Sexton: no fake Republicans

By Jim Sexton

The proof is out, almost everything the government and big pharma said and did was a lie. How many millions of Americans jumped in line for every jab and wore the masks that never helped or protected them ? 

How many have allowed their children to become part of the agenda ? Sorry if you are one of them. I don’t hate you and I won’t attack you. (Despite the fact that many of you attacked us.) 

I pray for you, I pray for your kids. 

The proof is out, the CDC was complicit with the Teachers Union to shut down schools and punish kids. The Teachers Union wrote the language. The Teachers Union is one of the largest donors to the Democrat party.

It had nothing to do with protecting the kids, it was to control them. 

As bad as that is, it happened here too. 

Planned Parenthood wrote one of the most horrific abortion Bills in America with the help of AG Donovan and your tax dollars.

Donovan had 19 State employees working with Planned Parenthood and they used State computers in Donovans office to do it. Credit where due – John Klar spent $3500 of his own money to find the documents to prove this because Donovan did everything he could to stop John.

If Scott knew about it he is complicit, if he didn’t he could do something about it. 

But here is what he did do – when H57 was presented to him, he had three options. He could have not signed it, he could have  vetoed it, or he could sign it. 

He signed it – meaning he is all in on the destruction of babies until the moment of birth. Phil Scott has betrayed every real Republican and Conservative in Vermont many times. He is a leftist, and the fact the State GOP continues to support him makes them complicit too. 

I have been trying to get Scott kicked out of the Republican Party for years. I lost the election for State GOP chair to Paul Dame.

And the State GOP committee just voted down my Platform Rule change proposal to remove any support or endorsement from candidates. They voted against this change 48 – 24.

I lost the election to Dame by a two to one margin. My fight to remove people that aren’t Republicans from the Republican Party won’t stop. Joe Benning, Heidi Scheuermann, Scott Beck, Felcia Leffler, Paul Martin and Matthew Walker all voted for Prop 5, now Article 22. 

Each of them not only supports abortion anytime, anywhere by anyone, they also suppport criminal charges against any Parent that would fight to protect their child from the sexualization the State would provide for your child without your consent. 

Read it, understand it and then fight it. And everyone who supports it. Including the fake Republicans.

Jim Sexton is an Essex Junction resident, former candidate for governor, and conservative Republican activist.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more Jim. The governing majority does not have the best interest of all people living in this state. I have contacted the governor’s office multiple times as violence escalated against conservatives, to include one senior being attacked for displaying an American flag on their car. I have been to events were teanagers stalked, harassed and spit on people. Obviously, my concerns fell on deaf ears, as I was not a child writing a letter to house the homeless or a black person concerned about discrimination. It is apparent that we are not all enjoying equal protections under the law. I am horrified that I live in a state that would enshine the murder of full term babies in it’s Constitution, and go to extreme lengths to sexualize young children, promote gender confusion, and then legalize prostitute. I am sure there will be plenty of sex work to satisfy all gender identities. Way to go Vermont! You are certainly ahead of your time. A class act to say the least.

  2. Sounds like team Sexton is better suited to be a preachers and not leaders for Vermonters. The problem with this ideology is that it is unelectable. Vermonters don’t share the values represented here.

    Team Sexton’s diatribe comes across as hateful, bigoted, judgmental (not very Christian-like), and exclusionary. Until they learn how to better articulate their message, they are forever doomed to be on the sidelines yelling and criticizing the successfully elected.

    Undoubtedly, Team Sexton would rather see, primary and election winning, Republicans get decimated in elections if they don’t conform to his newly defined definition of Republican.

    How long has Jim been an active member of the VTGOP?

    • How long have you been around this state and witnessed its destruction at the hands of rinos that we call Republicans.

      You ought to be thinking Jim for speaking the truth about a party that has deserted the conservatives in the state of Vermont.

      Supporting the buffoons that are destroying the Republican party only helps their destruction.

      Thank you Jim Sexton for exposing the truth about a party that has gone away at the hands of people who could care less about Vermont or vermonters.

      Until we correct the problem of the rinos that exist in our Republican party we no longer have a Republican party.

    • 🤔Newly defined Republican…when is the last time you read our Declaration of Independence!?

      Are you suggesting the only way to win is to ki$$ the behinds of Vermont’s Rhino’s?!!!…
      Of which you must be one, considering your anti conservative Republican rhetoric…

    • Just like good husband material, political leaders should possess morals. For you to say otherwise is an admittance of a lack thereof. Would you marry or elect someone you can’t trust? This isn’t about being ‘preachy’. And I think if you asked more Vermonters what they REALLY thought, you would be surprised. Most people don’t want to hear your “hateful, bigoted, judgmental (not very Christian-like), and exclusionary BS.

    • Dear Disbelief,

      If a Political Party has no Meaning or Principles by which they are defined, why do they need a Platform or even a name? How do people know what they are a part of?

      Do you have any Principles, Convictions, Virtues, Beliefs or Morals in your personal life that are immovable?

    • “Hateful, bigoted, judgmental (not very Christian-like), and exclusionary” indeed. You forgot to say he hates puppies, too.

      I read it through multiple times, and I’m more than a little mystified that any reasonable person could read Mr. Sexton’s paragraphs and apply any of those descriptors to it.

      If Republicans stand for limited interference in the citizens’ affairs by an honest government not beholden to private interests and thug unions, then there’s nothing “newly defined” about anything he said. Is it so wrong to hope that one party will provide a consistent message and a united front?

    • Dear Disbelief,

      Are you an insurrectionist? It sounds like you don’t believe in and are working against our Constitutional Republic form of government.

      If you consider Standing for and Believing in our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms of Protecting Life, Gun Ownership, Personal Property Ownership and Parental Rights to be hateful, bigoted and judgmental, you are living in the wrong Country.

  3. Thank you Jim!

    Why do Candidates and Elected Persons in Vermont, other States and/or in our Federal Government, choose to call themselves Republicans when their beliefs and actions clearly are not in line with Republican Main Principles?

    Why aren’t they running Independent or Democrat?

    Is it to purposefully dilute and seek to ruin the GOP?

  4. Is there any conviction or courage in Vermont’s State GOP to take on some of the REAL ISSUES at hand?

    Why is the Vermont State GOP silent about our broken ELECTION SYSTEM?
    A person doesn’t have to possess much common sense or reasoning to know that the MASS MAILING OF BALLOTS TO EVERY PERSON ON EVERY TOWN VOTER CHECKLIST THROUGHOUT VERMONT does not allow for our Constitutional Right to Free and Fair Elections. (VT Constitution Article 8)

    Why is the Vermont State GOP silent about defending HUMAN LIFE?
    Our Constitutions direct us to defend Life and Liberty. Yet, here we are WITH A PROPOSED STATE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT TO MURDER INNOCENT HUMAN LIVES for convenience. (VT Constitution Article 1)
    Where’s the SCIENCE NOW!

    Is the Vermont GOP silent to cover for the existing RINOS!

    Is the Vermont GOP silent o go along to get along under the BIG TENT?

    No wonder Republicans in Vermont are fewer and fewer over time.

    The Vermont GOP diminishes the Party with their actions/in actions and lack of trustworthiness and then they call out how few true Republicans exist in Vermont?

    • I can tell you for sure that Republicans “are fewer and fewer” in this state because they are leaving. I wanted to leave when I sold my home is Essex, but my husband didn’t, so the compromise was a home in Addison County. This is a much nicer and more conservative community. Democrats are more like the ones I remember from my youth, like my parents.

  5. First-past-the-post (FPTP) voting results inevitably in red-team / blue-team voting. As long as you get only one vote, you are never EVER going to get to vote for your perfect candidate.

    The expression is “don’t hate the player, hate the game”. If you don’t like voting for the lesser of two evils, put your energy toward replacing FPTP!

  6. In response to In Disbelief, I have been a member of the Party for less than a year. I am the Platform Delegate for Chittenden County, an Elected Position that I was nominated for, and I have been to Montpelier many times. Fighting for Pro Life, 2A and Constitutional values more times than I can count, inside the Chamber and out. I organized the Rally to support Law Enforcement in July 2020 and the Patriot Rally in August 2021. I vote exclusively Republican, and when there isn’t a Republican on the ballot for any office I write in someone who does hold Constitutional and Pro Life values. I have traveled all over Vermont to help people understand how they can step up for themselves and their families. Most of last Fall and early this year I went to many school board meetings all over Northern Vermont to confront them about the physical and psychological damage the masks were doing to the students.
    The reason I became a member of the party was because all the attempts I made to have Phil Scott removed from the Party were met with obstruction from the State GOP.
    As a Platform delegate, I along with the other members of the Committee are responsible for the language we put forth as a Party.
    If the Rules committee and two thirds of the State GOP don’t believe candidates must adhere to the Rules, then why are we spending three months writing them ?
    I am not writing a new definition for Republicans. I am asking that anyone who claims to be a Republican actually support the Constitution and the Sanctity of Life from the moment of conception to natural death. ( language that has been in our Platform since the foundation of the Republican Party )
    Oh, one more point, my name is on everything I write.

  7. Since you’re new to the party and obviously new to politics you should figure out how to unite and not divide and make a fool of the party.

    Your “rallies” were a non event and frankly ineffective.

    Don’t worry though, Vermont’s liberal media is going to love you and use you, and I mean use you, as the poster child to portray the Republicans as out of touch and fringy.

    Again, your messaging is toxic, alienating, and dividing. Just what the media wants.

    • “Since you’re new to the party and obviously new to politics you should figure out how to unite and not divide and make a fool of the party.”

      Or one could be speaking the truth abd something that needs to be said?!!!?

      “Your “rallies” were a non event and frankly ineffective.”

      I disagree wholeheartedly any event that brings people closer together especially people who have morals and values is very important.

      “Don’t worry though, Vermont’s liberal media is going to love you and use you, and I mean use you, as the poster child to portray the Republicans as out of touch and fringy.”

      Vermont’s liberal media is already paid for it doesn’t matter what anyone says they’re still going to say the same thing that’s kind of the point that you’re not getting.

      “Again, your messaging is toxic, alienating, and dividing. Just what the media wants.”

      IMO, the only thing that’s toxic alienating and dividing is one who won’t stand up on their own principles. Sound familiar??

      • Brian,

        Your arguments are empty. ALL Citizens are supposed to participate in their Governments, because THE PEOPLE are the ultimate authority. You should invite participation not malign it.

        Jim speaks out for the most vulnerable, innocent lives among us, the unborn. That is very honorable and courageous. Especially in this present day dark, death culture we live in. Every human life is very valuable.

        Your view is obviously aligned with the State Republican Party Majority to “go along to get along under the Big Tent.” That’s an easy to walk, grey position for anyone who can’t handle conflict, individuality, Truth or Reality. Let’s just ALL SING Kumbaya around the campfire, smile at each other, pat each other on the back and ignore ALL that is happening around us.

        What Principles do you live by? Do you have any? Do you have any Convictions or Boundaries in your life that are immovable? Does your conscience work? Are you trustworthy?

      • “Your view is obviously aligned with the State Republican Party Majority to “go along to get along under the Big Tent.” That’s an easy to walk, grey position for anyone who can’t handle conflict, individuality, Truth or Reality. Let’s just ALL SING Kumbaya around the campfire, smile at each other, pat each other on the back and ignore ALL that is happening around us.”

        I’m unsure how you got that out of what I said?? Maybe rereading it without anger will help.

        What I can say is that’s absolutely not true.

        As for my principles, I don’t need to explain those to anyone least of which to someone I don’t know on a news article.

    • YES!! MANY OF US ARE IN GREATER TOTAL DISBELIEF that the Vermont State Republican Party has demoralized to the point of defending so-called Republicans who voted for and fully support to adding a Constitutional Amendment to allow the MURDER of HUMAN BABIES up to and including after birth.

      Please don’t waste time writing a words only Platform. Just use this slogan:
      The BIG TENT of the Vermont State Republican Party WHERE WE STAND FOR NOTHING AND FALL FOR EVERYTHING!

      Please join us as we continue to slide further and further down the dark slippery slope, in opposition to the basics of human decency and morality.

  8. It’s amazing how many people in the state of Vermont have no clue what is taking place right before their eyes

    Thank you Jim for fighting the good fight for the real Republicans in the state and hopefully we will see results when people wake up and stop being sheep

  9. Thank you, Jim. In disbelief does not speak for this Vermonter. I’ve always been a Conservative and as such, I was always more aligned with the Republican Party.
    I appreciate all you have done to bring awareness to the issues that make many of us lose sleep at night. I don’t recognize the Republican Party anymore and sincerely cannot tell the difference between them and the Democrats, here in Vermont. The Libertarian Party is looking more like where I belong at this point. The insults this person has hurled at you are untrue and unwarranted, and just what I expect from someone who has no character, no morals, and who clearly has never been of the conservative mindset, valuing life and individual freedoms. The only toxic rhetoric I’ve read so far, has been from In Disbelief, living up to the true model of modern day liberalism where they accuse YOU of THIER bad behavior.
    If that’s what being “in touch” is, then I’m happy to be “out of touch” along with you, Jim. God bless you both for solidifying which side I’d rather be on.

  10. Mr Sexton, you are right about removing RINOs from the R party. Would you buy an antivirus software program that you know is going to leave your computer unprotected (fail) one day per month? Voting for a weak Republican is just as foolish.

  11. What is political party loyalty and to whom is a canidate or party loyal to? Is it Bernie Sanders betraying his supporters by dropping out of not one, but two presidential races when he was in striking distance to win the nomination? Is it Susan Collins, Liz Cheney, or Mitt Romney who can be counted on to vote with Democrats against their own party? It is amazing the number of Republicans in this State do not comprehend we no longer have a choice. The USA is under communist/Marxist control (an infiltrated coup.) The amount of corruption on both sides has destroyed the Republic. A majority of Vermonters refuse to remove their blinders. The State and Country is burning to the ground and they will sit there and say “this is fine!” God, please, help us!

    • Ethan and Ira Allen, Remember Baker, General John Stark, and countless other Patriots who fought for VT in the First Revolution must be rolling in their graves, looking at what we’ve become both as a state and a nation.

  12. A couple quick things:

    1. Isn’t it our duty to disobey any law or statute enacted by a legislature which we believe to be non-Constitutional? In other words, aren’t non-Constitutional laws null and void by definition? Oh, I know. They’d love you to believe that’s not the case, but I believe it is, and that’s a big reason we have courts – to define what is and isn’t Constitutional in situations such as this.
    2. Just because it’s not on the front burner doesn’t mean VT was immune to the corrupt exercise that was the 2020 election. As someone said, all it takes is mail-in ballots to invalidate an election as non-Constitutional. I would be EXTREMELY curious to find out how many invalid votes were cast in VT. Why do we just assume that, since VT is widely viewed as a progressive state, Biden won the election here?
    3. And by the way, Phil Scott is no more a Republican than Charlie Baker in our immediate neighbor to the south. Phil needs to go. Frankly, I have a hard time believing that outside of Montpelier, Chittenden County, and Brattleboro there are THAT many liberal demonrats. But maybe the numbers are just hugely skewed in those areas.

    • 1: Absolutely: Marbury vs Madison

      2:. In all of the election integrity meetings that I’ve ever seen the causes that they point to are mail-in ballots, lack of authentication or identification, bloated voter rolls, and using tabulators. All of which Vermont does or has.

      In fact according to the math done by Dr Frank Vermont has one of the worst sets of bloated voter rolls. Anyone with a copy of the state voter roll list will know that they’re bloated by at least 5% even right now and that’s just with some quick filters saying anyone who hasn’t voted since 2006 that’s still on the list. Why are they on the list?? How many elections are won and lost by a 5% margin? Really wish my bank would be off by 5% every once in awhile in my favor

      3: Couldn’t agree more.

  13. It’s long past time for the Republican Party to purge all these disloyal unamerican RHINO’s. People do not have the right to join a party in order to subvert it to the communist agenda !

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