State’s attorney Sarah George, challenger Ted Kenney to square off in candidate forum

A candidates’ forum for the Chittenden County State’s Attorney race will be held at noon July 6.

This election cycle, the contest for the elected office of Chittenden County State’s Attorney has taken on more attention as residents of the region themselves debate issues of public safety and crime.

During this virtual candidate forum co-hosted by the Lake Champlain Chamber, the Burlington Business Association, the South Burlington Business Association, and the Vermont Retail and Grocers Association, viewers will hear from the incumbent Sarah George and the candidate challenging in the upcoming primary election, Ted Kenney.

Registration is free.

When the George Soros’-backed George complained on Twitter earlier this month about  “misinformation and inaccuracies being spread by my opponent” and asked for a candidate forum “ASAP,” she already had candidate debate offers from prominent, non-partisan Chittenden County organizations. 

Sarah George is listed as a rising star among the nation’s progressive prosecutors by the George Soros’ backed Fair & Just Prosecution.

Ted Kenney is a Williston lawyer running on a platform of “criminal justice reform and safe streets.” 

Despite a tweeted request by lawyer and former Burlington City Councilor Ed Adrian to specify her complaints about Kenney, George declined to offer details. On June 10, Kenney aired a Facebook video in which he called out George for failing to impose reasonable conditions of release on alleged serial car thief Marlon Taylor, who has been arrested five times in the last three months, and promptly released. 

As reported this by Vermont Daily Chronicle, George is promoted by the George Soros-funded Fair and Just Prosecution organization, along with fellow FJP-supported district attorneys George Gascon of Los Angeles, Larry Krasner of Philadelphia, and Chesa Boudin of San Francisco (since recalled by dissatisfied voters). 

As in those larger cities, Burlington is experiencing an increase in gunfire incidents, homelessness, drug trafficking, and shoplifting. 

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  1. I’m sure this will be fairly moderated and questions/answered unrehearsed by the left. Oh wait…..no I don’t think that at all.

    Victims are criminals and criminals are victims. Got that too, Sara Soros. I mean – George.

    • How appropriate…Sarah Soros. Also, maybe she would prefer the hyphenated version: Sarah George-Soros

  2. Sarah George has no more aversion for taking monies from Soros than he had for delivering Jews to the crematoriums.

  3. As mentioned, homelessness, drug trafficking problems: gunfire incidents, shoplifting, auto theft etc. These are not law and order problems, they are social problems. According to Sarah George!

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