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Another biker dies; VT 4th in nation in highway death increase

Another person has died as a result of a motorcycle accident on Vermont highways, bringing the total to eight this year. 

Linda Sauca, of Hudson NY was a passenger on a motorcycle driven by her husband Tonnie Sauca, 69, when both were thrown from the 2013 Harley Davidson at about 2 pm on September 3. He was seriously injured. She later died of her injuries. 

Linda Sauca (FB photo)

State police say Sauca was traveling south on US Route 7 in Pownal, with Lisa Decker of Springfield, MA driving in front of him. She had slowed down to turn left into a driveway.  When she made the left hand turn, Sauca attempted to pass her on the left, colliding with her car in the northbound lane.  

Both Saucas were ejected from the motorcycle and sustained serious injuries. Both were airlifted to Albany Medical Center. Decker and her passengers were not injured in the crash. 

Linda Sauca’s death is at least Vermont’s eighth motorycle fatality in 2022. On August 3, Brian Mercer (Derby) was the seventh motorcyclist to die in a crash on Vermont roads this year. In 2021, there were 13 motorcyclist fatalities; in 2020, there were 10; in 2019 & ’18, there were 5 each year; in 2017, there were 11.

During the first six months of the year, Vermont highway fatalities (all vehicles) went from 28 in 2021 to 40 in 2022 – a 43% increase, and fourth highest in the country according to a Quotewizard study. 2022 traffic fatalities are also up 27% in New Hampshire and 52% in Maine, the national leader. 

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  1. I wonder how many had drugs in their systems? Are enough Vermonters concerned enough to have a quick blood analaysis to get a sense of how many opioids, THC, and other abusive drugs are in people’s systems that are involved in auto accidents? There’s no way to know presently.

    • As a life long biker with some experience, I cannot seriously consider the biker would have had any drugs on his system.
      Am thinking that the car was slowing down and did not use a turn signal so the biker attempted to pass. Very normal if you aren’t suspicious that it’s an idiot your following.
      Hey, guys, it’s a war out there.

      • Exactly my thoughts Timothy Price…and another death motorcycle same scenario at willow crossing area going toward jeffersonville. there was some kind of pride festival (?) going on …motorcycle passing car turning left…I have a strong hunch the blinker if on after the fact was turned on after the fact………

  2. As a rider myself, I am disturbed by the number of motorcycle deaths in Vermont. As a motorcycle rider of more than 50 years, I have observed a dangerous trend in the lack of driving skills I see these days. My question for this accident is, Did the car in front use the turn signal before actually turning? I see this more and more. People are not signaling before turning. As for the motorcycle, it pays to slow down and wait for turning cars and trucks. You always have to second guess what they might do. I’m not blaming either party because I don’t know how this happened. It just seems odd that the motorcycle would pass on the left if the car’s directional light was blinking. Another tragedy for all the families to deal with.

  3. In every case where a fatality exists everyone should be tested !!! Maybe the driver of the car was impaired? Mary

  4. Really nice young man from Saint Albans was killed out in Berkshire on death trap Route 105 just two weeks ago. Cycle. It sounded like the other driver turned right into his path. People are just not paying attention. I see tons of: eating, drinking, texting, fiddling with makeup and hair in mirror, gabbing with passengers, and what appears to be fiddling with the radio dial or A/C. Recently saw a woman holding phone in front of her above steering wheel and apparently texting, as she was turning left crossing lanes from a shopping mall onto a main highway. It’s awful out there. Risk is increased at any time nowadays, but especially any evening after 6 PM, Perhaps increased policing and enforcement of the rules would help. But the state police can’t be out on the highways if they’re in woke city “supplementing” the BPD trying to keep drug heads from shooting at each other on a Saturday night. But hey…BLM and DEFUND THE POLICE!

  5. yes indeed, was the left turn signal blinking, I’ve seen cars turn on the right signal and turn left. more reasons for dash cam, go pro etc.

  6. As a former motorcyclist, my sense of adventure has been superseded by my sense of self-preservation. There are just too many stupid car drivers on the road all coddled and distracted in their cocoons of steel. The lack of blinker use these days is a big problem. When someone fails to use their blinkers when they should, it should be met with stern use of the horn and/or appropriate hand gestures. When someone appears to be driving like an idiot, assume you are dealing with an idiot and use extra caution. Drive like yours, and others lives depend on it and dont give the safety nazis in the VT Legislature an excuse to enact a primary seat belt law. Some people seem to get satisfaction from ignoring the laws of the road, but the laws of physics are much more difficult to violate.

  7. Just had an experience with a crazy driver yesterday. I have been riding for 53 years so I try to watch for everything. My wife and I were going through Moretown when a car abruptly crossed in front of us, no blinker, no warning. Luckily I was suspicious of them as I am with all vehicles, especially cars, so I was going very slow. It still caught me by surprise, so it does not make sense the person in this accident had a blinker on.

    I hope there is a witness and the driver of the car can be held accountable if no blinker was used.

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