GOP demands paper ballots, audits, voter ID

By Michael Bielawski

The National GOP Committee calls for election reform, voting unanimously in August for the “Resolution urging a ‘return to excellence’ in American voting and elections.” A member of the Special Election Committee for the Vermont GOP has offered VDC some updates on Tuesday morning.

The resolution calls for “the broadest possible participation to all voters” and they are calling for “ensuring the integrity of our voting and election administration is critical and foundational to maintaining a civil and decent society decentralized from a federal government as the founders intended.”

It calls for physical paper ballots that can be examined by the voter before being turned in. It states that “Election experts agree that the most resilient voting systems use paper ballots, either marked by hand or with an assistive device and are verified by the voter before any means of tabulation.”

Mark Coester 

Mark Coester is on the Vermont GOP Special Election Committee as well as a representative for Vermont to an election integrity event hosted by MyPillow CEO and election integrity activist Mike Lindell. Lindell spearheaded the effort to put this resolution together and get it to the National GOP for the vote.

Mark Coester

He spoke about the challenges concerning election integrity, including recalling how elections used to be done in Vermont with more transparency.

“We used to walk into the polling place [and be handed] three ballots, go in the voting booth and take out #2 pencil and fill out the ballot that we wanted,” he said. He described that the two unused ballots were carefully discarded and the filled-out one is handed in all in a manner that did not reveal how the voter voted or even for which party they voted.

He noted that it’s hypocrisy for the Democrat party to deny election fraud is an issue.

“We’ve got video of the Democrats screaming election fraud for 20 years straight and they weren’t wrong but they just quieted it down,” he said.

Coester says he participates in conference calls with Lindell and that these efforts will continue through Election 2024. He pointed to FrankSocial.com to spread election news, it’s a social media site by Lindell intended to circumvent the social media censorship on some of the other big platforms.

More on the Resolution

The resolution itself generally discourages the continued embracing of electronic means of voting.

It states, “The Republican National Committee boldly opposes means of voting that do not have the proper safeguards in place and are exclusively delivered electronically and calls on every county and state in the nation to use as the default ballot systems which are fully auditable, namely hand-marked, voter-verified paper ballots to make sure that every voter is represented by a paper record.”

The statement also takes aim at their political opposition. It states, “Elections have been under assault from those on the Left as they attempt to implement schemes and intentionally inject chaotic administrative changes that have drastically changed how elections are conducted in hundreds of the most populous counties and regions across the nation.

In conclusion, their statement calls for a return to simplicity and tangible security measures.

It calls for “a return to the simple and proven methods of precinct, ward or geographically-defined localized voting with auditable balloting procedures using paper ballots, in fair, reasonable limited time periods, using proper identification to strengthen voter confidence and to ensure that American election procedures can be a fair and open process for all to participate.”

Election fraud in the news

In the news this week another northeastern city is having to redo its mayoral primary election due to disturbing video that has emerged of an apparent ballot-stuffing scheme.

“A Connecticut judge has dismissed the results of a Democratic mayoral primary election in the state’s largest city and ordered a new election be held after video surveillance captured people placing multiple absentee ballots into outdoor collection boxes,” the Fox News report states.

Americans are unconvinced that elections are fair

A poll from last June reveals that a majority of Americans expect that there will be fraud in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 54% of Likely U.S. Voters believe cheating is likely to affect the outcome of the next presidential election, including 30% who think it’s Very Likely. Forty-one percent (41%) say election cheating is unlikely to affect the 2024 outcome, including 24% who consider it Not At All Likely,” their report states.

The author is a reporter for the Vermont Daily Chronicle

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  1. stop mailing ballots to everyone. paper ballots counted while being observed. as short a time to vote as possible with voter ID.

  2. Democrats are fine sticking with the “honor system”. After all, it has worked so well for determining who to provide services and motel rooms for when people come to the area and claim they have no place to live. Why mess with success?

  3. It seems Vermont has been turned over to low-information, low-interest voters who don’t need to even request a ballot. Also, we risk that hundreds if not thousands of unused ballots are floating around more than 6 weeks before every general election. And one person can deposit up to 25 ballots into unsupervised drop boxes. As a result of these changes could a Vermont voter lose confidence in the integrity of such a system? I think so. Some may think every state did this. Nope. Vermont Democrats, with Republican votes, enacted a “let’s exploit COVID” statute in 2021 (making permanent the COVID-exploiting temporary changes made in 2020) requiring the mailing of ballots to each and every registered voter for each and every General Election. See Vermont statutes, Title 17, Chapter 51. Our Republican governor agreed to these changes. Is there any chance that Vermont Democrats will eliminate these rules and go back to an election day with a requirement that voters request an absentee ballot? Not likely without some demonstrably proof of fraud and a ton of pressure. In a 2005 report on election reform, Jimmy Carter and James Baker recommended measures to increase voter participation AND enhance ballot integrity. If we don’t demand ballot integrity, we’ll never get it.

  4. And hand counted ballots. Just because a machine is programmed to give you a green “you voted” checkmark ✅ doesn’t mean much to me.

  5. 1. Same day voting.
    2. Voter ID
    3. In person voting, proof of life.
    4. Absentee ballots only for exceptions
    5. Signature verification.
    6. Hand count, tabulator checked.
    7. Clean up voter rolls
    8. Severe penalties for fraud.

    There, fixed it.

  6. You want ‘return to excellence’ in American voting and elections.” that’s pretty simple
    the day of the election go to your polling place, show an ID, and cast your ballot, if you are in the military or have a medical issue, then you ” request ” a mail-in ballot, anything else is just an opportunity for fraud, so let’s see how Vermont’s new Secretary of state Sarah Copeland Hanzas handles our elections…………………….

    So for the so-called 81M that voted for Biden, how do you like him now, what a feckless and corrupt and treasonous President !!

  7. Having “escaped” VT, I just “voted” via a touch screen, the process producing a print-out “ballot” with a QR code, which I deposited into a bin covered by a tent with a slot for “ballot” insertion. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG???

    I now live in a very big-deal Swing State. These machines are the rape of the Republic.

  8. Mike Lindel lol. take the tin foil hats off fellas, this is why regular citizens (libruls) don’t take MAGA seriously

    • Perhaps the court cases decided in Connecticut and Wisconsin are just an illusion to the delusional ones. Stay tuned, more receipts (aka evidence) and court decisions are on the way!

  9. Clean voter rolls, voting on paper, with ID, in person and no mail in ballots barring exceptional cause with chain of custody, hand counted, and no late night pauses with sudden changes… which is the very hallmark of vote fraud in any other nation. If France can do it, we can do it, and anyone opposed is perfectly fine with crooked elections, because their team benefits. Dead people voting for Democrats has been a joke for over 50 years now, because they know they can’t win without cheating.

  10. If voting really mattered, it would take several ID’s and would have all manner of safeguards. Has anyone tried to get an ID in Vermont? Or open a checking/savings account in Vermont lately? My elderly mother came to live with us and these are things we have done in the last 12 months. It’s almost impossible to get these because she no longer had a driver’s license and lost her SS card in the move. Can’t use tax roles as we own the house. Yeah, it was a lot of fun. Took four months. But she could just walk into the town office and claim whomever she wanted to be and they handed her a ballot. No proof. Again if voting really mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it without major safeguards. It’s all a sham.

  11. The election fraud that happened in Bridgeport CT has been going on for years and years. They have election fraud down to a science. Bridgeport has been known to thrown at least two gubernatorial elections to the Dems. Linda McMahon and Carl Higby for Ned Lamont. They got caught this time because it was Dem on Dem fraud using the same method as yes, you’ve seen the movie, 2000 Mules. Caught on video stuffing the ballot boxes. Just remember and keep repeating in 2020 there was no ballot fraud, in 2020 there was no ballot fraud.

    “A lie is as good as the truth if somebody believes it”. – Flip Wilson

    • Taken from the 10/3 Washington Post, ” The map of a “mule” that it shows was fake, as True the Vote’s Gregg Phillips admitted in an email to The Post.” lol D’Souza is a convicted felon that preys on gullible people. One again, where’s the evidence. I thought that after Fox New paid out $700 million for their election lies, that this was going to be dropped, turned out you people love being lied to.

      • What about the live report CNN showed of the lady stuffing ballots into the box while being interviewed? Was that fake?

      • The Washington Post, like the NYT and many other subversive communist mouthpieces, is the last place I would look for truth. I expect their mule map to be about as accurate as their maps of Israel/Gaza.

        Facts and evidence will not penetrate those who have fixed their belief system in one faction or another. For example, your tribe claims words are violence but their violence is peaceful protest. In my world, actions speak louder than words.

      • OK Chris riddle me this. If Joe Biden really got 81 million votes, then why are they going to such great lengths to stop Trump. Because they are scared of him.

  12. DNC targeted Sec of State positions, across the nation ,who oversee elections, in their states, and many elected, as a result, gamed the system ,including Vermont’s ,in my opinion, via Zuckerbucks, and changes in the voting systems,forcing voting machines on small towns, who always hand counted ballots,that worked well, to game elections, so in my opinion, the Sec of State elections process, should be the number one function, in any state government, that should be monitored closely, and continuously. Fools and their elections process are soon parted. It is happening and it is real!

  13. there never will be election integrity again, until the changes are made to make voting impossible to manipulate