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More State House candidates join Klar Koalition

The number of candidates for statewide office affiliated with the gubernatorial campaign of John Klar now totals about 25 – with more to come, Klar told media yesterday. 

While it remains to be seen whether Klar can win his August 11 primary challenge of Gov. Phil Scott, the Brookfield lawyer/pastor/farmer/addiction recovery coach has accomplished what few Vermont candidates for governor in living memory have done: recruited and supported more than a score of candidates. Running amid a pandemic that has rendered obsolete many standard campaign techniques, he’s achieved this without a big political donor or machine, or even an office, unless you count his high-mileage car. Click on headline link to read more….

Scott defends removal of anti-BLM graffiti, but concedes problem

Also says pension solution unlikely this year

At his press conference today, Gov. Phil Scott defended state highway workers’ removal of anti-BLM graffiti, but agreed his administration needs to resolve the BLM-related graffiti question. Click on headline link to read more….

Liberal think-tank outs conservative, computerized “Vermont Business Daily”

NiemanLab, a national, liberal-leaning media think-tank, has pegged the Vermont Business Daily as a conservative, partisan news website. This news led to longtime Vermont conservative media watchers to ask, “what the heck is Vermont Business Daily?” Click on headline link to read more….

Republican former auditor urges write-in campaign for Democrat

A fiscal conservative and experienced auditor/CPA like Linda Joy Sullivan is a better choice for state auditor than current State Auditor Doug Hoffer (D/P) – even if she is a Democrat, GOP Sen. Randy Brock says. And since no Republicans are running for auditor, he wants Republican voters to write in her name in the August 11 primary. Click on headline link to read more….

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