Warner: Groomers, Part 2 – power structures

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” -Voltaire

by Aaron Warner

In part 1 of this series we looked at the common method groomers use to ensnare their victims from identifying and personalizing to love bombing and ultimately enslaving.  We discussed the main organizations and individuals who use them from relatives to cults to nation states.  The focus now turns to new types and entities who are demonstrably using these same grooming tactics yet on a much larger and more socially acceptable scale. The goal is to expose the tactics and help you understand you and your loved ones as the target for the new age of grooming that’s closing in around us. 

As with basic grooming that starts with identifying and information gathering, social media has grown as an ostensibly benign tool for common use while disguising its grooming features from the unwitting.  Social media giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Tik-tok are all using mandatory information gathering via your devices in order for you to participate in their platforms.  One might argue this is the price to pay for their services, however if we look at the other signs of grooming we can see they use, or are being run by people, who hold to these methods. 

Facebook, for example, has a lengthy identification process they use to sell your information to third parties who will use marketing strategies, such as identifying vulnerabilities, to then market their products to you. This type of customized meeting of your needs (personalization/love bombing) is virtually identical to how groomers exploit their victims vulnerabilities by finding out their desires and meeting them early and often to build trust.  Facebook invites you to share even the intimate aspects of your life on their platform, which not only builds an emotional bond for you (never them), but lures in your “friends” to all participate.  This was the same method used by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell as they found girls to massage them then sent them back to get their friends to bring more into the net.  The primary difference being Epstein’s operation was for sexual control while Facebook’s is a social control mechanism.  However the method and the goal are the same.  Use a false pretense of connecting to personalize your data collection then exploit the participants by using the data they give you to target their needs and create a bond that is difficult, even painful to break. 

Pscyhiatrist and author of Political Ponerology Andrew Lobacewski, explained how psychopaths learn to identify one another even as children.  This natural inclination to network follows them well into adulthood.  Obscure groups like NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) form in secret then meet in relative secret to discuss both their mutual desires as well as to help one another find their preferred targets.  Some prefer much younger children where others are attracted to older ones.  Social media has become a useful tool for these types of groomers to easily target and track their prey, while also using apps on their smart phones to geo-locate those who are careless or naïve.  Law enforcement and therapy experts have been warning for years these online sites will make grooming that much easier.  The explosion in the number of missing children and human trafficking only confirm their warnings. 

Fellow social media giants Google, Tik-Tok and Twitter also require your information to use their platforms.  Granted, you can falsify it, however most people are not interested in being dishonest, so the number who do participate under pseudonyms is merely the cost of doing business to access the much wider group who don’t.  Despite some of these platforms, like Facebook, having an age requirement of eighteen to participate, this doesn’t keep them from gathering millions of photos and information on children, where they are, who their parents are, what they’re like, where they like to go, and so forth.  These have quickly become a groomer’s paradise.  They have also become a groomer protectorate with Reddit and Twitter recently banning the term “groomer” calling it an LGBTQ slur that rises to the level of hate speech. 

Added layers to this widening net include government schools, which virtually all now use social media and/or the internet in teaching children.  Were teachers simpatico with parents as far as the safety of their children were concerned there would be less worry.  Sadly the latest generation of teachers has a broad strain of “woke” educators who, by virtue of their woke religion, believe it is their calling to “liberate” children to their true selves.  This is done by taking them through things like Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), which has recently undergone a Marxist transformation, thus the new title Transformative SEL.  

SEL has been in schools for many years, however it has been hijacked of late to focus on the needs of the “marginalized” or “oppressed” groups – namely LGBTQ as can be seen in this paper.  Rolled into this call to have SEL adopted nationwide is the method of indoctrinating teachers to adopt it, love bombing those who play along, shaming and even firing those who don’t while accusing them of being “hateful”, all the while making the end goal the “new normal”.  If you disagree as a matter of conscience you will be shunned by these government institutions. 

Schools that don’t promote transformative SEL now have renegade teachers declare no allegiance to parents or districts by taking it upon themselves to share their sexual identities with children, encourage children to be open to changing theirs while also vowing to keep it a secret from their parents. How do we know this?  They brag about it in their Tik Tok videos.  Truly – “Let’s keep our talk about your sexual identity a secret from your mommy and daddy” – is now applauded in public spaces, alongside the applause of Drag Queen Story Hours coming to a town near you.  

The brazenness with which the government and its employees are coming after our children is breathtaking.  From a Biden Administration initiative for trans bathrooms backed with threats of taking poor children’s lunch money to DHS head Mayorkas adding parents expressing their constitutionally protected angry speech to a terrorist watch list, the very structure of government sworn to serve you is being weaponized (abuse/intimidate) against you by people you pay with your money.  It’s not just the groomers running the asylum, they use the pretense of open, affirming, accepting and tolerant to justify abuse and bullying backed by the most powerful legal and military apparatus in the world. 

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  1. Interesting that there is no mention of the two biggest recent groomers here. The Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Church. Both have acknowledged their serious issue with child sexual abuse and yet they are allowed to operate in our midst.

    No outrage here, although the Pope is currently in Canada apologizing.

  2. The bit where you say that the RC Church’s grooming and pedophilia culture was “a set up for a larger plot to destroy it from within”. Hardly a biting critique of their role in ruining lives, now is it Aaron?

    Bu the basement less pizza parlor basements where John Podesta ran his child abuse ring from is real?

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