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DHS flying illegal immigrants from southern border to Vermont? Scott admin unaware

Customs and Border Patrol processing machine – CBP photo

By Guy Page

The Scott administration is unaware of any plans by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to fly illegal migrants from the southwest border to Vermont, Press Secretary Jason Maulucci said yesterday. 

An internal Department of Homeland Security memo discusses the transfer of migrants from the overwhelmed southern border to the Swanton Sector of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which includes all of the Vermont-Canada border and parts of the international border, the Washington Free Beacon reported yesterday, October 7. 

“This is the first anyone in our office has heard anything about this. We are unaware of any plans DHS might have,” Maulucci said.

A Customs and Border Protection spokesperson answered a Chronicle inquiry today: “U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) continually evaluates possible contingency plans and adjusts its operations as circumstances dictate, but currently there are no plans to transfer migrants from the Southwest border to the Northern or Coastal borders.”

Neither answer is surprising, as the memo shows an agency considering options for relieving the overcrowding on the southern border, not an agency that has a plan it’s ready to announce to other governmental affected states. For example, the memo – which is not reproduced in the story – asks whether additional “processing machines” are required. This may refer to CBP fingerprinting machines that immediately load prints into a data base (see photo above). 

Viewed from the office of a Homeland Security senior official, the quiet Swanton sector would seem a tempting place to process and detain suspected illegal immigrants. Last year, the Swanton Sector had a mere 2,155 “encounters” – CBP-speak for apprehensions of attempted crossings by illegal immigrants. However, such a ‘central office’ decision could overwhelm the Swanton Sector’s processing facilities, which presumably are scaled to handle a relative trickle of encounters. By comparison, the southern border district had over 400,000 encounters, according to CBP statistics:

Not that attempted entry into Vermont has been a trickle in recent weeks. During the past weekend, 21 people – mostly Central Americans – were caught and expelled trying to enter Vermont. “Another busy weekend for #BorderPatrol in #Vermont!,” the Swanton Sector Border Patrol Facebook post exclaimed. The previous weekend, seven Guatemalans were caught and expelled. 

Illegal entry into Vermont this past weekend – photo CPB Facebook page

The memo also shows that the Swanton Sector would need new computers and cellular systems to internet connections, the Free Beacon reports. Compared to flat southern border regions, the Swanton sector is hilly and Vermont’s cellular and internet service remain spotty, especially in rural areas. Many are the ‘Black Holes’ where cellphones and GPS driving directions and tracking devices would be rendered useless. 

Given that DHS seems to be ramping up a Vermont airlift during late fall and winter, there’s also the question of Vermont’s chilly northern climate. One senior DHS official quoted in the Free Beacon seems to be aware of the problem: “The idea of moving migrants from Haiti and South America to one of the country’s coldest regions shows how disastrous the situation is on the southern border and that DHS is running low on options.”

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  1. Scott et al are playing dumb. Months ago when other Republican Governors needed help and requested that Scott, as a (purported) fellow republican leader, sign onto a letter directed to the White House regarding this UNCONSTITUTIONAL, ILLEGAL, & DANGEROUS open border policy —- Vermont Governor Scott offered to help them alright….His response? Send a bunch of the illegals up to Vermont!!!

    No kidding. FACT. This should have been stopped, even via coup, months ago. This administration is violating our constitution & risking the health, welfare, & very lives of Americans.

  2. Running out of options? How about just send them back home? They are not fleeing genocide; they are economic migrants. Are we supposed to house them in tents this winter? We lack housing for our own residents already.

  3. The total lack of immigration law enforcement of the Biden Administration on the southern border has resulted in the cartels operating the wildly profitable smuggling of dangerous illegal drugs (cocaine and fentanyl) violent criminals and disease infected non-USA citizens into this country.

  4. Hello Guy, Are these individuals, who might arrive in Vermont , are they asylum seekers? Given your headline about illegal immigrants, you seem to have additional information that would be worth sharing. Thanks!

  5. This regime in all likelihood would NOT advise the Governor that they would be sending a slew of illegals here! These migrants are entering by the thousands and more on the way. Many dump their IDs in Mexico and we learn they are coming from Chile, Brazil and other countries where they – many of them Haitians – had been resettled there for years! We are being overrun by people from all over the world and we the people will have to foot the bill for their welfare, housing, education, healthcare, etc. How do they plan to fund this? Raise our taxes even more? Clueless politicians! This is an obvious effort to destroy our culture and economy. Elections have consequences, stolen elections have catastrophic consequences!!!!!!

  6. Kathy – You’re missing the point. Just like the $5.3 infrastructure bill, this is costing nothing.

  7. I can see the people currently housed in motels being kicked out so the illegals will have a warm place to stay. There are a number of illegals all ready in Vermont, so it’s no surprise more will be arriving soon or all ready dumped here. They will be in Burlington, Brattleboro, Bennington and Montpelier (hence, these communities gearing up with addressing homeless and approving camps, etc.) Vermont is a destination because it’s well known for being a welfare state. Handouts and support from the woke communities ensure we will be overrun and crimes will esculate more – theft, assaults, etc. Keep your eyes and ears open as these new arrivals do stick out and not hard to spot – do not speak english, have new clothes and backpacks, phones, and they are not here to become part of the community – they are here to destroy it.

  8. You have to look hard but there is one positive note about Vermont being owned by the democrat party…it is unlikely to be flooded with migrants when the primary aim of those currently running the country is to send them to red states as future voters. Of course, their secondary objective is a general destabilization of civilized society throughout the entire Country, so…

  9. Wink. Mr. Scott has stated his approval of refugees entering the state. For the record I feel all people have a right to improve their lives. However I do feel they should be vetted by someone other than DHS.

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