Your Letters: Biden’s failed leadership / fixed-income sticker shock for heating fuel

The United States was once the leader of the free world.  We’re now humiliated and ignored in just one year due to the election of Joe Biden as President.  Many can share the blame.  Former President Obama encouraged him to run.  The media is also complicit for failure to report the Biden family’s profiting in Ukraine, China, and Russia, not to mention Bidens questionable leadership in the Senate and as Vice President.

In his first year, he canceled the Keystone pipeline, federal leases, and ANWAR.  He made it more difficult for the oil industry to obtain bank financing for fracking, which resulted in oil production loss of 2 million barrels a day. 

His sudden withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan without notifying NATO forces and leaving US citizens behind destroyed his trust and commitment to our allies.  Biden’s tepid response to aid Ukraine’s defense encouraged Russian advances, resulting in disastrous losses of civilian and children lives.

Biden has shown our allies he can’t be trusted, and he has created a giant leadership void in the world.  His Climate Change and woke agenda, turning warships green and focusing on diversity, has eroded our military effectiveness. 

Don’t be fooled in the mid-terms by his alleged accomplishments.  Biden hasn’t taken out a bully, nor has he united NATO in its opposition to Russian aggression.  His sanctions united Russia with China, and his conversations to defuse aggression have only encouraged more aggression.  His climate change agenda hurts the middle class with inflation.  Biden lies when blaming others.  He’s a failure. – Frank Mazur, South Burlington

Disabled senior on fixed income gets heating fuel sticker shock – I got sticker shock Monday the 14th. I got 166 gallons for kerosene, for $791.82 or $4.77 a gallon. That is applied to my fuel assistance so I do not know how much more others without fuel assistance are paying. The ticket does not show the discount for fuel assistance.

I now have less than $200 fuel assistance to get me through until the last week in November. Normally I would top off the tank the last week in April, but not now. Praying for warmer than normal spring and fall!

Prices are skyrocketing but my Social Security, even with the large cost of living increase, is nowhere close to keeping up with all my increased expenses. I have little to no money left for gas for my wheel chair van now, which is a gas guzzler. Fixed incomes do not absorb the extra costs when you have low income to start with.

I am so blessed to have a home and vehicle and am safe and warm. I have to believe the Lord will provide for me and I pray for so many not nearly as blessed! I am concerned how many will lose their homes and apartments with this hyper inflation. It makes me sick to see the legislators recklessly spending money they do not have causing even more inflation. They seem to be blind to the suffering citizens face because of their decisions. We need to do much more for our veterans who have already given so much for us! – Disabled senior citizen, name withheld for safety concerns

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