Abortion up to birth not will of the majority, Article 22 opponents say

About 150 people gathered Saturday, July 23 on the Vermont State House lawn to hear Vermonters for Good Government urge a No vote on Article 22 and making unlimited abortion part of the Vermont Constitution.

by Guy Page

About 150 people gathered on a hot, sunny morning on the Vermont State House lawn to learn more about Vermonters for Good Government and its efforts to get voters to turn out in opposition November 8 against Article 22.

The statewide voter referendum would, if approved by voters, make unrestricted abortion on demand up to the moment of birth a right enshrined in the Vermont Constitution.

According to Vermonters for Good Government, this proposed State Constitutional Amendment would:
• Guarantee unregulated late-term abortions throughout all nine months of pregnancy up to the day of birth.
• Remove “conscience protection” for healthcare workers, meaning more doctors and nurses would avoid working in Vermont, creating more staffing shortages.

• Eliminate parental rights concerning children’s sexual and gender related choices.

VFGG maintains that Article 22 represents an extreme, absolutist point of view on the difficult, nuanced issue of legal abortion.

Despite the strong pro-choice sentiment in Vermont, more than half support establishing health and safety regulations for abortion clinics (54%), requiring a doctor or clinic to inform women about fetal development and alternatives to abortion before performing the procedure (55%), and requiring a physician or clinic to notify a parent or legal guardian before performing an abortion on a minor (53%), and agree that it should be a crime in Vermont for someone to hurt or kill an unborn child in the womb, VFGG said.

VFGG can be contacted at its website, by phone at (802) 828-7095‬, or email

“If we tell Vermonters what this monstrosity means in the real world, we will win.”

– Matthew Strong, Vermonters for Good Government Executive Director

“Abortion up to birth is not the will of the majority. We are not the outliers. We need to get Vermonters to the polls.”

– Vermont Rep. Anne Donahue

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    • At least have some signs near the entrance and exit of each of the County Fairs for people to reposition after the fair is done. Near grocery stores, center of town, and well trafficked roads to major employers.

  1. It is IMPORTANT to let people know that the vote will be on ARTICLE 22 as opposed to the Proposition 5 wording we have heard so much about. Needless to say, putting it on the ballot as Article 22 with no mention of Proposition 5 is an other way they are trying to obfuscate the the intent of the proposed Constitutional Amendment from the general public.

  2. “Safe, Legal, & Rare” was once the mantra then, like everything, it went TOO FAR & some, not most but some, were caught trafficking in a grisly trade of fetal body parts, some truly ghoulish stuff..The beginning of the end? THAT was when Va. Gov. Ralph Northram was caught on video “describing” the “procedure” or “protocol” where, at BIRTH, “we keep the baby & mother comfortable, then the Dr. & mother decide what to do w/the baby”..NOT “fetus” but baby..THAT was when eyes were opened to the horror of this “brave new world”, literally infanticide..Most Americans favor some types of abortions & most also favor some kind of restrictions, look at other “developed” nations like Europe, I believe they stop at 10 or 15 weeks, maximum.. It’s a tough call..But changing the Vt. Constitution to enshrine to forever & ever? Let the citizens vote THEIR conscience, it might not be what some think…