Malcolm “Mac” Teale running for House in Lamoille County

Malcolm (Mac) Teale, a Republican, has announced his candidacy for the Hyde Park, Johnson, Belvidere and Wolcott legislative district. The district has two State Representatives and Mac said, “I would be honored to serve the citizens of these four communities and the State of Vermont in the Legislature.”

Mac Teale

Mac closely followed the 2022 legislative session and believes the legislature has lost its way and strayed from what they should be doing. “It seems like they are trying to change the whole world instead of making things better for Lamoille County. What good is passing a bill no one can explain or understand?”

He believes that the priorities of the legislature should be: Create an environment where Vermonters can flourish economically, ensure that our infrastructure is sound and well maintained and accomplished these things with the least amount of intrusion into people’s lives. Mac said, “The legislature should focus on doing a few things well as opposed to doing a lot of things not so well.”

Mac and his wife, Tina, have very strong ties in the local community. They raised their two children here and have lived in Hyde Park for 36 years. Mac has served on the Hyde Park Development Review Board since 2002, chairing it for the last several years. “In order to serve a community well, you need to know a community well. And that means knowing the history, customs and especially the people of that community.” Mac has worked in the construction industry since 1977 and is currently employed as an independent carpenter.

Mac noted that throughout his career on every job there have been subcontractors, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc., and each contractor had his own agenda. Nevertheless, everyone understood that the goal is to get the job done which requires a pretty high level of cooperation. “This experience is what I’m prepared to bring to the legislature. I intend to focus on getting the job done and serving the people of our local communities in the manner they deserve.”

Energy is key to a healthy economy. Mac said, “If we want to transition away from fossil fuels we need to have a viable alternative and do it without disrupting our lives and our businesses.” He stressed that energy without needed workers wouldn’t help the Lamoille County economy. “It’s important to make it easier to hire people and for people to get hired.” He believes that his experience working in the trades and building things provides a practical perspective that can make a legislative difference. “Measure twice and cut once makes great carpenters and better legislators.”

Mac wanted to remind his Lamoille County neighbors that carpenters built the Statehouse in Montpelier. “I’m ready, willing and able to take my carpentry skills and tools to Montpelier to make some long overdue adjustments.”

Mac would be pleased to receive donations mailed to Mac Teale, 811 Brook Road, Hyde Park, Vermont 05655 and addressed to “Elect Mac Vt House”

Contact Malcolm Mac Teale at 802-888-7167 and email electmacvthouse@icloud.com.

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  1. Good luck, Mac and much success. You seem as though you are a wise and also courageous soul!

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