Williamstown bar sex assault suspect nabbed

Samaan Adenti

Vermont State Police have identified the suspect in an August 16 aggravated sexual asault outside a Williamstown bar as Samaan Adenti, 21, who was last known to reside in the state of Nebraska.

Adenti was taken into custody on Thursday, Aug. 19, by the Plymouth (New Hampshire) Police Department on suspicion of fraudulent use of credit cards. Adenti remains in custody in New Hampshire pending extradition to Vermont to face initial charges of assault and robbery, and attempted aggravated sexual assault. The Vermont State Police worked closely on this case with the Orange County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Plymouth Police Department.

Initial news release, 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 16 – On August 16, at about 1:43 AM, Troopers from the Middlesex State Police Barracks responded to a report of an Aggravated Sexual Assault in Williamstown. Preliminary investigation revealed that the victim was assaulted outside of a bar after closing. The victim sustained serious bodily injuries and was treated and released at the hospital. Through investigation, police learned that the victim and suspect did not know each other. Vermont State Police Detectives assigned to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation are actively working with authorities from other states in locating the male suspect who was last seen out of state. The male is approximately 5’7” tall, 165 lbs, in his mid-20s, with short hair, last know driving a black four-door sedan.

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  1. This is how women are ROUTINELY treated in NUMEROUS countries, mostly third world, which include in Africa, India, & the Middle East. It is common and goes unpunished there.

    WAKE UP, America! This is NOT “diversity”. It is criminal, it is treacherous, it is dangerous…..but “diverse”? NO.

    Americans have the RIGHT to be safe and to intermingle with those they choose and those they have things in common with – it is NOT the right of the government to force cultural changes & chaos here!!!

  2. So, this man was in Williamstown Vermont? Any idea what would be the reason he was hanging outside of a closing bar in the middle of the night? Chances are he’s done this before and this time he is caught, but will he be punished in Vermont of all “woke” places? Just the beginning of what is in store here going forward – without any law and order spreading out of Chittenden County and Montpelier – we can see clearly we are on our own – the word is out that Vermont is akin to Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington….head on a swivel folks – take this incident as a clear warning of how things are going down hill very quickly here.

  3. It’s about time that more of the out-of-the-way corners of Vermont start experiencing the joys of celebrating diversity. It’s adventurous to be a night owl, but many a granddaddy’s sage advice warned that “nothing good ever happens after 1am”. Maybe Burlington’s “private patrol” can drum up more business opportunities now in Billtown.

  4. how do you “sustain serious bodily injuries and was treated and released at the hospital.”

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