Vermont students work to ensure “Covid-19 mandates are not repeated again”

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By Michael Bielawski

At least two Vermont college students have helped to start the Student Declaration 2023 which is to ensure that overzealous COVID-19-related mandates are never repeated again on their school campuses.

“We were told that mask, vaccine, and lockdown mandates would be justified by their benefits, yet, in light of the incredible harms these mandates caused, such mandates cannot be justified today,” the Declaration states.

It continues that students have been under a lot of peer pressure to fall into line.

“An undeniable psychological toll fell on every student facing pressure from peers, professors, and university administration to comply with mandates, and many, denied face-to-face contact with others for over a year, found themselves forced to accept medical coercion under duress,” it states.

Two of the Declaration’s three originators are UVM students, Lauren Palmer and Isla Stover. Palmer, according to her Linkedin profile, has studied performance arts and offered homeschool courses. Stover is an avid cyclist. The third person is Nadia Ghazal, a graduate law student.

The petition currently has 94 signatures including nine students, 10 faculty/staff and 75 citizens.

The Declaration further suggests that students who refused COVID vaccines were punished for doing so.

“Those who chose not to vaccinate (a choice owed to all people under a truly democratic society), whether for medical or personal motivations, were made outcasts; they were socially ridiculed, segregated, and blamed, losing scholarships, academic and social opportunities, jobs and internships, medical autonomy and privacy, their ability to see friends and family, all campus platforms for free and uncensored speech, and the most basic human rights of Compassion, Dignity, and Empathy,” it states.

It also accuses academic leaders of abandoning the principles of free speech and public debate.

“It is clear that modern academia and academic leaders have betrayed their commitment to the free and open exchange of ideas, allowing fear, and not reason or common sense, to triumph. The freedom of rational thought must be recovered, and, in order to do this, we must first restore the principles of the university: the quintessential fountain of ideas. Dialogue must again be the foundation of all institutions.”

On the UVM student’s petition webpage it talks about empowering students. It states “Students were once the vehicles of change. We hope our movement on October 23rd empowers students, as well as professors, staff, and inspired community members, to be that vehicle of change once again.”

Similar to the Great Barrington Declaration

The statement is not unlike 2020’s Great Barrington Declaration, which has more than 938,000 signatures including at least 43 medical professionals.

It stated in 2020, “Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health. The results (to name a few) include lower childhood vaccination rates, worsening cardiovascular disease outcomes, fewer cancer screenings and deteriorating mental health – leading to greater excess mortality in years to come, with the working class and younger members of society carrying the heaviest burden. Keeping students out of school is a grave injustice.”

COVID mandates still in national news

In related news, Children’s Health Defense announced last week that a ruling by the New York State Supreme Court in January to strike down the state’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers will remain after the state’s appeal was dismissed earlier this month. It’s not yet clear what the implications might be in Vermont.

Also the former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson was in the news recently warning Americans to reject any return of COVID-related mandates.

“Look at how much control they were able to exercise over the people: shutting down the schools, keeping our children from learning, putting them so far behind. It’s going to take years, maybe decades, for them to catch up again,” he said on Newsmax’s “American Agenda.”

The author is a reporter for the Vermont Daily Chronicle

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  1. Power to the brave students and teachers for speaking out against vaccine mandates and thinking for themselves instead of the propagandists!

  2. Bravo to these students! Every change has to start somewhere, and it’s exponentially more difficult to be the person(s) starting at zero, as these students are.

    While I can understand any college administration “mandating” shots either because they’re power and control hungry, or more likely, worried about losing their precious federal gubmint money, something else completely baffles me. And that’s the behavior of this group’s fellow students (some, not all) who were and still are so quick to criticize and ostracize them for simply acting on their beliefs, using their common sense, and not caving in to peer or administrative pressure. Quite frankly, “students” like that wouldn’t have lasted long at the university I attended back in the day, if they were ever allowed to be admitted in the first place.

    Regardless of all of that, one stubborn fact remains: The overall US Fauxvid (TM) chance of death among people under 30 years of age is a miniscule .00000025. This number has purposely been made difficult to tease out, hidden among case numbers, percentages, deaths from, deaths with, definitions, etc etc. What I’m using here is deaths by percentage of total population, which is 2.5 per 10 million! And is his not the number that should always be used? After all, *everyone* was urged, coerced, or volunteered to be jabbed, so using the total population of under 30 people is correct and proper. Fauxvid (TM) was no more severe than the flu, despite the fact that proven effective treatments were denied to nearly everyone.

    Literally *no one* under the age of 30 had any realistic chance of dying from Fauxvid (TM). NO ONE!

    I would even go further and make my case that far more people in this age group have died from side effects of the mRNA jab than Fauxvid (TM) itself. Before 2020, how many young people did you see collapsing from heart failure, dying from myocarditis, and on and on and on from causes now associated with the jab?

    But that’s a whole other discussion, isn’t it?

    • I was 64 when I got it it brought home by my partner 70 at the time. She caught it at work, she cares for an elderly lady . None of us died. I’ve been sicker and my partner went hunting. And the elderly lady came out of it fine. This whole thing was set up to see how well we’re controlled

  3. Bravo…these mandates are finally being exposed for the Nuremberg Code violations they are. The disastrous health impacts are only beginning to be seen.

  4. Distraction.
    Where were ANY of them when this started. When real people who understand the atrocities of our government. I and many like me were and are on a roof crying to the people to stop and pay attention to what they are doing and , nope. Go along to get along. I am not proud of these children nor their parents who sent them to this school to be programed by the lefties. I do not pat them on the back because quite frankly I was them 3-4 years ago and because I did not go to the colleges or have rich parents or any number of fake garbage that got these kids all worked up. No, I feel that they had and have options that the gubment is NOT promoting. FREEDOM.
    As a reminder to all here is the link to all the fun stuff our supposed trusted gubment had done over the years to kill us and control us, especially the poor and any brown people. No, Not impressed at all.
    That link

    Open your eyes people. This means nothing. You will see.

  5. The kids are waking up! Their generation is finding their voices and they will be heard.

  6. stop it…Stop It…STOP IT!!!

    STOP ASKING PERMISSION to not wear a medical device that has built in parasites and denies the wearer much needed oxygen. (look that up)

    Let’s talk about 1917 when this insanity was first implemented to see how far the Almighty Gubmint could go before anyone finally stood up for themselves. (look that up) NOT ask permission, BUT just take the gd thing off.

    Let’s talk about the mask induced gum bacterial infections, mask induced bronchitis, inability to know how to discern a person’s emotions, the pervasive paranoia pushed through propaganda, the break down of normal societal interactions….,… (look that up)

    Let’s talk about the collusion between Big Pharma, Big Brother and Big Business to hurt the American People to gain total control. Ultimately, the biggest perpetrators of this gubmint control is THE PEOPLE.

    We are living in a very sick society where it has successfully taken away The Peoples accomplishments with the ridiculous edict that we all MUST NOT be individually smart or skilled in anything. All must be “fair”. What that has done is deny the human proclivity to WANT to succeed, WANT to achieve, WANT to be acknowledged. And so HOW do people get their needs met? VIRTUE SIGNALING:

    I am better than you b/c I wear a mask.
    I am better than you b/c I am an ESSENTIAL WORKER.
    I am better than you b/c I REPORT you for NOT wearing a mask.
    And look at the POWER this has given ME over YOU, the disobedient selfish citizen.
    I can cost you your reputation.
    I can cost you your job.
    I can cost you your children.
    I can cost you your freedom to travel.

    And that is a true POWER. Boy, look how special I AM.

    And please spare me any rhetoric on the “benefits” of lock downs and masking.

    Here’s the only benefit, which most will CHOOSE to not believe:
    Since the Orwellian mandates (perpetuated by the American people’s mindless obedience) prevented parents from getting their kids in for their scheduled childhood vaccinations, the death rate for said children is DOWN BY 30%. (look that up)


    So what’s in THOSE shots????

    It is easier to fool the people than it is to convince them they have been fooled.

    STOP asking permission!!!! STOP IT. STOP IT. STOP IT.