Republican Senate primary looms as West Pointer, career Army officer declares

Gerald Malloy of Perkinsville has announced his candidacy as a Republican for the November US Senate election in Vermont. He and Christina Nolan (and possibly others) will seek the Republican nomination for the 2022 U.S. Senate seat vacated by Sen. Patrick Leahy.

Malloy, 60, provided the following statement to the Vermont Daily Chronicle

“I announce that I am running for United States Senator for Vermont as a Republican candidate.  I am seeking to serve Vermonters, Vermont, and the United States. I am deeply concerned with the direction we are going, and I believe I have the character, experience, leadership, and performance to change the course for a better future.  I began a grassroots campaign two months ago where I visited many cities and towns across Vermont engaging Vermonters – I found that Vermonters, like me, are upset with the many failures of the Federal Government under the Democrat Administration and want change.

“I bring a career of service experience and demonstrated leadership, starting when I reported to West Point, then serving over 22 years in the active Army with duty around the world, followed by nearly 5 years working Emergency Management operations and over 20 Presidential Disaster Declaration responses with many Federal/State/Local agencies, and since 2011, serving in management and executive positions in business supporting many Government agencies, including the military Services and Intelligence Community with solutions in a highly competitive environment.   

“We live in Perkinsville, and my wife Stacey and I have 4 children with 3 currently in Vermont schools.  I plan to continue my grassroots campaign, meeting Vermonters and hearing the issues, and we will be hosting Open Houses at our home in the Spring.  We have some Vermont history as one of two remaining original markers for the Crown Point Military Road (1759-1760) is at the bottom of our driveway. 

“I encourage Vermonters to visit my website  www.geraldmalloyforussenatevermont.com, which includes information about me and my positions and a video of my announcement.  The site is new and will be updated, but it outlines some of my positions and solutions within areas such as Economic Prosperity, the Constitution, and Maintaining a Strong Defense.      

“I thank Senator Leahy for his 48 years of service. It is time for a change and I offer Vermonters my character, experience, leadership, and performance to achieve change and results for a better future for Vermont. May the 14th Star Shine Bright.” 

According to his website, Malloy was born in Boston, the oldest of 9 siblings, and graduated from West Point with a Bachelor of Science/Political Science.  He also earned an MBA from Temple University and a Graduate Certificate from Georgetown University.  He is a decorated combat veteran and worked at the Joint Field Office in New York City following 9/11.  He also played 4 years of NCAA hockey for Coach Jack Riley at West Point.     

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  1. Wow not only is there a Republican running against Curly, now we have a choice between two of them ! Good luck to both of you, and may the best choice as decided by a primary beat the buffoon !

    • Coach Crowe, thank you. I made reply comment and hope you see it but it’s worth saying again: thank you for your huge impact on me and many others. Semper Fi

      Gerald Malloy

  2. Thank you very much!

    To Coach Crowe, what an incredibly nice surprise, thank you! And thank you for the huge impact you had on me and so many others. Semper Fi

    Gerald Malloy

  3. You are just what our Country needs! Go get em Gerry, I wish you the very best!
    Dottie Winslow

    • How delusional does he and everyone who thinks he stands ANY chance of winning the primary, never mind the election.

      He is just muddying the waters for serious, modern candidates, we have to beat Nolan and Peter Welch.

      • We’d be lucky to have him. He believes in term limits. No more 48 [Leahy] year terms please. Election integrity. Smaller government. Defend the constitution and our amendments which get eaten away bit by bit with every law they write. Can we pay these legislators to undo the laws they have enacted? That would be a positive switch! We all have to do our bit and Vote Prop 5 out, we will loose good Doctors in Vermont they won’t come here because who would want to have to preform that proceedure!

  4. If Vermont can have a fair election – you got my vote if it will counted. Good luck Sir!

    • Ms. Casey, thank you very much! I do believe Vermonters run fair elections and I greatly appreciate your support. We’re getting ready to update website with first open house date.

      Gerald Malloy

      • Mr. Malloy, do you have an opinion on the so-called Zucker-bucks Vermont received in 2020 from Facebook, aka Meta, founder Mark Zuckerberg?

    • We need to all vote on Election Day IN PERSON. This gives them the least amount of time to fiddle with our votes. Election Day in person as many of us as possible and as late in the day as you can safely make it. Give them no time to change your vote!

  5. Mr. Malloy, will you elaborate (here or in updating your web site) your position on K-12 education in Vermont?

  6. Mr. Eshelman, thank you for the interest. Regarding election funding, I seek to ensure all elections are fair and open. I believe there was a loss of confidence in our elections in 2020, which is a terrible thing to happen in America. I am not in favor of outside funding that can, and has, added to the perception of our elections being not 100% fair and open.

    On education, I have children in 7th grade, high school, and undergrad levels here in Vermont. I also support school choice and homeschooling. I support public schools focusing on teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic skills, not age-inappropriate social issues. It has been a challenging two years for education and I realize that. In general I am pleased with the quality of education in Vermont, but I have not agreed with mask and vaccine and isolation policies that for instance have caused us to revert to undergrad online instead of in-person.

    Gerald Malloy

    • Thank you for your timely response, Mr. Malloy. That alone sets you apart from most of our current candidates. And I would be remiss if I didn’t express the importance of continued public forum interaction. IMHO, this is where our constitutional republic shines.

      And while I agree with you, and will support you, on your positions, I do want to take this opportunity to express caution with one of your observations.

      Re: “In general I am pleased with the quality of education in Vermont, …”

      As a former school board director, current employer, and parent of children who also went through the public educations system, I’m not at all ‘pleased with the quality of education in Vermont’.

      In my district (which is typical across the State) we’re spending as much, today, to educate a first grader as a parent pays to send an in-state student to Castleton University for a full year course load – including room and board. And, if you review the VT Agency of Education academic assessments over the last decade, you will see that half our high school seniors graduate without achieving minimum grade level standards.

      This explains why only 40% of Vermont’s high school graduates go on to college and why nearly half of those that do go to college don’t graduate. The return on investment is virtually non-existent.

      If you would like to discuss this further, I look forward to the opportunity to do so.

  7. Yeah, I’m glad Mr Malloy is running. We need him and others like him and not Bolshevik Bernie, who is a dangerous character and a hypocrite. who ever heard of a socialist millionaire with 3 homes?

  8. lol 0 chance to win, that URL? barely younger than Peter?! Guy must already be senile.

    We want real, young candidates – ones that represent the modern world.

    No thanks but no thanks

    • It’s interesting that you say this. Gerald Malloy has worked on contracts that span technology fields including cyber communications, artificial intelligence, along with logistics, engineering and others. One could say that someone with military experience in these fields could very well be ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, the military always has the technology that we use today first. I would bet he is well versed in these areas with the added benefit of a long range view.

    • I hadn’t realized that 14 years constituted “barely” younger. The ambulance-chaser is 74 and wants a seat that he could occupy until he’s at least 82. Maybe I take it personally because Mr. Malloy is my age.

      So who do you have in mind when you ask for “real, young candidates”? Since 60 is senile to you, do they have to be younger than 50? Younger than 40? Who’s your ideal candidate?

      • I may be more aware of the world so let me break it down: House, average age? President? sickly af old. The senate average age is about 65+, too many 70, 80, almost 90 year olds deciding the future its a fricken gerontocracy its sickening, its a big topic these days.

        Now, tell me the age of the majority of the population.

  9. I physically laughed; this guy believes he stands ANY chance? His platform is painfully simplistic and lacks any vision. Boomers like this do not understand the modern world at all and his painful website put this front and center.


    and let the serious people with visions run, nonsense like this will just get the one living in Burlington on the ticket and hand Peter the win.

    You will not win the primary nor the election, the election for sure, by accident you may get the primary.

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