Rally to SUPPORT police planned; UVM to continue fossil fuel heat; self-serve coffee returns!

Vermont Daily is on vacation today, sipping a well-earned cold beverage at Maine’s Wells Beach. We’ll return tomorrow.

A rally to support Vermont law enforcement will be held Saturday, July 25, 11 am – 2 pm on the Vermont State House lawn.

The main organizer is the son of a Vermont police officer who believes it’s time to honor those who protect and serve with a power, positive display of citizen support. He reports that interest around the state is very high. Mark your calendars, make your “Don’t Defund, Defend” signs, and look for details to come….

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The following energy news briefs and links are reprinted from The Fuel Line, a publication of the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association……our thanks to the worthy Matt Cota of the VFDA for this synopsis. 

Cutting CO2 emissions drastically today would only have a measurable effect on global temperatures around 2033.

University of Vermont announces plan to divest from fossil fuels, but will still burn natural gas and heating oil to keep kids and faculty warm in winter.

While Vermonters stay in, black bears venture out.

Get your own cup. Self-serve coffee is back in Vermont. 

According to a recent survey, 63% of workers indicate that they would like to continue to work from home at least two to three days a week after a COVID-19 vaccine is found, or business returns to “normal.”

Apple Maps driving activity is slowing again in warning sign for the economy

Nearly two-thirds of Americans say they’re wearing a mask whenever they leave the house, according to a recent poll. Sixty-two percent surveyed said they’re wearing a mask “all the time” whenever they leave the house, up from 53% when the same question was asked two weeks ago.

Governor Scott announced that Vermont will join with 14 other state in a pledge to make all new truck and bus sales emission-free by 2050. Electric trucks and buses typically cost 50% more and there are significant technological hurdles that don’t exist in light duty vehicle market. The memorandum is not legally binding.

Photo: Honor and Remember Flag, given to Gold Star families that have lost family members in military service, flies below Old Glory at Wells Beach,  Maine

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  1. It’s about time ! Thanks and appreciation to the “Thin Blue Line”! Defund Police ? What a stupid concept. Just look at NYC, Chicago, Seattle, Portland Ore. and Minneapolis. How are things working out there ? If you think that’s a good idea, and approve of what is going with these “Liberal experiments”, when someone attacks your political beliefs with demeaning, pejorative riddled tirades, I surely won’t be wondering why.