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West Virginia moves COS past half-way mark to Constitutional Convention

Flag of West Virginia. The state legislature voted March 3 to join the Convention of States constitutional convention, giving the movement more than half of the two-thirds states necessary.

by Aaron Warner

The Mountain State of West Virginia is the latest state to call for an Article V Convention of States. The Green Mountain State of Vermont has issued no such call – but volunteers are organizing to change that.

The Article V Convention of States (COS) clause in the constitution aimed at giving power to the people to restrain an unresponsive or out of control federal government has added two more.  Wisconsin and Nebraska both passed the resolution this past month bringing the total number of states to seventeen.  This is the halfway point to calling the actual convention which requires thirty-four or a two-thirds majority. 

In a stunning political rarity West Virginia passed the resolution in a single day March 3, catapulting the COS beyond the halfway mark and gathering momentum.  The vote in West Virginia was a whopping 77-19-4 vote in favor of bringing people’s voice back to power. 

“Today we made history,” said West Virginia Delegate Del. Chris Pritt. “The West Virginia House of Delegates sent a clear message that an ever-expanding federal government is unacceptable. We’re not going to tolerate runaway debt, a federal bureaucracy with few limits on its authority, and lifetime politicians who only serve the special interests. We must work to restore a government consistent with the intent of our founders. Everyone who voted in support of the resolution is a patriot. Those of us who voted in support of the resolution were happy to do our small part in restoring the Constitution and advancing individual rights.”

COS president Mark Meckler is optimistic as this is a bi-partisan supported issue nationwide. 

“Look, on both sides of the aisle, people believe that Washington, D.C. is completely out of control…They might believe it for different reasons, but when it was a Trump administration, Democrats were furious and when it (is) a Biden administration, Republicans (are) furious.  Everybody knows D.C. is out of control, and everybody wants D.C. out of their business.”

When we reach the needed thirty-four states, of which Vermont is yet to sign on but has growing support state-wide and in Montpelier, congress will call the convention.  All fifty states will send delegates from each state and without federal influence.  The convention will allow the people to amend the constitution to add such bi-partisan favorites as term limits, fiscal responsibility, and limiting federal overreach.  

Perhaps the most unique feature of the COS movement is it’s grass roots support.  COS is virtually entirely run by volunteers and has virtually no influence from the typical big money peddlers who have taken lobbying congress to the point we are today. 

If you care to be a part of this historic run to restore our republic to its people you can do so by writing or calling your state representative, educating yourself on the COS website, distributing literature or signing up to volunteer. 

Weekly calls for Vermont are held Mondays from 6:30-7:15 pm by regional leader Susan Peters.  The number to call is (605)-472-5530 and the code to enter the call’s chat room is 712320. The Vermont Legislature has not chosen to call for an Article V convention of states.

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  1. Why would we want a C.O.S. ? Are our “swamp monsters” not performing appropriately ? And then there is the “Idiot in Chief”……….

  2. This is a great group. They have booklets explaining Article V of the US Constitution. Our Founding Fathers envisioned the day when government would only exist to serve itself, and the needs of the average person would be subverted. Thank God for those men! We are half way I think to the number of states needed to call Article V into action. I have not done as much as I can with this group; I know they need people for some grass roots activism in Vermont. I can say that there is a brick wall in Vermont for Article V Convention of States except for the hordes of conservatives who like it! I as told by one Vermont legislator last month that we will « never see this happen in Vermont ». That relit a bit of a fire!

  3. The idiots want to run the asylum. Believe me I live in Vermont and our biggest problem is in Montpelier! Originally from West Virginia and I don’t think much has changed in Charleston.

  4. It is a wonderful Thing to Teach of the Constitution. Vermont Legislators will Never Go for What you wish for . They are 90 % corrupt Uniparty

  5. Before we get to gung ho on COS, perhaps we should consider if we can pull it off to our liking. Not everyone pushing for COS necessarily has the same agenda. See The Federalist article linked below:

  6. oh my I have a tiny bit of renewed faith……going to get this to those I know…..and yes different agendas……but doing something is what has to be done…….we cant go on the way it is now; and expect anything less than a revolution, that would just hurt too much (I think)………

  7. There has only been one Constitutional Convention, EVER, in this nation, in 1787, out of which our Constitution was born! Those men had a terrible time getting it formulated and signed.

    When Ben Franklin emerged from Independence Hall, after the signing (9/17/87), he was asked by one Mrs. Potter, “Sir, do we have a monarchy, or a REPUBLIC?”, to which he replied, “A republic, Mam, IF WE CAN KEEP IT”.

    I’ve been aware of the move to have a Con Con (COS as it is now called) for over a decade, and have observed the tricky ways the people who are pushing it use. Folks, the U.S. Constitution is and has been THE TARGET of those who wish to destroy this nation….and would be a fatal blow to it.

    Perhaps you all already are aware of this. One of the promoters of the Amend the Constitution scheme is Larry Lessig, of Harvard, who receives funding from the Soros family, pushes Communist ideology, and who has, unfortunately, a good number of people duped.

    So….if we want to preserve liberty, and keep our republic, we will call our VT legislators TODAY, AND TELL THEM TO SAY NO! to this COS/CON CON/Article V Constitutional Convention!

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