VT GOP chair reposts tweet of Trump telling people not to vote

Also calls Trump “the most unprincipled person I’ve known to run as a Republican”

By Michael Bielawski

Vermont GOP chair Paul Dame last month reposted a tweet of former president Donald Trump allegedly telling people not to vote.

The full context of Trump’s quote reveals he was apparently making a joke about his confidence to win New Hampshire in next year’s election.

“You got to get out there and you got to watch those voters,” Trump said. “You don’t have to vote. Don’t worry about voting. The voting, we got plenty of votes. You got to watch election night.”

Trump then continues to talk about the need for more election integrity.

The tweet posted by @SwissWatchGuy reads “Trump just told a room full of voters in NH not to worry about voting because they had ‘plenty of votes’ Telling Republicans not to vote should make it clear that Trump is the outright enemy of the conservative movement. Watch who is silent on this.”

Dame reposted the tweet without comment. He did respond to VDC about why he reposted the tweet.

“I did repost this. But this represents one of the problems that Donald Trump has posed as a candidate. It is incredibly foolish to tell people not to vote because you “have plenty of votes,” he wrote in an email on Friday morning.

He suggested that Trump by questioning the integrity of elections is causing voter turnout to drop for the GOP.

“Many people believe Trump’s remarks about the elections being rigged hurt Republican turnout in the GA elections in 2020, which gave both seats to Democrats in a narrow loss,” Dame wrote.

Dame seems to suggest that the GOP should be embracing mail-in ballots, while others in his party are calling for an end to universal mail-in ballots which means sending ballots to every voter on the checklist as is done in Vermont.

“If Republicans want to win we have to encourage people to vote, and in some cases that also means to vote early or absentee.  When the former president tells people, Republicans especially, not to vote it creates a problem for every other Republican up and down the ticket,” Dame wrote.

He continues, “In 2022 Republicans lost a seat because our candidates was 7 votes short. After the fact nearly 20 voters were identified that supported our candidate but did not go out and vote. If we listen to Trump’s advice to not worry about voting we’re going to keep losing,” he wrote.

He then concludes, “Trump is wrong when he tells people not to vote, and I think he needs to be called out for it.”

Dame has also called Trump “unprincipled.” In a Nov. 9 tweet about the former president’s speech in Florida, he tweeted: He’s the most unprincipled person I’ve known to run as a Republican. He intends to talk positively about Rep. Carlos – who endorsed Trump over Desantis. But before he speaks he has to crowd-test the man, and then abandons whatever he was going to say.”

Recently a Rasmussen Poll found that the majority of Americans are doubtful that next year’s elections will be free from fraud. It found that 54% of likely voters believe it’s “likely” that cheating will impact next year’s election outcome, and of those 30% say “very likely”. In contrast, just 41% say it’s unlikely and 24% think it’s not at all likely.

Trump calls for more secure elections

As that part of his speech continues, Trump then starts to ridicule the fact that election days have turned into election nights and then even longer as the process of counting votes sometimes goes for days, weeks, or more. He also talks about the need to secure election integrity via in-person voting with IDs and more.

“It used to be election day, election night, now it’s election month, now it’s election period. Some of these things going for 53 days. It’s terrible. We want to bring it back. Same-day voting, paper ballots, right? Voter ID, voter ID. Let me see your voter ID.”

Some folks in the comment include people who suggest that this was a short soundbite without context. @pennlion55 wrote, “I’ll wait and see what context this is in. I’m pretty sure you’re taking it out of context, and it’s just a joke. 😏” Another @paulsfam4 posts “This is fake a little edit job watch the full event.”

Another comment noted he could have been referencing the fact that Trump is dominating the GOP primaries.

@RkfromNy wrote, “Lol. He OBVIOUSLY meant the PRIMARIES. U clown .. and yea that’s true cos he has the primaries locked up. RINO Ron and others r trailing by 60 plus points. But keep Bleating trump trump trump…!! Hahahahhaha. #Trump2024”

The author is a reporter for the Vermont Daily Chronicle

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  1. Trump could say all the right things at all the right times and Dame will still pull the lever for Joe Biden in 2024.

    • and Governor Scott too, don’t forget….

      Build Back Better
      You will own nothing and be happy.

    • Paul Dame is clearly showing his hatred for Trump and his ongoing Trump Derangement Syndrome. Many in Vermont believe Dame has sold out the Vermont Republican Party to support VT Governor Scott who pretends to be a Republican along with others just like him.

      Dame won’t face the truth that Vermont Elections are broken and corrupt. He and the other “Old Boy Network Leadership of RHINOS” in the Vermont GOP have convinced themselves that ALL Mailed Ballots sent out by the State and circulating for 40 plus days is not a problem.

      The Vermont Election System has many other open doors for corruption like unattended Ballot Drop Boxes, legal Ballot Harvesting, no Voter ID’s, Vermont joining ERIC, no Ballot Chain of Custody, same day Voter Registration and mandated, questionable Ballot Counting Machines.

      Dame’s “Big Tent Let’s All Unite and Get Along” message is disingenuous. What are we uniting under? No one knows what a Republican is in Vermont. No one knows what a Vermont Republican stands for. Couple that with the corrupt election system and people check out. Who can blame them?

      • Oh my as a recipient of multi ballot… there is most definitely a problem with auto mailed ballots…. A requested mailed ballot should be the only way to do this… absentee as called now

    • Absolutely…. Dame is not a Trump fan and he will cross party lines and vote for big joe

  2. Anyone posting a tweet discouraging voting better watch their back. Douglass Mackey was arrested and sentenced for posting a meme that seemed to encourage supporters of 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to vote through text message. He thought it would be taken as a joke.

    • ….Yes! Correct, Cathy! By the politically weaponized DOJ/FBI & the United Nation’s new “liberal world order” (as per your dear leader Joe Biden’s exacting words).

      Here’s my response to you & yours: DON’T VOTE in any election ever again, OK? That’s MY “opinion” for today and that’s MY inherent & innate RIGHT to FREE SPEECH. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

      Oh, and how ’bout you don’t ever suggest to anyone in this FREE USA that they “better watch their back”…..I AM FOREVER FREE, whether you, or Joey, or Hussein Obama like it or not.

      Now, don’t forget…..my advice is: Never Vote. That’s: Never. Vote. Got it? Good. Oh, and btw: MAGA. And…..(I nearly forgot)….THE 2020 election was riddled with fraud.

      And Dame – You, as always, remain a useless waste case. (Also, my freedom of speech there, since none of you extremists seem to have the slightest conception of what that is).

      Did I mention in response to Cathy’s post to NEVER vote again. (My abject fear of your totalitarian government is making me quake, Cath.)


    • The Douglass Mackey circumstance is chilling – to say the least. I recommend everyone watch his recent interview with Tucker Carlson.

      Praemonitus Praemunitus.

  3. One political hit piece after another. This is exhausting. There are so many really important things to talk about line the defacto running of this country by the United Nations.

    • The UN doesn’t have the power to run anything unless there’s some sneaky crap going on….

  4. And THIS is why we conservatives have NO representation. Spewing comments taken out of context. Republicans in this state have to have their meetings at the police department. Not in the town meeting space like the Progressive and Socialists. WHY has Dame not shown up to those meetings? Why has he not spoken out for that? Apparently it is so unsafe for conservatives to meet that we have to go to the police dept for meetings!! What is wrong with that picture? Dame needs to go.

  5. Sounds like Dame needs to go. He doesn’t understand a joke and is too dumb to run anything. He sounds like a RINO to me.

    • Actually dame is doing an excellent job for the RNC. Too bad he allegedly works for the VTGOP. We forget that the RNC is more concerned with making money and maintaining the status quo than electing what we used to call Republicans. Conservative thinkers aren’t really welcome in the RNC and dame really only wants conservatives for their donor dollars. Heaven forbid MAGA minded folks be given the slightest thought or care by the VTGOP or the RNC.

  6. We could be working on our housing crisis, which has been ongoing for 40+ years..

    Make it easy for shared wells
    Make it easy for shared septic systems
    Work on reducing costs for foundations
    Make storm water easy and for subdivisions with less than 1200 sq. ft homes, town pays for it.
    Make boarding homes a use by right
    Make housing developments for homes under 1200 sq.ft. use by right
    Have no tax on any home construction less than 1200 sq.ft
    Have no transfer tax on property less than 1200 sq ft
    No building/septic/well, etc permit fees for homes under 1200 sq. ft
    Make any lot developable to their maximum septic capacity vs. zoning.
    State statute that prevents restrictions on manufactured homes.
    No subdivision fees for homes less than 1200sq.ft

    Suddenly we’d have all kinds of homes in not time at all.

    Oh, but let’s talk about orange man, bad tweet.

    • Dear Neil,

      Great list, but you ARE NOT thinking this ALL the way through!

      The housing cost to live in Vermont and many other places is the problem. Who will own these buildings as the average person can’t afford them. Even for those who may want to be landlords, the cost of labor and materials to build is unrealistic and prohibitive. Add this to the rising interest rates.

      Realistically, landlords have to charge enough rent to cover the mortgage, taxes, utilities and upkeep. What do you think that number would be even for a minimal square footage of living space?

  7. Dame is terrible. Remember he did nothing to get Scott to replace VT Democrat legislators who leave office early with Republicans. Instead, Scott replaces with Democrats! Dame is a RINO…just like Scott.

  8. This is a reflection of the strong two party system we have in Vermont. We have Democrats and Progressives. The GOP is worse than irrelevant. It provides aid and comfort to the other two parties by supporting (of failing to strongly oppose) the worst of the Dem/Prog policies. VT GOP can’t pretend to support election integrity after Scott permanently enacted universal mail in (zero audit trail) voting. Scott did this knowing that it would be next to impossible for any GOP candidate not named Scott to overcome the cheating and win statewide office ever again. The fact that VT GOP leadership allowed him to still be the face of the GOP is unforgivable. All of his actions give GOP seal of approval to Dem/Prog bad ideas. We’d be better off letting Dem/Progs have accountability for the mess they’ve created.

  9. Seriously now! Anyone that voting is simply bailing out on a serious civic responsibility.

    To those who are convinced that the system is “rigged“ or “fixed end of quote, or “corrupt“, I suggest that you get that evidence (not innuendo or mere speculation) in front of the appropriate individual in the jurisdiction where you live. If you don’t have actual proof, I suggest that you are merely gossiping.

    Mature adults deal with facts, not innuendo.

    • Dear Pete,

      Think through how the Vermont Election System is set up. Who needs evidence? Anyone with common sense and reason will draw a conclusion that the system is wide open to many types of corruption. Why was individual town control of Ballots taken away that provided Ballot Chain of Custody? Why are questionable counting machines mandated? The present system can no longer be audited. Why?

      • Dear VT Believer,

        So sorry! Originally, I was a scientist. Evidence makes me feel comfortable in my decisions,

        Decisions based on “gut feel” or intuition are inherently risky.

        Even a good systems analysis would be better than gut feel. Of course, a good systems analysis requires evidence.

    • As a “Scientist” you should know that there are rules to how to run an experiment and those rules are what allow you to provide evidence in a proper controlled manner. Go read the election rules and think of them as the rules on how to run an experiment. Now tell me that you need to have proof.

      The real bottom line is there is no way to verify the election which makes it fraudulent to begin with

    • Dear Pete,

      Who said anything about “gut feel?” How is “thinking” the same as “feeling?”
      As human beings we each have a remarkable brain to think, reason and use common sense. This is called “critical thinking.” I’m sure critical thinking is used by scientists. My quick “analysis” of the Vermont Election System follows:

      The evidence of corruption in the Vermont Election System is in the main component that is missing from the System which is: Ballot Chain of Custody.
      With the present Vermont Election System, it is unknown where the Ballots have been and who voted on them during the 40 + day time period from their release by the State of Vermont into the USPS Mail System and when they are due on Election Day. There are also many undeliverable Ballots using the present broken System.

      Auditing to check accuracy is not possible for any elections that have no Ballot Chain of Custody. I speak from experience having worked on many elections in Vermont before the Vermont Legislature drastically changed the Vermont Election System in May of 2021.

      The May 2021 Legislative Bill took away local town control of Ballots, Ballot Chain of Custody and ALL other reasonable safeguards and controls that were in the past Vermont Election System. A few years earlier, the questionable vote counting machines took away Vermont Town Citizen participation and the trust and confidence gained in hand-counting the votes in their individual towns.

      I understand you may not want to hear the truth. There are many who don’t including the Vermont State GOP. With my experiences, I do not have that choice. We no longer have a Free and Fair Election System without corruption in Vermont as our Vermont State Constitution declares should be in place.

      I will keep speaking out Hoping Vermont Voters will LOOK, INVESTIGATE, THINK and USE COMMON SENSE to SEE the TRUTH about the broken and corrupted Vermont Election System. Our Votes are Our Freedom!

  10. Vermont GOP is mostly a never-Trump organization that lost my participation back in 2016 when Rubio was their man. It seems backstabbing Nikki is their choice for 2024.

  11. There was tons of evidence. I listened to many hearings that featured PhDs like Dr. Shiva. The fact that the evidence was ignored for political reasons is a fact. Stop sputtering media propaganda. Unless you took the time to watch and/or listen to the many hearings that took place, you have no valid comment.

  12. Love reading the cope here, the fact of the matter is thanks to Dobbs, the Republican brand is toxic to anyone of child bearing age. (No one here which is probably why so many people believe in voter fraud) Democratic policies are polling nationally at +15 and Tuesday proved it. The MAGA crowd should hope Sleepy Joe runs again because he is the only way you stand a chance. I can totally see the Liberals blow it but you guys need to accept that the brand is toxic because you falsely believe any type of abortion procedure is murdering babies

    • God understands the murder of the unborn…those who don’t will reap eternal consequences…don’t want to be in your shoes.

    • Good point , after having this option for years.. it was put in jeopardy … and the dems ran with it. I personally believe a woman has a right to choose and republicans better find some common ground for allowing …. I honor those who would never find abortion an option as much as I honor those who need or want procedure within limits agreed upon … what was passed in Vermont and many other states now is insane and purely a result of republicans 0 zero policy… dem took it to the limit “all” or none as presented by them … women want this option wanted the option and so … we have a situation where up to full term… come republicans you can do better

  13. The problem isn’t the older people. I am a Republican who supports abortion and spent my life as an artist with no disposable income,vso your profiling is off. The problem is that young people are the victims of woke propaganda administered through higher education. I feel bad for them because most have been brainwashed to hate capitalism, boomers and America, to not want children, to gratifying themselves with pot and video games, and to live in fear of the next crisis. They don’t have the emotional fortitude to handle being called by the wrong pronoun or a mean tweet. How could these you people ever have children.

    • Yes, I was talking about all 71 million Trump voters, everyone of them an elderly, white person. Not sure what you’re trying to do there, but the problem is the older voter and as I said, I love the cope. Wonder what you’ll blame the fourth consecutive drubbing on.

    • Talk about off profiling! You just made widespread accusations about young people. You managed to insult women that want an abortion, young people, transgenders pot smokers, people that play video games, people that dont like mean tweets, and people that dont want children. You also assumed young people have no emotional fortitude and that you dont think they will be able to handlle having children. Its always a mistake to assign traits to entire groups of people. Maybe you should go back to school and learn how to respect people. Wether a Demorcrat or a republican everyone should respect others.

      • I only duplicated his attitude. So it was okay for Chris but not okay for me to respond in the same fashion. You haven’t listened to some of the progressive democrats/socialist podcasts I have listened to. I listen to understand younger people and why they are so angry at the world.
        I sincerely try to be kind, patient, a voice of reason, but there is no hope. Many of the young young people are really angry. I suggest you listen too. Their comments range from killing baby boomers with pillows, to baby boomers ruined the world and are responsible for their lack of wealth and homeownership.

      • I was raised as a Catholic and understand your statement is based on faith. Therefore, I respect people’s religious viewpoints. With that being said, your statement was unnecessary and not helpful in context to the conversation.

  14. Trump uses sarcastic humor at all his rallies. Anyone who has watched him or attended one knows that. His crowd knows that by doing so he is actually calling out to center-right voters to take action and make sure to vote!
    So get with that message and vote Trump in the March primary (except Paul Dame), which will be town meeting day–March 5, 2024.
    If you are not registered, stop by your town clerk to do so, or register the day of the election with the clerk in your town. If you are a registered voter, but you know people who aren’t help them get registered and make a point of getting them to vote.
    Concerned about energy independence, inflation and global conflict? There is no better choice than Trump. Under his leadership things were good, except for COVID19 which no one (except Fauci) knew was coming.

  15. The vt gop is supposed to have an election integrity committee…what’s up with that?

    • Yes , Paulj
      We do in fact have an Elections committee, in all Honesty there are 4 or 5 very Sincere people on that Committee.
      God Bless each and every one of you for the Many comments , yal made my Day .
      It’s been a long Road 🛣️ with another year to Go .

      Advised , Vote in huge Numbers in Person on Election day , register as many as you can , give rides . Bring Frens 🐸🇺🇸

      Same Day in person .
      Rinos have Problems , but Our Base is MAGA .
      KNOW that good people put up with plenty of Aggravation to Turn the Countie Parties twords the Light of Truth .
      Dear God,
      Please give us MEAN TWEETS amen 🙏🇺🇸

  16. No on has actually show me credible evidence of widespread systematic fraud in the election system. Those assertions have been rejected by about 60 courts with original jurisdiction on the allegations.

    Wake up folks! Stop beating a dead horse. Deal with reality, not innuendo.

    • The majority of those court cases claimed no jurisdiction. If the court cannot address fraud in an election than who can? You have to ask yourself who appoints the judges?

      Lastly, if you truly paid attention and lived in reality, you know that there’s an awful lot of cases that have been tried and found actual fraud more than enough to change the outcome of the election.

      In fact, our own FBI and DOJ were weaponized to change the outcome of the election by lying to the public. In regards to the hunter Biden laptop, among many other things you need to go read is the Twitter files by Matt Taibbi

    • Bridgeport, CT democratic primary.

      A judge has seen enough to order a re-run. Look it up, please.

    • Pete: You’re missing the point. Beside the fact that there are myriad recent examples of actual fraud, CT, GA, AZ, MI – never mind the more than 1400 ‘proven’ cases listed by the Heritage Foundation. That there is ‘no evidence’ is the issue. The voting system is flawed. ‘Evidence’ is unavailable – by design.

      Ask your VT Town Clerk how the signatures on mail-in ballot envelopes are verified. Don’t take my word for it. Ask your Town Clerk. The fact of the matter is that VT Town Clerks don’t have valid signatures of registered voters on file to verify in the first place. They can’t verify signatures – even if they want to.

      Put it this way. Show us your credible evidence that there is no fraud. You can’t do it.

      The fraud is in the voting system. And what’s worse is that complaining about it can land you in jail. Just ask Douglass Mackey.

      You said you were a scientist and that “evidence makes me feel comfortable in my decisions”. Are you comfortable with the evidence on the Covid vaccines? How about the audit of monies sent to Ukraine? The Biden family grifting?

      You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

    • Dear Pete,

      Please drop the robotic indoctrination of beliefs. This is prevalent in our present culture of lies, deception,”experts” and fake information.

      Use your very capable and remarkable brain to THINK and REASON. It’s still legal and very necessary to distinguish truth from lies. I promise, you will love the personal Freedom you experience if you do!

    • Pete, have you seen the documentary, “2,000 Mules” on election fraud, ballot box stuffing, tracking the mules via their cell phones?

  17. All the never Trumpers like Paul Dame, Tom Evslin, Phil Scott, Chris Sununu, et al will never understand why the common people will vote for Trump no matter what. Paul Dame is as guilty as MSNBC for retweeting misinformation.

    The Jellyfish should replace the Elephant as the logo for the Republican Party. It fits perfectly, spineless, brainless, heartless, eats its own, craps thru its mouth and is full of poison.

    If it wasn’t for Trump the Republicans would have no party at all.

  18. All of this, incl. most of the comments, confirm why I am no longer active with the Vt. GOP, sadly. For me it started in 2016 when a RINO leading my County Meeting stood up there and vehemently told us why we shouldn’t vote for Trump. Need I say more? Most of you have stated my feelings about Dame, so I won’t reiterate. I am a born and raised Vermonter and what has happened to this State makes me want to cry. My hometown has now been overtaken by the “Bernie loving Prog Libs”, like so many other towns. It is pretty embarrassing to tell people where I live, as the response (among my conservative friends) is “oh-you poor thing”. Since some younger like-minded folks have moved into town, and I will have some support, I am planning to attend the BCA meeting Monday night to challenge the 100% Lib committee about the fact that they have NOT sought any R or I volunteers for far too long. They actually lied to me 4 years ago by telling me they weren’t able to find any! Gee- I wasn’t contacted. I momentarily considered contacting Dame, but I guess you know why I didn’t, which is pretty darn sad, BTW- the SOS office was very responsive and shared the necessary documentation to assist with my challenge.

  19. “If Republicans want to win we have to encourage people to vote, and in some cases that also means to vote early or absentee. When the former president tells people, Republicans especially, not to vote it creates a problem for every other Republican up and down the ticket,” Dame wrote.
    Is he suggesting that republican voters are too lazy to vote the old fashioned way, and that they’ve got to have their right to vote spoon fed to them??? What on earth is so hard about going to the polls once in a year? I’m in my 7th decade and have voted absentee once in my life, because I was absolutely unable to be there. What I can tell you though, is that I’m rapidly becoming a libertarian, even it means that I never see victory at the polls. If the VTGOP won’t pony up and support good candidates with strong values…that’s not my problem.

    • No, I’m actually saying the opposite. It’s BECAUSE Republicans are not lazy, and they care about their families, and they care about their businesses that some of them NEED to have an early or absentee option for voting.
      If you mother was on her death bed the day before the election and you had to travel 600 miles to see her, no honest Republican would skip out on a dying family member to make sure they could vote.
      I used to have voters in my district that worked 12-hour shifts at IBM from 7am-7pm. If those people were working on election day and we did what some argue to eliminate every kind of early or absentee voting – it would mean we would cancel out thousands of votes from working class people.
      You even stated yourself that YOU have voted absentee because you absolutely couldn’t be there. I’m sure it was because you had some other responsibility – probably to family or work that you wanted to make sure that you honored. We shouldn’t be denying that same right to other Republicans – especially out military men & women who are serving over seas – they can’t vote in person on election day either.

      • Paul,
        Seriously? How hard is it to schedule time only a few times a year to go to the polls and vote? It’s your civic duty. Does stuff come up, sure, but how many Republicans have their mother dying on election day? Lord I hope it’s not (m)any.

        No one is complaining about absentee voting. If you sign up to get a ballot and produce ID it would be perfectly fine and most importantly auditable. However early voting is a whole different animal. Voting by mail with automatic enrollment is not ok. It’s not auditable and allows for fraudulent votes not to mention it tells some people exactly how many votes are needed to make it look like a legit win well ahead of time. If you spent so much time knocking on doors then you know how bad the data is that we are given so you know how bad the mail in voting is. Numinar illuminated that in the first training.

        You can’t slither out of this one when it was just announced that you have a headliner who is known for early voting (S. Pressler)…. You support it, just like Phil.

        Why don’t you champion why the laws themselves don’t allow for a fair election because they aren’t auditable and why that means that it’s a violation of Article 8 of the Vermont Constitution because they can’t be pure if they can’t be audited?

        What do you get for following their script Paul, because I know you know better than to bring a weak argument like this unless there is something in it for you.

      • Perfect example of why the GOP is flatlining with copious amounts of excuses and lame lip-service. The examples you cite always had an option to use an absentee ballot if the voter chose to utilize it. The military has always had their voting rights secured as the military is not the federal government (thank God!) It was only when the establishment felt threatened by one lone candidate and his team did it suddenly become paramount to flood the land with ballots that cannot be tracked or verified. Considering how the Georgia case is shaking out as well as other cases, the day of retribution is at hand. The receipts (evidence) is ready to drop. Hence the desperation, sleepless nights, and violent tendencies of the establishment.

      • Re: “If you mother was on her death bed the day before the election and you had to travel 600 miles to see her, no honest Republican would skip out on a dying family member…”

        Good Lord. Where’s the graphic of the Paul Dame critic pushing the old lady in a wheelchair off the cliff? If anything, the graphic should be Mr. Dame pushing the VTGOP off the cliff.

        No one is saying end absentee balloting. What we are saying is that there’s a difference between absentee ballot procedures and the universal mail-in ballot process that sends a ballot to every registered voter whether or not they request one. We’re saying that signatures on mail-in ballots must be verified to assure that the ballot comes from a legitimate voter.

        Paul Dame’s false equivalencies are adolescent school-yard quibbles at best.

        Who is this Paul Dame fellow, anyway? Why was he chosen to be the chair of the VTGOP? He has a Bachelor’s degree in secondary education. He was elected to the VT House once, and then lost his next election bid. Does the VTGOP pay the chair a salary? After all, you get what you pay for.

      • Since no one has a problem with LEGITIMATE Absentee Ballots, you have chosen an argument that is empty of substance. You don’t seem to grasp or want to address the real existing problems with Vermont’s Election System.

        Absentee Ballots used to have Chain of Custody in Vermont. They were locally distributed by town clerks, so Chain of Custody was possible. We no longer have a legitimate Absentee Ballot option.

        We no longer have the ability for Ballot Chain of Custody. In other words, we don’t and can’t KNOW who has voted on the returned Ballots. ALL Ballots are now mailed out by the State to ALL Voters on ALL Voter Checklists throughout the State 40+ days before Election Day.

        The system is unable to be audited. Is this intentional or incompetence?

  20. Paul Dame using the trickery of the lame stream media shows his true alliance and his Master approves. Considering what is transpiring in the Georgia election case (the State’s hired gun top defenders just quit the case, gee I wonder why?) in Wisconsin and others, the dominos are falling by way of court decisions. The Truth is coming out. Vermont is a failed State. No amount of chicken dancing, gaslighting or propaganda tactics will change the course they set this State upon themselves. Failure by way of fraud and corruption and many “officials” involved. Enjoy the limelight despots, it is about to go eeirly dark soon for you all.

  21. People only go to the buffet, with stale bread, cold potatoes, grisly meat and wilted lettuce so many times before they stop going.

    Saying you’d like some fresh food, hot soup and a piece of meat you can chew is not unreasonable.

    Serving the same slop and telling your customers it’s their fault you don’t have more customers is failed at best.

    But then, it’s not an accident, everyone like the Montpelier uniparty just the way it is.

  22. Apparently we have another RINO running the VTGOP into the ground. It’s bad enough Ronna McRomney is allowed to manipulate the RNC giving the Democraps an advantage but now VTGOP chair Paul Dame is doing everything he can to divide the already “weak-as-water” Republican party even further.
    No Paul, mail-in ballots are NOT a good idea. Yes Paul, you need to accept the fact that Trump is the most popular conservative candidate.

  23. If mail in ballots signatures can’t be verified then why have them? If you are not an American citizen then why should you be allowed to vote? If your town or city clerk refuses to police issues to make sure that voters either know the issues inside/out then seek it out yourself!!!!They won’t police tracking down people who are non citizens. They probably will vote right along with everyone-they have a valid driver’s license. If your city/town clerk refuses to verify signatures or to investigate citizenship then that clerk is incompetent—-who is policing them? Cleaning up and purging the voters list is fantastic but not if you allow corruption elsewhere.
    Paul Dame why can’t you breakup the supermajority of progressive democrats in the Vt house and senate?—you have plenty of ammunition.
    Vote in person. Absentee ballots should be at a minimum. See your friends and neighbors -they’ve missed you.