 million dollar yacht being built in Massachusetts he registered it in Rhode Island to avoid paying $500,000.00 in taxes. This is a prime example of a really disgusting blowhard who flies around the world scaring the useful idiots of the planet about the end of the world if they don’t stop using fossil fuels. Our world is a mess because of hypocrites like him. What a jerk!

  5. John Kerry, I wish I could think of something positive to say about him, but time after time he proves that he’s nothing but a stool, and I’m not talking about the three or four legged type.

  6. Wow! These open-minded, evolved, “kinder/gentler”, progressive, inclusive, sinister globalists are surely ushering in The Beast System and 666. It is utter madness, ignorance and arrogance to push the Climate Agenda as Nero plays his harp and Rome burns. It is about the Ukrainian people, not these ridiculous PC facades!
    Trump in office said this to Putin:· “If you move against Ukraine while I’m president I will hit Moscow.” Putin was waiting for Biden. I’ve never seen a more anti-American administration in my life.

  7. John Kerry will push whatever agenda keeps people from delving into his Ukraine corruption. He collected a ton of money and left owing favors in his wake. And oh BTW, he never mentions flying around the world in his private jet and the many houses he owns that use unbelievable amounts of energy. ‘Rules for thee but not for me’, is how I see it.

  8. What could go wrong with John Kerry on the State Department payroll? After all, somebody has to make a deal with two of the most notorious criminal operators on the planet, Iran and Russia. Iran is the biggest financier of terror groups and Russia is, well, we all know what Putin is. But Kerry has to make a climate deal with two sworn enemies. He was operating illegally with the same two enemies when Trump was president. How can anyone support this in good conscience?

  9. Climate Marxism – Control the means and (re)distribution of production by controlling the means and distribution of energy. It’s the marriage of the Degrowth Movement with Marxism.

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