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Police: Woman found growling under porch

A 55-year-old woman was arrested following a bizarre incident in Montpelier.

On March 22, authorities say they were notified of a woman underneath the porch of a residence “growling” on the premises of a private residence on Berlin Street.

Police say they made contact with the woman, who was found to be highly intoxicated, and known to them from previous interactions.

Police say she has multiple sets of court-ordered conditions of release prohibiting the purchase, possession, or consumption of alcohol. She was arrested for violation of conditions of release.

Police say she was later screened by Washington County Mental Health Services.

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  1. All Satan & his minions need is a welcome: experimentation in the dark side, atheism, alcoholism, drug abuse …. and he’s up to the task. This isn’t the first time a similar incident with growling & lunging, biting, etc. has occurred lately. Mostly, yes, just murders, child abuse, sexual exploitation….but often Satan uses his creativity too.

    And Montpelier is rife for the picking. Just like a D.C. lobbyist – Satan knows exactly where he can be most effective. MANY legislators work directly for him.

  2. I could make a tongue in cheek comment about Legislature being in session, and question whether this poor soul had a 2 or 3 digit plate, but I won’t.

  3. Craig you may be on to something. You can identify as whatever you like now – totally insane.

  4. I initially read this headline as “Police woman found growling under porch”.

    Figured it was just due to the defunding…

  5. “Known to them from previous interactions” is a common theme in these kind of incidents.

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