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Water Cooler: Nursing home faces race-related civil rights suit

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Publication Headline Published
NBC 5 UVM students report increase in bike thefts 9/8/2022 9:36 AM
NBC 5 Burlington nursing home faces federal lawsuit over alleged violation of the Civil Rights Act 9/8/2022 9:40 AM
NBC 5 Suspects plead not guilty in City Park homicide 9/8/2022 7:10 PM
VT Digger Claremont hires former Brattleboro town manager 9/8/2022 7:46 PM
WCAX Welch and Malloy face off in first debate 9/8/2022 11:51 PM

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  1. I’m not at all excusing racist insults but given that they were made by some nursing home residents, it would seem to imply that they weren’t exactly in full possession of their minds. What exactly was the nursing home administration to do about it; duct tape their mouths?

    Seriously, anyone who has to deal with people who are suffering from dementia(as sounds likely with these nursing home patients) knows that some may say the most vile things, even to loved ones. Sounds to me like the nursing home employees are looking to win big bucks with a lawsuit. Perhaps nursing homes should just avoid hiring black workers as there’s always the chance a demented patient might say something bad to them?

  2. If that was the full reporting for the debate on WCAX, they should be ashamed to call themselves a news organization. So what did we learn from that clip, nothing!

  3. Our courts will allow a civil suit against an establishment because one of the customers mouths off to the help in a racist manner and hurt some feelings? Meanwhile Vermont citizens are subject to all manner of criminal offenses for lack of enforcement and prosecution and that is called “equity”.

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