Triad Weed: How Chinese Marijuana Grows Took Over Rural Maine

[Editor’s note: Maine, like Vermont, has established a legal, licensed, retail sales market of marijuana. Also like Vermont, it is legal in Maine to grow several plants for personal use.]

by Steve Robinson, Editor – Maine Wire

Illegal Chinese marijuana grows have taken over much of rural Maine.

The government is either incapable — or unwilling — to do anything about it.

The Maine Wire has identified more than 100 properties that are part of a sprawling network of Chinese-owned sites operating as unlicensed, illicit cannabis growing operations in rural Maine.

According to an unclassified memo from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) obtained by the Maine Wire, the illicit grows are operated by Asian Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs).

The properties cover Somerset County, Penobscot County, Kennebec County, Franklin County, Androscoggin County, and Oxford County.

The sites were purchased over the past three years by single adults, primarily from New York and Massachusetts, using cash or financing arranged through a handful of mortgage companies.

The Maine Wire investigation began following the leak of a separate DHS memo that revealed the existence of more than 270 such sites in Maine.

That memo, first reported by Jennie Taer of the Daily Caller News Foundation, offered the first public confirmation of what law enforcement officials have long known, but what neighbors to these properties and legal marijuana entrepreneurs have only suspected.

Namely, that Chinese foreign nationals are exploiting Maine’s lax marijuana laws, the Biden Administration’s immigration policies, and cheap real estate in rural Maine to grow a fortune using exploited illegal alien laborers.

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  1. Between supplying fentanyl precursors to the Mexican cartels who then move it into the US and growing weed in Maine, China is certainly exacting their revenge for the opium scourge put upon it’s people by Western nations 150+ years ago…
    The Democrat party with it’s open border policy, abhorrence to police and civil justice and it’s incessant race baiting and victim coddling also deserve much of the blame for the downfall of our once-great Nation. A majority of people have inexplicably voted for this scenario so be sure to give full credit to your liberal/progressive friends and neighbors.

  2. I use marijuana medicinally. I have for many years. Nevertheless, those farms should be shut down.

  3. And someone has to tell me why this is surprising?

    The wolves has always known how to get to the sheep..

    I would not be too worried about the Chinese trying to take up the Vermont market. They too have heard about Act 250, storm water run off, present land use, affordable housing set aside initiatives, EB , the Newport hole, the Burlington hole, drug dealers from MA controlling the VT market and worst of all … truckers getting stuck in the Notch.

    Why would they want to get swallowed up by this morass?

  4. Considering it takes a lot of capital (aka money) to start, maintain, and operate large scale business of any sort in New England, it isn’t hard to find out where the money is coming from – search the number of phantom LLC’s with duplicate addresses that are located in places such as Danbury, CT, Wilmington, DE, or under the management of financial security companies out of DC or NYC. These are laundry services that cover for foreign investors to funnel the money, obtain hard real USA assets, and buy off the local “authorities.” The smell of RICO permeates throughout New England.

    • Lots of phantom llc’s going around and around these days… the deep state is VERY DEEP

  5. “Namely, that Chinese foreign nationals are exploiting Maine’s lax marijuana laws, the Biden Administration’s immigration policies, and cheap real estate in rural Maine to grow a fortune using exploited illegal alien laborers.”

    Sounds like someone’s mad that the Chinese do capitalism better than the Americans

  6. The article (which is lengthy) should be read in its entirety. Click on the Maine Wire link at the bottom of the article. Mr. Robinson has done a terrific job of showing how investigative journalism should be done (pay attention VtDigger), and delivers via facts to the officials in Maine what needs to be stopped. What is further amazing is the amount of electricity that these growers are using in order to profit, while the State of Maine grapples with excessively high KPH rates for the average electric user because the “Greens” push their fantasy anti carbon agenda . Well done Mr. Robinson lets hope your Governor and the Maine legislator actually act on the facts.

  7. Nothing like foreign drug dealers coming to America and competing with young prospective home buyers, farmers, and businesses for land – who can compete with those who have seemingly unending financial resources gotten from drug sales.
    It is likely that no one will acknowledge that there where many warnings about opening the door to crime when marijuana becomes “legal.”
    “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

  8. Underwritten by the Peoples Republic of China, I’ve no doubt.

    Where are our nations counter intelligence professionals, to allow this to happen?

    Playing domestic politics, and being black boot storm troopers, of the left, while leaving the henhouse doors open, for the Chinese fox’s to enter, and sow havoc weakening our once great nation ?

    Vote the left out now!!!

    The only way forward for America.

  9. Didnt the governor of Alabama put a stop to this type of land grab and took it all back? I’m remembering a recent presser on just this. If she can ……!!!

  10. Q: Why can’t Maine undermine her own laws and grow pot?
    A: Because then she wouldn’t need to tax the crap outta her residents.