Vermont no longer observes Columbus Day, but ‘The Potwins’ do

Grandpa Davis (Barry Bostwick) and Nate Potwin (Kevin Sorbo) engage in the culture wars in “The Potwins,” a family television program co-produced by Vermonters Len Britton and Bradford Broyles.

By Guy Page

A radio ad now running on WVMT supports Columbus Day and features “The Potwins” actors Kevin Sorbo, Barry Bostwick, and Jonah Britton, “Potwins” co-producer Bradford Broyles said today. 

“In honor of Christopher Columbus Day, we present to you a scene from the new family television series, ‘The Potwins,'” the ad begins. Hear the entire ad here:

This is the third year Broyles and co-producer Lenny Britton – a onetime Vermont Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate – have taken out ads reminding Vermonters about Columbus Day. “Christopher Columbus was the discoverer of the Western World,” TV show producer Bradford Broyles told the Chronicle today. “He deserves his day.”

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The 2019 Vermont Legislature disagreed. A bill introduced by Progressive Burlington Rep. Brian Cina and signed into law by Gov. Phil Scott formally changed the long-observed holiday of Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day.

IPD falls on Monday, October 11 this year. Its anti-Columbus message is driven home by not-for-profits like, which posted recently that  “Indigenous Peoples’ Day is an opportunity to reflect on how systemic racism impacts Native Americans today.”

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  1. This is just a small part of erasing our history. I recently traveled to Genoa, the home town of Christopher Columbus, and wanted to commemorate the trip for friends back home. Do you know how difficult it was to find a T-shirt that honored Columbus?

    I don’t know what people think would have been different if it wasn’t Christopher Columbus who explored the Americas on behalf of Spain. Someone else from Europe would surely have discovered and attempted to settle our continents eventually. This, simply, was the state of the world at the time.

    And yes, there were culture clashes and the spread of disease. There was also an incredible opening up of the entire world! Europe, Africa, Native Americans, and Asian cultures all came together as a direct result of Columbus’ discovery. I think that is worth celebrating.

  2. Alright!!! And good Vermonters take another swing at the cancel culture, radical, leftists trying to take out our culture, traditions, and holidays!

    Between the pro-life courses being offered for medical professionals at UVM, some good letter writing campaigns (need more!), this program, Essex parents/students countering CRT, conservatives such as Ari Fleischer, Gorden Chang, Charlie Kirk, et al being brought here to speak, and the various statewide rallies that patriots from every corner of VT have been organizing – we all are finally having our voices HEARD loud & clear despite the leftist fascists!

    Let us keep it up…….I myself was THROWN OFF “Front Porch Forum” only two nights ago for conservative postings! (I was writing about “freedom of speech” ironically)!

    These nut jobs are RICH!

  3. If we needed a IP Day, why not choose any one of the other 364 days that were available?

  4. Isn’t it sad how the woke are so weak and ignorant they can’t manage to deal with today. They bicker and dither on issues that happened so long ago it has no baring on today. They are placated by corrupted bureaucrats who pretend to care…the woke really are a pathetic lost bunch of fools.

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