Desautels: Drug dealers get fair trials – why not me, mask-free store owner asks

Newport store owner Michael Desautels (left) after State of Vermont sued him for not enforcing mask mandate

This is a letter to the people. A warning perhaps, of things happening and things to come. We live in a time where small freedoms are being taken away, silently and without protest. They are adding up, creating a world where we no longer have a say as to what happens to our bodies, our children and families, our jobs, our homes, our privacy. We live in a world where injustice prevails because science is ignored and people who speak up are discounted. Facts are not treated as such, but what government needs them to be. Too many people accept what is easy to believe.

My story is infuriating, painful, unjust and something I never expected. It is parallel with what happened during the beginning stages of the holocaust. This may seem extreme, but anyone who follows history will see the likeness of how the Nazis took total control over the mass media and education system and used them to disseminate their ideology. How they created fear to bring obedience. There is a reason for all the memoirs, historical books and documentaries, every sordid tale of what happened then, and there is a reason for my story. As insignificant as it may seem in comparison, it all started with a small freedom lost.

I am the former owner of The UPS Store in Newport, Vermont. My business was not only affected by the pandemic, but was ultimately taken away because I did not enforce the mask mandate. A mandate that is now being construed as scientifically unnecessary and invalid. On the box of the said required masks is a warning label that reads “will not provide protection against covid-19 (coronavirus) or other viruses or contaminants.” This label exists because there is an abundance of scientific evidence that the virus itself is smaller than the fibers of the mask and can easily fit through the material. There is substantial evidence regarding harmful side effects of prolonged mask wearing. Reputable immunologists and virologists will and have been attesting to this. Dr. Fauci’s email admits this as well. So this letter is about two things; scientific facts being ignored and illegal action against me by way of disregarding the constitution.

This letter is not only about my court case, but other worrisome obstacles that have surfaced as a result of my case. This letter is a notice to the people that our freedoms should not lie in the hands of a few, but in the hands of the citizens.

My case begins with the state corresponding with the UPS Store corporate office because I would not wear a mask. This resulted in the UPS Store pulling my franchise. The state then sued me for putting people in danger and placed a restraining order on me. I was served with papers and had to appear in court within ten days.

First, restraining orders are protective orders used in a situation involving domestic violence, child abuse, stalking, harassment or sexual assault. To have a restraining order placed on me is not only inappropriate but damaging to my reputation.

Second, a 10 day turnaround was not enough time to secure a proper lawyer, witnesses, and left little time for preparation. Most cases do not make it to trial for years. I was slighted the opportunity for a fair trial. Whether I adhered to the mask mandate is irrelevant, I am entitled to a fair trial.

My quest to find a lawyer proved difficult as many felt intimidated by the state. I personally was threatened a few days after being served by Attorney General TJ Donovan. Donovan called, informing he had investigated me and knew about my other sources of income, a threat tactic. Nonetheless, I found one lawyer and wanted to file a counter suit but was told the state was protected, so that was not an option. I have since found out this is false information. Remember, I was denied enough time to prepare.

The court proceeding began with the Covid -19 regulations, reducing my ability to confer with my lawyer to email or text. My lawyer lived in a rural area with insufficient internet service, introducing a lot of communication issues. At the end of the restraining order hearing, the Judge asked the State Attorney and my lawyer if they would like to combine the two cases together. My lawyer agreed without talking to me and I would never have agreed to do that. This one maneuver denied me a jury. A jury is not required at a restraining order hearing; it is simply between the judged and the judge. The civil case regarding the mask mandate however, involves a jury. Because they combined the two cases, I was denied a jury as they proceeded with the rules governing restraining orders.

After the “trial,” I hired a new lawyer. He filed a motion to have the civil case and restraining order case separated so we could have a fair trial involving a jury for the civil case. We were again denied a jury.

The Attorney General’s office issued an $850 fine. When I complained, they threatened me with a $1,000 per day fine. I lost everything, my $275,000 per year business due to an unconstitutional mask mandate that says right on the box that it protects no one from covid.

Facts matter. Stanford University came out with a report saying the masks are completely worthless in regard to SARS and Covid-19. There is no such thing as an asymptomatic carrier and air to air transmission is completely false. Healthy kids and adults have a survival rate of 98-100%.

Vermonters who have contracted covid report is was nothing more than a bad flu. The same people who die from pneumonia and the flu are the ones dying from covid. This is not the ebola virus. If it were, and science said masks were the answer, I would absolutely abide by the mandate.

I am entitled to a fair trial. VT Digger wrote an article on Dylan Cote, who was tried for a conspiracy to sell, deliver and grow drugs. Judge Teachout wrote, “the undisputed material facts show that the performance of Mr. Cote’s attorneys fell below the required standard of practice, and the errors prejudiced Mr. Cote.” Judge Mary Miles Teachout is the same judge who tried my case. When my lawyer failed me, I was told to sue for malpractice. Why did Judge Teachout exonerate Cote but not me?

I’ll say it again, I am entitled to a fair trial. I asked Governor Phil Scott, who is obligated under constitutional law to protect the citizens, to grant me a fair trial with ample time to prepare, with a jury. This was his response: “Due to separation of powers, the Administration cannot intervene with an active court case. At this point, you are encouraged to communicate your concerns to either our legal representative or your case worker so you may learn more about the best course of action for you as you continue to navigate this process.” First of all, I didn’t ask him to drop the case. I simply asked for a fair trial. A drug dealer, Cote, got more attention than a business owner in the time of covid. How is it acceptable or legal for him to take the power from our local representatives, making himself the sole decision maker regarding mask mandates, yet not have the power to rule cases involving injustice due to that decision? Furthermore, my case is currently not active so this is evidence that Scott is brushing this off. My livelihood is being brushed off.

Our system has failed us. It has failed us big time. I am turning to you, the people, to get my story out so that in some small way it may help Vermonters keep our freedom. So that my story was not in vain. I ask that you all question your local representatives for answers. That you insist they do all they can to ensure future fair elections, and then, vote these immoral politicians out. Vermont politicians seem to have forgotten who they work for and it is our duty as patriots to remind them.

Michael A Desautels

Newport, VT

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  1. This is a hill worth dying on for us all. Supporting him preserves our freedoms, rights and powers. How do we support him and any suit against the AG to recoup his losses and get his business back?

  2. Although I sympathize & was kicked out of Gov “Left Turn Only” Scott’s news conferences I’d be careful w/the “Nazi” references, I know a bit about them, my mom was Herr Hitler’s “guest” in Saarbrucken Labor Camp in ’44-’45. The Nazi’s would have just taken you out back & shot you. I did an Open Records Request for Vt.’s “Snitch Line” & was surprised at the GLEE w/which SO many informed & ratted out their fellow Vermonters, one of the first was aimed at Newport’s Pick & Shovel for NOT wearing the (useless) masks, it wasn’t hard to see what biz it was even w/stuff redacted, Newport’s a small town. I read some of the “best” on my weekly cable show. We MUST remember this & vote accordingly but we can/will never out-vote the “Nazi’s” in Burlington but we CAN send to Montpelier people who are FOR Liberty, who really follow the SCIENCE, who are NOT cowed by Dr. Levine & his band of Merry Health Fascists. WHY do you think I was booted from asking QUESTIONS? Because I DID my homework, I asked questions grounded in SCIENCE, I had the temerity to question their GROUP THINK when they had NO science to govern their stupid policies and “Emergency” Overreach. And to think ALL it would take for a LOCAL government (Village Trustees, Town Selectmen) to ditch all Scott/Levine’s B/S was to “declare the emergency over in their jurisdiction” and let the Vt. League of Cities & Towns pick up the legal bills as THAT is what YOUR dues pay for! But NOBODY, except maybe Stamford near the Mass. border had the sack to try this tactic, what ever happened to THAT anyways? Maybe Guy Page could run it down, but reading the “state of emergency” powers, THAT was the only “out” I could find and i’m NOT an attorney, far from it. We MUST vote out the spineless followers of tyranny, period. SM.

  3. Sadly Michael, because you are not the woke thing now, in fact, you’re going against the woke thing…Newport has more love for it’s junkies and petty thieves then it’s taxpayers.

  4. Ignore your rights and they will go away. We have freedoms guaranteed by the constitution. But our rights are being taken away in small increments until they will disappear. They used fearmongering against Mike and his mask refusal. And then they illegally went after him. I’m more scared of losing my rights than I am of the covid virus. The govt and their thugs have become tyrants and it will not get any better. People need to stand up together & fight for your rights, whether you agree or not. Because divided, we will fall. If you don’t want to live in a democracy under our freedoms and constitution then please leave, but don’t destroy it for others who respect our freedoms and rights.

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