VT Digger asks Scott to criticize Israel – here’s what he said

VDC video from today’s press conference

by Guy Page

At an October 18 press conference, VTDigger reporter Lola Duffort asked Gov. Phil Scott several questions about the Hamas-Israel conflict, including one about Israel’s Gaza evacuation strategy, which she said has been “widely condemned by the international community.”

Each of Duffort’s questions took a critical tone to Israel’s response to the October 7 invasion, killing and kidnappings by Hamas. But Scott, while calling for humanitarian aid, repeatedly sided with Israel.

“Israel’s fight is with Hamas, a terrorist organization,” Scott said. Moments later he said, “Israel is our friend, our ally, and we need to support them.”

VDC’s video captured Duffort’s final question – about Israel’s Gaza evacuation warning strategy, giving civilians 24 hours to leave – as well as Scott’s blunt assessment of Hamas, at the end of the video.

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  1. Wait so because one country did it it’s okay for the other country to do it?

    I’ll just leave with my grandmother used to say:
    “Two wrongs don’t make a right”

    • One country didn’t do it. Israel is warning civilians in Gaza to leave. It’s too little time? What warning did Hamas give to those kids attending a concert before they swooped in a murdered over 200 of them. What warnings is Hamas giving to Israelis before they launch rockets into civilian populations. There is no moral equivalency here. There’s one wrong and one necessary response to that wrong.

      • Hamas is Israel. They created and fund them just like the USA uses the CIA for their psyop false flags. This is how the Kazarian Mafia expands their “greater Israel”.
        Palestinian Arabs have lived there for thousands of years, long before the Jews invented “God gave then Israel”.
        The Rothschilds can stick it as far as I am thinking, and goodby to their banks too.

      • And the “necessary response” is what? Where are the duly warned civilians in Gaza supposed to go? Gaza is densely populated and half of that population is children. No one is defending Hamas. You can do better than this thoughtless crap.

      • Well said Rob. It is amazing, and concerning, how some things are misinterpreted, and then become “fact”.

      • I understand why you feel that way given the uniform coverage by the media..i hope one day you consider looking at the the information coming from independent media such as those the Grayzone or The Last American Vagabond.
        Remember the lies that led us to Vietnam, to Iraq, so many others, which were parroted by the MIC-funded media. We should all be skeptical of the narratives promoted surrounding war and listen to those with whom we disagree…otherwise we are simply tools of those who own the media.

      • Amazing. After seeing the outrageous hatred and stupidity currently being voiced on this site by those creeps who support the atrocities of Hamas in Israel will mean that I need to reevaluate my contention that Vermont’s progressive liberals don’t read the pages of these chronicles or leave comments. Hmmm…

      • You’re both assuming that the media is telling you the truth after lying to you for 3 years straight to your face.

        The gullibility here is laughable. Ask yourself who owns the media and who has the most to gain in the situation? Who controlled ISIS during the Iraq wars? Who controls Hamas? Furthermore, how does one faction against another faction gain traction against another? Would it not be prudent to add another faction that you control and pretend to be against?

        Divide and conquer. Higalian dialectic.

        All the people want peace and freedom, not war and atrocities.

    • Palestinian animosity against Jews goes way back. Nearly 80 years ago I knew a Christian Syrian family. I had no background in the issues, but was shocked at the implicit violence of my young friends against Jews. Jews lived in Judea until expelled in the 2d century “Common Era.” They had revolted against Rome, and were punished by expulsion. They were replaced in Jerusalem by Christians and Pagans. The modern palestinians have not lived in Jerusalem for “thousands of years.” When about 1000 years ago the Islamic invaders from Arabia began taking Christian pilgrims hostage for ransom, France mounted a campaign to make Jerusalem a free city. They were successful for about 300 years, and then were pushed out by a fresh wave of invasion from Arabia. Jerusalem has been a battleground for a very long time — probably no one has a valid legal claim to it.

  2. Nice to see Scott has the balls to stand up to the uber liberal left who who love to see Hamas butcher more innocents

  3. Hamas is not like the neighbor bully, they will ” kill ” you in a heartbeat and have stated that forever against ” Israel “, so how do you handle a bully ” terrorist ” like Hamas ??, you lower the boom on them, give them what they came for………………

    • A cruise missile fired into the Iranian Command Palace of Murderers real soon would end the whole mess that Israel is enduring.
      At some point this will happen, I just do not know when. Those two carriers poised to go to work are there for reasons no one has asked questions about. It is more than just needing a place to park, trust me.

  4. VTDigger couldn’t even make themselves cover the Pro Israeli rally in Burlington despite it being far larger than the pro-Hamas one, with the Governor, Mayor and other officials speaking. They put up a photo spread of the pro-Hamas crowd. Sickening. Their bias towards genocidal maniacs is appalling but not surprising.

    • You are confused: the Israeli Mafia has stolen many billions in private property, and is killing millions in their attempt to steal the rest of Palestine. Disgusting.

  5. Vermont Digger has become a drab, boring, repetitive, predictable, self-important, self-righteous, faux-hip, gas lighting, hack publication.

  6. You’re not “anti-Israeli” just because you question Israel’s widely-condemned evacuation mandate. Children comprise nearly half the population of Gaza. Per usual, there’s a lot more heat than light on this website.

    • So based on the number of Israeli children impacted by the HAMAS attack what would be your calculation on the time needed for their evacuation notice? If they had given one. Not a rhetorical question. Actually curious what you think it should have been. I’ll wait patiently for an answer as I doubt that concept entered your mind.

      No, Tim. I don’t think you or Mark get much of anything.

  7. Wow! The eunuch Phil the First King of Castrati finally got something right.

  8. I support Israel’s ability to take whatever measures necessary to stop the threat of terrorist organizations like Hamas from future attacks. At the same time, my heart goes out equally to the innocent Israelis and the innocent Palestinians. The Palestinians do not have democratically elected representatives, afaik, and the they will pay a heavy price for not taking better care to get good people into leadership positions. Perhaps this will be a good thing in the long run if the people can take better control of their government instead of allowing themselves to be led by destructive forces.

    • Good comment. It applies equally to leadership in our own country, which we now know is selected, not elected.

  9. The variety of comments on this page seem to demonstrate why there is so much confusion. It is okay to have varying opinions, providing they are knowledge-based.

    • I’m curious to know if either Mark or Timothy experienced 9/11 as first hand experience?

    • Sadly the hate here isn’t just from the left. Lots of VT conservatives just plain hate Jews, are ignorant and think they know the truth because they read a post or two by some conspiracy theorist freak.

      • Pretty vague statement don’t you think? What evidence or example do you have to support such a claim. Please enlighten us with facts if you have any. It is irresponsible to throw out unsubstantiated statement . I look forward to your reply.

  10. Since when does a Governor of a State have responsibility for international events? The reporter is completely out of line asking a Governor a question clearly the responsibility of the Federal Government. It is becoming more apparent every day that the problems we have in this country is exacerbated by the total ignorance and ineptitude of those who went to college to learn journalism – perhaps the easiest of all majors to successfully complete without knowing a thing!

    • Also true it was out of character for a governor of a state to be asked about national affairs.

      Well categorically that was until he took a dollar from each of us and gave it to Ukraine….

    • @ Dick

      At some point journalism changed from reporting the news to making the news. Everything is an opinion piece now. So a leftist rag like VTDigger can’t bear to cover anything that isn’t how they and their leftist base views the world.

  11. So much ignorance and hate displayed here. Makes me feel so safe knowing that there are so many seriously stupid people here in VT that support genocidal maniacs. And in truth hating Israel and accusing it of all manner of vile things is just a genteel way of being an antisemite; more socially acceptable than just proclaiming your hatred for Jews.There’s only one country in the world that people insist shouldn’t exist, that has been targeted for elimination since its birth. It just happens to be the only Jewish country in the world. No big surprise.

  12. Similar to when he was asked what is a woman. Script please! So many knickers in a tightly bunched wedgie. Sides pulled to and fro. The Master sincerely appreciates the obedience, the compliance, and the emotional cognitive dissonance. Propaganda and psyops work! The end game is near, no doubt.