Data shows Vermont deaths 12% higher than expected

Less than half are Covid-19 fatalities, but pandemic restrictions may play major role

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By Guy Page

Vermonters died at a 12% greater rate than expected in 2021 and are on track to die at a 17% greater rate in 2022. 

What’s going on? Why – according to census and CDC-based statistics – are more Vermonters dying?

Answer #1: it’s not just a Vermont phenomenon, it’s happening everywhere, according to 

Answer #2: a ‘perfect storm’ of deadly activity has struck Vermont – much of it pandemic-related. 

But first, here are the raw numbers, according to Vermont reported 6,580 deaths of all ages for the year 2021. Expected deaths – based on the previous five-year average and other statistical factors – were 5,875. That is an increase of 705 deaths (+12.0%). To date, for 2022, Vermont has reported 1,456 deaths of all ages. Expected deaths thus far were 1,246. That is an increase of 210 deaths (+16.9%).

The United States reported 3,440,551 deaths of all ages for the year 2020. Expected deaths were 3,028,959. That is an increase of 411,592 deaths (+13.6%). For 2021, the U.S. reported 3,457,485 deaths of all ages. Expected deaths were 2,971,452 – up 486,033 (+16.4%). To date for 2022, the U.S. has 752,318 deaths of all ages. Expected deaths thus far were 620,669. That is an increase of 131,649 deaths (+21.2%).

In Vermont, there reported 5,907 deaths of all ages for 2020. Expected deaths were 5,981. That is a decrease of -74 deaths (-1.2%). Vermont reported 6,521 deaths of all ages for 2021. Expected deaths were 5,875. That is an increase of 646 deaths (+11.0%). To date, for 2022, Vermont has reported 1,456 deaths of all ages. Expected deaths, thus far, were 1,246 – up 210 deaths (+16.9%).

Data and analysis of 2021 mortality data show increases not only in Covid-19 fatalities, but in opioid, suicide, alcohol abuse, traffic deaths and other killers – with at least some of these deaths directly connected to the pandemic and pandemic restrictions. 

According to Vermont Dept. of Health death certificate data, 331 Vermonters died of Covid-19 in 2021, either as a Cause of Death (first, second, third, and fourth cause) or as among “other significant conditions contributing to death.”

Suicide: 24 excess deaths. According to the VT Dept. of Health Monthly Suicide Report for March 2022, 141 people committed suicide in 2021 – up 24 from a three-year average of 117. People over the age of 25 have a higher rate of suicide death compared to previous years. The number of poisoning deaths is nearly 2 times higher than previous years. Rural counties account for 82% of suicide deaths.

“The psychological sequelae of the pandemic will probably persist for months and years to come,” an October, 2020 QJM on suicide and the pandemic said. “Studies indicate that the COVID-19 pandemic is associated with distress, anxiety, fear of contagion, depression and insomnia in the general population and among healthcare professionals.”

Opioids – 61 excess deaths. According to the VT Dept. of Health Monthly Opioid Report, 181 Vermonters died of opioid overdoses through November, up from a three-year average of 120. March was the deadliest month, with 26 – 22 of these deaths involving fentanyl, a highly-potent synthetic opioid. 

Not only have treatment options been limited by pandemic restrictions, but the American at-risk population faces temporary housing and other challenges required by social distancing policies, according to federal studies. Also – significantly – opioids suppress breathing capacity, a potentially deadly effect for people suffering respiratory diseases such as Covid-19. 

“The opioid crisis and COVID-19 pandemic are intersecting with each other and presenting unprecedented challenges for families and communities,” federal health officials say. 

Alcohol – comparison data unavailable. 2021 data show 203 Vermont deaths attributable to excessive alcohol use. 70.9% of deaths are male. 64% due to chronic causes, such as alcoholism; 88% among those 35 years old or older. 2019-20 Vermont alcohol mortality data couldn’t be found. However, a 2017 Dept. of Health report on alcohol abuse states: “the most common chronic cause of death in the 5-year period from 2012 to 2016 was alcoholic liver disease with an average of 49 deaths per year, most of whom were men over the age of 50.

Economists as well as healthcare and addiction specialists agree the pandemic and quarantines of 2020 had a significant impact on nationwide alcohol consumption. According to a JAMA study, more than 99,000 people suffered alcohol-related deaths — a 25.5 percent spike over the previous year. More adults under 65 died from alcohol-related factors (74,408) than from COVID-19 (74,075) in 2020.

Lockdowns imposed in 2020 in Vermont included in-person AA meetings and other alcohol-counseling. However, liquor stores remained open by state order. Also, bars were allowed to deliver drinks for the first time in Vermont’s history of alcohol regulation. 

Traffic deaths – 11 excess deaths. 73 Vermonters died in highway accidents in 2021, compared with a four-year average of 62, according to Agency of Transportation data. 38 states saw increases in 2021 traffic deaths. 

Vermont’s 32% annual highway fatality increase in 2020 was just a point behind national leaders South Dakota and Washington DC.

“While the number of annual roadway fatalities declined for many years, progress plateaued over the last decade and now alarmingly fatalities have risen during the pandemic,” a Jan. 7 federal transportation report notes. Some observers blame reduced policing and fewer cars on the road leading to more reckless driving. 

“The pandemic appears to be taking our eyes off the ball when it comes to traffic safety,” a Minnesota highway official said. Increased speed is a factor, and tests of trauma center patients involved in traffic crashes show increased use of alcohol, marijuana and opiods, he said.

Federal data do not address excess deaths caused by a reaction to Covid-19 vaccination. VT Dept. of Health Commissioner Mark Levine said at a recent press conference he is unaware of any fatalities in Vermont or nationwide due to the Pfizer vaccine. The CDC’s VAERS reporting system claims more than 6000 Covid-19 vax-related deaths nationwide as of July, 2021. 

A January, 2022 UVM/University of Maine study by Jennifer Laurent and other researchers found pandemic-related increases in these unhealthy behaviors:

Weight gain: 43.2% of Vermont respondents indicated weight gain since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Type II (adult) diabetes: about 3 times higher than 2020 Vermont data.

Substance abuse: Consumption of street drugs, alcohol, marijuana and tobacco all increased during the pandemic, among people already consumers of these drugs.

“Our findings suggest significant health behavior changes and worsening health outcomes since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the Laurent study said. “A reduction in fruit and vegetable consumption, poor medication adherence, greater use of one or more habit-forming substances, and increasing levels of stress, depression, and anxiety may exacerbate chronic disease prevalence and severity.”

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  1. Well now, there’s a stellar report of our health care policies.

    Cannot WAIT to hear what this goads the health care authorities to respond as the reason why.

    Or, tell us, again, “We are not aware of this data.”

    OR, Vermont’s complicity in pushing mRNA (the ‘m’ stands for modified) research and recruiting Vermonters to participate, paid of course. But, no safety net if you die from it.

    The Emperor has no clothes.

    Thanks for this Guy. Any chance of a rolling sign alongside 91 and 89?

  2. Yes, all those depressants contribute, but so too, the effects of – ready for this? – the vaccines and boosters that are wearing down your immune system.

    From the Freedom Summit – Stephanie Seneff, PhD
    The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines have been rushed to market
    without adequate evaluation for safety or efficacy. Dr. Seneff will present evidence that these injections can potentially lead to an increased risk to neurodegenerative and prion diseases.

    • Jennifer Stella’s post below shows the dramatic increase of 25-40 year old death rates during Covid – reposting here –

      • If you start combing the obits as I have been for the past 9 months, the sharp increase in just the past 4 months of ‘sudden deaths’ particularly in the 30-50 yos is SO obvious.
        Then take a look at the free papers that don’t charge for death notices, which a year ago had MAYBE one pages worth, now take two, and I’m fairly sure if you ask the publishers, it COULD take more pages.
        Then, asking the funeral homes how THEIR businesses are doing is another canary in the coalmine.

        The fact that the vaccines destroy immune systems, give the innoculated COVAIDS, and turn one’s blood to strings of collapsed blood cells (postmortems), is the big coverup.

        Meanwhile, complicit in pushing the poison death jab and their sequelae, are the press that profits directly from printing, covering up, and propagandizing the actual truth, thus never creating a need to dig into why more people are dying.

        Its all there to see folks.
        We get what we allow.
        Time to take back OUR Vermont – the one where common sense and informed consent live.

  3. So in 2020, a year with covid and no vaccine, deaths in Vt decreased 1.2%. In 2021, a year with covid AND the inadequately tested mRNA gene editing injections, deaths in Vt increased 11%. So far in 2022, deaths in Vt are up 17%. So explain to me again how these “vaccines” save lives? The “vaccine” must be considered guilty until proven innocent.

  4. That specific causes of death can’t be determined is actually a textbook example of what a fellow named John Calhoun predicted 60 years ago when studying pathological stress in rat colonies.

    “A seminal research work on overpopulation in rodent communities created an increasingly elaborate set of experiments in search of rat utopia. The work ended up referencing the Book of Revelation and may have predicted the end of days for all of humanity. Among the male rats, behavioural disturbances ranged from “sexual deviation”, cannibalism, and frenetic overactivity to pathological withdrawal. The next generation of mice, having never experienced healthy mouse behaviour, had no concept of mating or parenting, or even territorialism. Calhoun thought that the death of the spirit, which here equates to social breakdown, is unequivocally linked to the literal end of life.”

    The saving grace, if you will, not mentioned above, is that Calhoun learned that many of the rats exhibiting ‘normal’ behaviour managed to survive and establish new, thriving colonies.

    Praemonitus praemunitus.

  5. What Doctor Levine saying here is that the irresponsibly rolled out a brand new type of therapy and they didn’t track it on purpose.

    How can you tell if it’s safe if you don’t measure it’s safety?

      • Denise,
        Not that I doubt that but I’ve yet to see the experiment done in a way that guaranteed it. Bluetooth is enabled on most people’s phones and a lot of people have wearable devices that have Bluetooth on them like headphones and watches, and probably necklaces and rings at this point. But if you were to remove all of that off of everyone and then out in the middle of a field where you’re far away from anything else isolate each person and then check that would tell us the truth.

        It’s such an easy experiment to do so it surprises me that it’s not been done right.

        I second Mary’s comment. Kudos.

      • Did you watch the video? The doctor is in an area that has no wifi devices around. He had 137 cases and each time it was the vaccinated that showed up on his scanner. I would imagine it is a sensitive one rather than a normal home router. I also second Mary’s comment – it’s good to see these comments here. However disappointing that Vermont is one of the most vaccinated. Here’s Amandha Vollmer, know her? She’s awesome, a doctor and smart as a whip!

  6. Thanks for such a detailed report on deaths, leading to conclusions that Covid may have been hyped, promoted and feared, for reasons never stated.

    Our entire level of civil discourse and economic progress was brought to a halt, at HUGE losses/costs for US all in economics, education, religion, family life, mental health, independent thinking, enthusiasm, productivity”


    Largely successful brain washing – cancelling the comfortable and sucessful culture – that we knew for so long.

  7. it’s so obvious. They have an agenda and people are going right along with it. The agenda is to sell more drugs plus even worse and more nefarious agendas but they want people to need to take drugs everyday to stay alive or not in pain.While that is poisoning the water in addition to all the other toxins. No wonder people are committing suicide although it’s so escapist and probably won’t help them a lick either. Rather we need people to collaborate with each other, if you’re older, show the youngin’s how it’s done. But do it yourself. Work on a project with someone and get someone to work on one of your projects so we can foster reciprocity and show children and even adults how it’s done how we live in the world as ethical sovereign individuals.

  8. Recent data from the UK shows that 90% of Covid deaths there are vaccinated. The vast majority of that 90% are those who got three doses.

    What I fear is people’s natural immune response being wiped out with booster after booster. One biologist I follow says that vaccinating over and over again to one narrow part of the virus “basically screws with your acquired broad library of immunity to coronaviruses and replaces it with one book.” So what happens when another virus comes along and your immune system can only respond to one thing?

  9. “The only possible explanation is the ‘vaccine’ (experiment), because the deaths are so massive” – –

    • All by design. The constant boosters don’t give the body a chance to heal. The body has amazing “on board equipment” to heal itself. They have been poisoning us for decades. Nobody knows how the human body will respond to this new onslaught. It will kill some people as the human genome learns to deal with it but eventually the body will know what it is and find a response. But to keep getting the boosters is to not give the body a chance to do that. Of course they know this…

  10. So–Traffic, Suicides, & Opiates are ALL classified as such so there’s that & “All Cause Mortalities” are UP mostly in vaccinated countries, why? Sutely it’s NOT vaccine-related right? Are WE tracking the vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated deaths? Whatever, don’t even THINK about blaming a new, barely tested mRNA “platform” people! Yesterday’s conspiracy theory is tomorrows fact. And we wonder WHY Pfizer wanted to HIDE their data for 75 YEARS? Don’t EVEN go there! I have a feeling THIS “vaccine”, for which the CDC/FDA “changed” the VERY definition of the TERM vaccine, will make 1975’s Swine Flu travesty pale in comparison.

  11. People have short memories. I would however suggest placing a few words into your memory banks until after November 8, 2022. Remember these, “Mask Mandate” “Safe and Effective” “Lock down” “Vaccine Passport” “The Other” and “We Must vaccinate The Children” . As you enter the voting both in the primary and then the general election, remember all those people who stole 2 years of your life and set you up for what we are reading today.

  12. Let’s give credit where credit is due to the Brandon Administration for rescinding all the border enforcement put in place by his predecessor. Through that wide open border walks in cheap fentanyl and it’s precursors from China imposing a serious Darwinian pressure on those who CHOOSE to dabble in opioids. The COVID jab is essentially a mandate imposed by government. Harming one’s self by using opioids is simply a bad choice.

  13. In its haste to eliminate the control group (the unvaccinated) by forcing vaccination by all means possible, Fauci et al made a critical miscalculation by failing to account for within-subjects effects of the vaccine offered by comparing 2020 (a year with covid and no vaccine) with 2021 (a year with covid and the vaccine). The data in this article show that something caused more deaths in 2021 vs 2029…it wasn’t covid because covid was present in both years. The vaccine is guilty until proven innocent. Failure to appreciate the within subjects effects is one of the reasons why the military had to change the DMED data after Thomas Renz found the dramatic increase in many diseases and disorders in 2021 compared to 2016-2020.
    The above article deals with deaths…imagine the injury and disease data in 2021 vs 2020!

  14. Seems like so many people dying “suddenly “. Some are young and others not so young. I suspect that when people 60 plus die of a heart attack or something many just chuck it up to being “old”. Except that if someone is healthy that’s not actually very old. But that population is almost fully vaxed here.

  15. between the vaccine and the ridiculously long and overbearing lockdown that could account for most. the social support of life is not to be underestimated and the lockdown punched a major hole in it.

  16. Glad to see your good work bearing fruit like this, Guy!

    It’s VAX damage of course….and even the most obtuse can now see this. Another word for this is MURDER.


    Listen up Dr levine, Gov Phil……….& Bernie!

  17. The deepstate has been trying to kill us. They suppressed information on known effective treatments, the hospitals incentivized deadly protocols, and compelled the injection of deadly vaccines. I see it was effective.

    • My own stance is that law has no legitimacy however Reimer Fuellmich is leading a team of doctors and lawyers in filing a defamation law suit in Germany against Factcheckers who lied about the reliability of the PCR test and defamed a renowned doctor over it. Also Nuremberg 2 trials are being led by Reimer. The hearing has been ongoing for a while. No court would hear the truth as they are all under the UCC (Universal Commercial Code) so Reimer and his team are still going ahead with their hearings and testimonies. Everyone needs to know now that our birth certificates are bought and sold on the stock market and worth millions of dollars even more sometimes. You can find the fund of your “strawman” account on the Fidelity website. Oh there are is manner of fraud going on right under our noses.

  18. Cause bill gates has never talked about depopulation before…and he had nothing to do with mrna injections…..

    • Bill Gates has talked about depopulation. You’re not up with it mate. You should check out his history both his parents were eugenicists. They are the ones ruling the earth right now. Nobody should be ruling and nobody should be obeying. It’s preposterous that people obey rules and look who makes them, these deranged inbreds. You know what happens to inbreds? They go insane. Now they are running the country and the world. And everyone falls for anything their mouthpieces say (the media) That’s why they are censoring like blazes because they are so scared of people telling others the truth. They are desperately holding onto power. But with this covid oh this was a doozie. No it all has to come out now. And it will. Maybe even in the next few days.

    • I’m fairly certain Scott and Levine are aware of what’s going on. The ‘Fauci Dossier’ was released earlier this year which contains evidence of crimes against humanity as purported by Dr David Martin and the Constitutional Law Group If anyone is interested in filing, I encourage you to do so.

  19. Luke 13:28 “There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrust out.” . Matthew 10:21-23 “Brothers will turn against their own brothers and hand them over to be killed. Fathers will hand over their own children to be killed. Children will fight against their own parents and will have them killed. 22 Everyone will hate you because you follow me. But the one who remains faithful to the end will be saved. 23 When you are treated badly in one city, go to another city. I promise you that you will not finish going to all the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes again. ” Genocide and crimes against humanity doesn’t happen without many people being used and manipulated into carrying it all out for the puppet masters.

  20. Several studies have shown that there is a high correlation between liberal ideology and mental illness, but who really needs a study to confirm what should be patently obvious? It should not be too surprising that Vermont’s high percentage of liberals/progressives would mean that we play host to the accompanying comorbidities like addiction and depression that lead to suicide in these individuals. Liberalism…let’s pray for a cure.

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