Vermont House Rep. goes Libertarian

Vermont House Representative Jarrod Sammis (Rutland 3-Castleton) at noon today announced his formal affiliation with the Libertarian Party.

“I’m trying to help expand the conversation of the role of government and also to help better represent my constituency,” Sammis said.

Sammis was elected on the Republican ticket last November, but has also been openly aligned with the Libertarian Party.

The Realtor and 2013 Castleton University graduate and freshman legislator serves on the House Commerce & Economic Development Committee. A strong advocate of programs promoting substance abuse recovery, Sammis also has been a strong defender of Libraries of the Vermont State College System, and has worked to keep herbicides out of Lake Bomoseen.

He also is dedicated to non-interventionist, anti-war policies. He has the support of the Vermont Peace Anti-War Coalition, who will be present at today’s noontime press conference in the State House. Sammis will speak to his Partnership with the Vermont Defend the Guard Initiative.

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  1. all in favor of more Libertarians in government. Vermont headed in wrong direction with more and higher taxes. every chance they get legislature shows their desire to regulate more and more of daily life

  2. Sammis voted for H 89, one of 24 VT State transrepublicans that did.
    Who cares what he calls himself ? One more for the marxist agenda of destroying Babies in the Womb and the sexual mutilation of children.

    He was part of Dame and Koch’s Big Tent. Just pretend to be a republican and you’re in.
    Oops, one more you lost Dame.

  3. So now he is a “library-tarian” ( He likes library at the VT State College system.)

  4. One person who recognizes citizens right to do as they please,
    as long as it does not harm others!
    Has that become wierd lately??!! Guess so?

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