S.5 uses sticks when carrots are what’s needed, Scott says

Gov. Phil Scott at today’s State House press conference

by Guy Page 

S.5 beats homeowners with a financial stick when what they need are more carrots, Gov. Phil Scott said today.

Gov Phil Scott was asked at his press conference to comment on statements by Sen. Becca White and other supporters that S5, the Affordable Heating Act, does not force homeowners to go electric. 

“We just fundamentally disagree,” Scott said. “When you have someone who is living within modest means, and they’re faced with the option of putting on a new heating system with heat pumps that will cost thousands of dollars, or pay more for fuel – that doesn’t seem like much of a choice to me. 

“So I think there’s another path forward. We can use more carrots than sticks. And this seems like the stick approach to me,” Scott said.

Scott vetoed S.5 last week. A veto override session is tentatively scheduled for June 20-22.

At the press conference, Scott also:

  • raised constitutional concerns about the waiting period provisions in H.230, the gun control bill approved by the Senate. It will almost certainly face a court challenge, he said. 
  • Said he’s okay with changes made in S100, the omnibus housing bill. A House committee expanded rural housing development exemptions to Act 250 review. He also defended his administration’s decision to stop spending $20 million/month in emergency housing, now that the pandemic and its stream of federal emergency housing funding is over. 
  • Opposes the bills approving ranked choice and non-citizen voting in Burlington. He did not say whether he would veto them. He added that if political parties want to run their presidential primaries with ranked choice voting, that’s their business – the subject of a bill in this year’s Legislature. 

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  1. democratic/liberal ideology…. you will comply with the majority one way or another, thus proving they do not want freedom and liberty but rather communism and control. These so called leaders touting that they know better than you and forcing your obedience are tyrants and therefore your enemies. Treat them as such.

  2. Thank you for your veto on S.5, the Un-Affordable Heat Act. This unrealistic bill puts added pressures on the typical Vermont family, like me. Becca Balint should be more concerned for her constituents, than her “Irritable with Erica Balint” videos that consistently gets significantly less views than a biden video. In case some of you were unaware, Becca plans to give Vermont’s sovereignty over to the World Health Organization. I guess Vermont and it’s citizens don’t matter to Becca. I sent a letter to her stating my opinion of the WHO and to vote against the organization. She stated in her reply recognizing my viewpoint, but that she will be voting FOR the WHO to take our countries sovereignty, which will eventually take away every right we have, under God, concerning, Life, Liberty and Freedom.

    I might suggest to the Steering Committee that put this horrendous Bill forward to be voted on, to look at the documentary “From the Ground Up”. It’s about healing our soil, which in turn will solve most of the carbon hysteria.

  3. Thank you Governor Scott hopefully you have saved us once again by vetoing S.5. The far left Progressives in Montpelier that run as Democrats.need to be replaced with people who care about the well being of the people that vote for them.

  4. S.5 Affordable Heat Act degusting piece of dung 💩 needs to be laid to Rest with a Tombstone laid over it period!!

  5. Phil’s long history of using leftist sticks instead of carrots has made him a doormat for the progreSSive agenda. He had no problem using the big government wooden club during the Covid plandemic and that same club previously to pound Vermonters with Act 46. All of this with disastastrous consequences. His apparent change of heart, if it is not just political theatre, is to little, way to late.

  6. Remember the big development boom of the 1990’s where cul-de-sacs full of big houses were raised on old cow pastures? Remember when towns started developing miracle-miles of their own with multiple bank branches, car dealerships, construction companies, new tech companies, etc? Remember when big family houses in cities and towns were converted to apartment buildings as a steady source of income for property owners? Considering the financial and economic freefall going on now, all of that progress will now become a wasteland of abandoned properties, foreclosures, properties in disrepair and deferred maintenance, dead zones. The State did not recover from 2008 – some barely made it through. The 2020 plandemic ensured there will never be a recovery here. The State of Vermont is a failed State. Non-profits and NGO’s as our main industry and the behemouth welfare system are the final nails in Vermont’s coffin.

  7. Might as well remove “Freedom and Liberty” from the Vermont State seal !!!

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