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VT Watercooler: religious schools in VT ed system? / what’s the fuss about Beta project / Miro wants to electrify Burlington / Sunflowers for Ukraine

VT DiggerCarol Frenier: Should we include religious schools in our education system?
WCAXVermont redistricting plan heads to governor
VT DiggerLongtime social justice advocate Sister Janice Ryan dies at age 86
NBC 5Crime concerns as Burlington nears warmer months with an understaffed police department
WCAXBurlington mayor aims to electrify the city
WCAXVermonter asking people to plant sunflowers for Ukraine
NBC 5‘Do not give up’: Woman returns home after spending months in coma because of COVID-19
WCAXWalden house destroyed in flames, pets die
VT DiggerElena Mihaly: ISO-New England ignores the need for climate action
VT DiggerBeta’s South Burlington expansion plan runs into turbulence

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  1. Well, from the flags flying at the public schools, I would say they’re all religious schools now. Vouchers! Please!!

  2. So–“Mayor Miro” wants to electrify Bumington & get to “net zero”? Is he just stupid or acting stupid? HOW does the cuty generate their juice? By BURNING WOODCHIPS, not much better than COAL for emissions & particulates! That’s OK, maybe he could save MILLIONS by eliminating the “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging” department where ONE person hired to run it somehow morphed into FOURTEEN “employees” including FOUR “managers”,costing the city a FORTUNE to deal with the Public Health Emergency” of RACISM..Better they stopped drawing drinking water from that cesspool posing as a lake maybe?

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